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Sanity check

 This has been forced through several felony level and lower malicious acts to be my view from bed

Mean while the people abusing the legal system communicate to rewrite my history ignore the emotional damage or force labor while holding ppe all while calling me sick

This guy was Clyde rabbit. He was formerly known as brab and I adopted him around a year old in 2007.

 This pic was 2018 in broad daylight going down 94 in Maple Grove.

Clyde was as all rabbits are a prey animal. They do not trust easily. It's their nature to be skittish standoffish and protect themselves by flight rather than fight.

I forget the exact numbers but it's something like more than half never see past the age five when kept as pets.

Not only is his action of crawling out of the bag snuck him out of the hotel room in mid daylight in the big scary car incredible or against their nature But it's something I highly doubt just owning and feeding the rabbit would ever accomplish.

Bonnie and Clyde both even if outside in a fenced in yard without a leash and not by theory by demonstration both would run to me if scared.

Any court that doesn't want to consider the fact that actions overlooked by the police including felony level crimes that have created the situation where Clyde has been in my freezer for the last year. If you want to hang me for word said to people trying to kill me or at best save face by destroying my life

That court will be sentencing the corpse of a former citizen actually it'll probably be that way either way

The level of abuse I've been put through would not be good for anyone's health and there's no sign of it ending

I cannot control the actions of Marlene and Paul. The social contract and the concept of being an adult where your word is your bond is one thing that should govern their action. I was under the understanding that we create law and give the power to enforce it to police

Or in other words especially if actions make threaten the life of another citizen we have given police the power to control the actions of a citizen

Where those actions endanger the life and violate the law should be more precedents

Instead when August 2019 reporting to Maple Grove Police they're opening my mail falsified reports as weapons including the one and only that I know of of DV where Marlene was trying to actually push me over a railing

Police tell me if we put that on record we might be liable. even if you wanted to say that it would have been an appropriate time to mention hey there's this thing called OFP

I've looked into psychological issues I was self-actualized but also learning through self-study of things even that I didn't study in school or try to I love learning one of the other things I love is making environments where people I care about or animals living beings have choice and happiness.

I understand that there will always be some probable need for some people to control others for the good of society that said allowing parents to control their adult children into the ground to save face is pretty much incest rape and murder it's also a violation of several laws in the way it happened to me

My personal sign of your check is looking at the pictures especially of Clyde. When I interact with people I try to put as much of my attention on them as I can so I didn't actually notice Clyde's behavior at first. It took multi-person groups for someone to point it out.

 Clyde almost always had one of his ears in my direction if I was speaking. Which isn't something he did for others.

In Fargo I had an l couch and Bonnie and Clyde actually got to the level of trust for people where they would sit up front by the TV even with the couch full of college kids.

My sanity check is you can't beat or abuse that level of trust into those animals

In 2017 I was working hard enough where a few times I've lay down on the floor to pet Bonnie and Clyde then wake up 6 hours later. One such time I woke up with Bonnie sprawled on my back I didn't realize that at first. As I stood up I saw a white and black flash over my shoulder. Bonnie hopped over and stood there looking disgruntled like why are you moving pillow?

Paul and Marlene have threatened even her remains which despite being sent USPS address to me at their house are still held mail

Minnesota family Court has no business sentencing anybody to psychology or social workers before looking into are police enforcing the law? Unless it wants to deny that people are capable of being healthy or that anything is required. If the state wants to make a statement saying in no way to the violation of any law potentially impact the mental health of an individual I doubt that will happen


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