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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Rig system with hypocrisy

 Minnesota defines property as any type of property tangible The state revises even goes out of its way to say so like personal property is used tangible assets.

If there's any justice to be had if I can prove Maple Grove police stood in between me and all of it and especially if I could prove or get a judge to declare a lease first

One would hope that no I'm just going to die before This is f****** sick This is set up to drive people insane kill them make them wards of the private industry mental health there's literally no definition of harm for police putting you on the street illegally

They can continue to ignore felony level criminal acts and refuse to take a report on attempted murder. The two people trying to kill me or meme or just exercise as much control over someone as they can because they f****** get off on it

Filed OFPs making sure I could not make the court after a year and a half of police keeping me from the records I would need plus everything I need for sanity health commitments to third parties ability to earn even ID this is f****** sick

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