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Saturday, October 3, 2020


Mostly towards death but...hey officer Hanson insists they give me enough of everything else. Go back to Jan 2018 and I'd be happy with just my things and 30 days notice to look else where. 
Preferably more like 2017 before I was all in on an agreement Paul the pubic school bus driver made

It would be nice if theft up to fellony level wasn't being allowed and used to manage if I can even have clean bedding towels and clothes.

Or if I could get on my bike to calm my nerves have a place to sit and eat rather than 0 ergonomics or hygiene eat on filthy matress

It would be nice if officer Hanson kept his personal judgements to himself. Nothing beats physical assault torture and poisoning more than the cherry on the cake of police who have already told you they would be liable for putting the truth on file or evidence indicating other than the way they decided to go on record. The cherry on the cake is having them play the games that the abusers play

the f****** ass rape with the cake is then finding out court wants to see you because your abusers poisoners attempted murderers claim to feel threatened

Sloppy seconds is then police ignoring another felony level theft after

At least I have the bed Clyde died on.

I mean I could be sleeping on the floor

Actually I did for about a month after maybe two I forget I'll never be the same this is the most disgusting horror movie come to real life that I could have never imagined

On the plus side I probably won't have to live through it much longer at this rate not very long at all.

it's comforting to know that the police can separate you from everything you own based on false police reports refuse to put it on record creating pretty much an abduction situation by not prosecuting further crimes I keep trying to teach my ass to defecate $100 bills but even then when you can steal over $1,000 at a time from someone and decide what problems they have to deal withwell the police have helped you decide what tools they have to deal with them this is a f****** joke but it's not funny unless you're the officer going home to your significant other your property possibly your family. I mean if you just don't think about how you're wiping someone else's genome off the planet

After all Germany was on vacation
And all those that weren't were just doing their job


Mm bop crooked cop ba do bop
Bleeding out by u dop dip ba dop dooo

Can u tell me ?(what's enough)
No u can't cause u don't know oh oh.
Say u can but you don't know
Don't know oh don't know ohh oh

Don't worry I'm fully licensed in the use of the 3rd digit. I don't even expect my phone call

Just for no reason... well possibly slight esoteric to that image that would benefit mgpd to try to paint by number ...

You might think its like this 

But the reality is more like :

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