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 for better or for worse I've noted on my life several people and or sources have said along the lines of

We tend to recreate what we had growing up

the apa knows verbal abuse and emotional neglect makes bpd 3 to 4x more likely

it might be mid west localized but this excusing parents from all responsibility/normalization of abuse and neglect...

all its helping is profit for some people and industries

it's know that the children of full-blown narcissists frequently have issues with self sabotage. it's communicated implicitly that sucess that leads to independence hurts mom or dad or mom and dad.

Noted by psychology those parents will basicly do everything on the list of what qualifies for an ofp and outright sabotage even their adult offspring

The legal system would appear as it always has to prey on those with the least defense. The focus as of late has been on one race and the other as the perpetrator. Well I'm sure and I'd never deny disparity...

History noted long before in several times before that wealth is usually the underlying cause or predictor of outcome

Minnesota law is set in a way that would basically allow a parent with less than ethical intent to ensure the child ends up on the street at reaching the age of majority and from what I've seen anytime after that 

Nothing in science or medical science has shown that parents actually have anything special about them or that changes when they have a child. The closest thing would be oxytocin bonding which we've known as long as the concept has been probably even before it was known what hormone does it doesn't always happen. There's some evidence now that the damage the damage that cluster B parents have might even interfere with that

I've looked and way before this happen but again when it did. It would appear there's nothing except cultural nor more encouragement for parents to give a damn at all about their children. I actually remember first half of my life there were more messages encouraging it Sims 2 a gun replace now where we don't acknowledge parents might do shity to lethal things or be capable of sabotage it's like a delusional dissociation

In my experience the police we'll take the parents word and are more concerned about their culture then somebody's life or another words of reprimand what appear to be on their minds more than participating in the theft of everything anybody worked for and putting them on the street

Meaning in Minnesota it's really not safe to go around your parents after you turn 18 with any inkling that they might be less than honorable. That's a lot for someone to learn in 18 years

esp when most people will insist they know your parents better than you and parents wouldn't do that. 

When the system is set so police can repeatedly Overlook criminal acts that would render someone unable to reach a civil court there is no real Justice or recourse. If we want to seriously protect anybody any citizen there needs to be oversight auditing activity in Independence agencies to report to. Or separation of perhaps even equal powers like the sheriff and the local PDs

I could do better with constructive criticism but I can barely eat even when I I can I question what the point is.


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