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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Pronouns suck and Destruction of mindset via social conditioning

 I've noticed a lot of different actors on the real world stage with their own stated and esoteric goals keep producing shitty messages.

I wanted to write on Elon Musks tweet over pronouns as well... Had another post put it needs more editing. I sort of tacked the idea into this when I realized it was along the same lines.

From the perspective of average Jill, Joe or rottery wing choper that prefers feminine pronouns and goes by the name Apache, meet her post term aborted son camanche..

yes Mr Musk, pronouns suck. Esp if u care about other people.. which is along the lines of these bad messages because the whole concept of knowing what to call a non confirmest is a lot of times either impossible or not practical in given encounters or situations period and even if you can or could always there's the flawed human memory and the other persons prefered pronoun probably isn't the most important topic at every given moment. So the blank that it's acceptable to be offended in every given situation or any given mistake is fucking insanity

Sites like psychology today talk about the negative impact of Greif circles on things like social networks. Usually in terms of productivity loss. But just like the argument that downloading a pirated song is a lost sale it's pretty short-sighted to incomplete. Who's to say what someone would have done with the time?

Feminism is kind of an amorphous blob and the media further skews any attempt at a solidified message or even core message but somehow the public conscience was poisoned with basically a woman shares her issues the only thing you are supposed to do is show emotional support and your control freak otherwise period which might sometimes be the case. I'm not saying that it is black and white there

But here's another perspective that encompasses the shortcomings of both

Two things are true about problem solving and understanding or learning

When is that when trying to teach something you often develop a further understanding of how you just learned it. How different is communicating a problem that you have to someone else?

Your subjective evaluation aside the pathways in the brain are the same once you involve the mouth or the fingers to type it. Yeah there might be some difference because episodic versus emotional or whatever the minutiae are but that's exactly what they are. and turning it around and involving more of the brain and communicating it alone someone is more likely to see solutions.

The second is two sets of eyes on a problem are usually better than one.

in fact corporates often form what are known as think tanks that can't happen with the conditions that average Jill and average Joe are being taught are normal for how to interact

Elon Musk is pretty bright at sourcing people and/or realizing anybody can have bright Sparks. Look at how he outsourced Tesla's autopilot effort or more so crowdsourced. Which you could argue makes financial sense but in that case I would think we'd be seeing 6-year-olds in China write it for pennies on the dollar.

Back within the scope; if we normalize the belief that all you're supposed to do is for half the population emotionally mirror them anytime they communicate a problem and that no one should really communicate problems in general what are we doing to people's chance of success and overcoming challenges... let alone survival?

It's really hard to say if there's conscious intent behind this. it would be even harder to prove period but this is part of what was below the surface in my mind when I said it appears today's society will end much like story of the tower of Babel

There's likely some intent behind this or knowledge of what's being done. I say that because back around 2006 The world is flat and freakanomics Express all the positives of the information age and/or how information flows drive outcomes. The intended audiences were the thinker of the population or what just turned adult needs to survive in this world or the world that's going to be  or forming right now. Aka the level of information they had and training and then the selection to write about it to make it appeal to a more general audience suggests that what I'm saying could have been theorized long ago as well.

The more generalized way to put it was a knowledge economy period in a knowledge economy information becomes esoteric because information is the capital . I wouldn't say we truly have that because energy is probably still the driving force but second to that it would appear to be knowledge

I've noticed in the Linux world or computer world in general it's been a lot harder to find good explanations of what things are or command sets for any given newly released tool.

I don't find it hard to believe that corporate psychology might take the form of essentially propaganda in a Blog and communicate harmful things.

After all they are business as well.business ethics at any business college will teach you that ethical actions of businesses are towards profit and their stakeholders benefit. Psychology more so than many is entirely information other than drugs period but most of the drugs or a good set of the chunk of psychological pharmacopia don't even have a fully understood method of action. Though it is fully understood there's usually significant profit for prescribing them

I'd love to clean this up more but because we have police more interested in detaining people in medical facilities under civil laws than even allowing a report on attempted murder let alone theft and reoccurring felony level theft

I'm like 3 years malnourished and for the past 4 days I've had one meal a day from the gas station

Go some of the airs are directly related to using transcribe they're not catching them part is the cognition issue created by what I just described

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