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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Preventable deaths adverse outcomes


Minnesota senator Scott Jensen recently at the spotlight talking about medical insurance coding. It would seem he was talking about normal times as well not just covid-19. But he made it clear that right now hospitals get money or States get money for covid death.

In the normal non-emergency times I have to wonder this desire to I forget the word he used or the phrase...

Call it updescibe on medical charts for insurance purposes I have to wonder how that factors into deaths from charting errors. Minnesota police will help separate you from well everything and then act like they can't see how it's a threat to life so we probably have bigger issues then just medical institutions and charting errors taking life's

But I primarily posted this to cite another source

Kind of sad that the police could be out of sync with basic realities such as food shelter 4life let alone you took 16 years of what someone work for and haven't even cared when I D was part of that. It's 20 20 though there's been a pretty convincing medical argument for a long time now I will as long if not longer than I have been alive that what you eat what you are able to eat plays a very large roll how long you live quality-of-life how strong your immune system what you ultimately die of.

Officer Hanson May 22nd 2020 through a mask wanted to know why I can't just go to a friend's for help. While continuing to stand between me and everything ever mine and having created a forced labor situation akin to slavery. Because after all the contract part would be legal so it can't be indentured.

Not only that personally he judged it as they give me enough without any desire to learn what that I have learned or pay attention to the fact that it was to clean up a poisonous growth. If you're not wanting to pay attention to the specifics you have no idea what enough is. Nor can you actually protect and serve anyone except yourself and or continue in your job. Which I suppose I'm not the one who sucks what's right and wrong for everyone else mainly pointing out an issue with stated function verses in practice

But I've now experience 3 years of malnutrition to starvation.

Thankfully officer Hanson thinks I've had enough that's really comforting when science says my odds of dying if I get covid or exponentially higher.

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