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Tuesday, October 6, 2020


I'm aware of this might not be from the local. I also don't recall ever having given my cell phone number in the context in which I'm being texted

Why this is relevant is by my estimates Paul my father was VP of SEIU local 284 for 25 years.

(Side note: Algie? For those just tuning in/finding this the issue has been mold and a house lit by gas lamps. I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt but that's quite the name. It's almost like it grows on you)

And actually I seem to recall getting messages last year not from the local and requesting it stop

I had last year hoping to find some to ask Paul if he's stepped back and taken an objective look..as a friend or more. Someone to say hey have u really considered what you are doing to him? I'll be the first to say I'm not sure it came off as what I intended. When poilcie help someone force labor and physical relocation under threat to pets and property even with out multiple days of hungry this doesn't lend to the best state of mind.

In total crisis mode I had contacted a member of the local who once employed me on a campaign for district representive  of MN 50B in Minnesota. I didn't realize I had his union cell. Last I had talked to him was probably 2013 and he was still using the desktop I built for his campaign in 2006. (I was applying at company in dahlgren Virginia and wanted to use him as a reference)

As far as local 284 goes I meant to send one email which turned into 3 because the first one bounced back as undeliverable. There was an error in how it the addresses were listed so then I sent it to two of the listed adresses. I've run mail servers in the past. just because I got to return message indicating undeliverable
 doesn't mean they didn't get three of them.
I can't say how theirs is configured though because (as it should be) to anybody outside of the organization's it department which I'm pretty sure is not done by the local the mail server configuration is a black box. There still could be rules that if an undeliverable address or non-existent @ourdomain.com message is received by the server it ends up putting it in one of the employees inboxes.

This was coming from the executive director of local 284 in 2019

And then a few months later I was getting text from probably at least the state office which I let go (pictured above)

you could read this story as me working an angle but my angle is not having every dollar I have ever worked for my health and my life my credit and my credibility destroyed.
I've been around enough to know the organizational divisions.. I've been around enough I have both Shanes number and his daughters..(whose name is omitted because she has nothing to do with it other than ilistrating the past) unless I'm sorely mistaken  is the executive director of the local not the SEIU. But I have a feeling that this was a bit directed by people other than her I'll get to that in a minute.
It's interesting that Russ didn't contact me himself. I'm pretty sure the check came from not SEIU local 284.

In retrospect who I would have ideally wanted to contact at the time I wasn't sure and still am not if he has a pulse. Last I had heard there was advanced Parkinson's. Same probably would have made a good alternative looking for someone my dad trusted as a friend . Below I describe why the entire contact wasnt with much forethought 

I'd say the part about:
"This is what I sent him"
 was actually intended for either my dad and or Russ Lewis. Other possibilities exist but that would be most likely. It is incredibly awkward phrasing and defines stating the obvious if it was intented for the recipient of the previous message. Which leads me to believe she asked someone or Russ reached out to my dad possibly Keith and then there was some question between more than one person on how and who responds.

I could have swore I used the word exposed probably what's happening is I wanted to that day then looked it up and didn't think it was exactly what the meaning I intended to confer so having just looked it up again I actually question it the way it's described in the dictionary is missing accuracy that's neither here nor there though. But as a tangent I kind of wish dictionaries had changelogs, especially with some words how some words are being redefined.. etymological blockchain? 

I want to believe that the good luck was sincere. Text communications leave much to be desired in the form of information to draw on from nonverbal or even verbal inflection. 

The current vice president has been around quite a while.  the international convention i I still remember a conversation with about drinking the Kool-Aid. which of course was a Jamestown reference. Punch drunk on propaganda.  

The thing about my history with the SEIU is it occupied a lot of my childhood and then optionally some of my adulthood

 as long as I can remember growing up, first every two years then every 4 due to budget cuts our family vacation was the SEIU international convention.They would normally put multiple organizers per hotel room to reduce the number of facilities required because it was usually big enough where it would fill very large hotels.but they always offered pay extra if you have a family and want to bring them along and it usually was a bargain. Which meant that instead of more than one organizer per room it was organizer and family. It's still clearly remember Missouri Ozarks San Francisco Chicago I believe Jesse Jackson Jr attended that one . I remember before the SEIU went predominantly purple.I seem to remember that corresponded with a lot less pins given out lol.

but on top of that I have been to even their old offices (which they moved out of after a fire if I recall correctly.) I have been brought along to random meetings and helped with several doorknocking /lit drop campaigns. Memerable ones were Paul Welstone and the last time frankin Lorie Swanson and Dayton were up for reelection. 

Wellstone's tragic year was made more memerable because right before the news my dad and I were out lit dropping. His cell wrang, the neighbor was calling to let us know police were in our back yard. Our neighborhood was on lock down because a neighbor's boyfriend had held the family at gun point and was held up in the shed on their property. Which due to the geography and layout of the streets was kitty corner to our property despite being five houses down. Cul-de-sac..

Purple marks their now non existent shed.
I wanted to believe a shadow on their garden might have been Cosmos cat but by the cars in the driveway this pic was 2018 or 2019. Cosmos died in my lap in 2017.
But back on how close I was to the union as a minor...

2003 or 2004 I think it was more like three I was working for a company that has software company for all of AFL-CIO then ctw organization. Like 14 or 15-year-old me at one point was going to be lecturing teamsters on how to use software. The main thing I did for that company was write a commissioned report on emerging mobile platforms because they hoped to take their software mobile. This was years before the first iPhone. I think it was 2002 though when I first experienced what we take for granted today. It took two devices but in my pocket I had full internet access on a color touch screen period Sony Ericsson t68i and a compact iPaq pocket pc both with Bluetooth. My laptop at the time was opinion three with what's now almost unknown but at the time was relatively common and called an irda port.  infrared as a serial port. Courtesy of AT&t GPRS and later EDGE network I had a 384kb/s cellular internet for my phone and laptop. which wasn't really plug and play at the time either I won't go into it but it involves setting up a Bluetooth PAN profile. Point is I was a minor at that point but it was something most adults wouldn't know how to do period so as far as emerging mobile platforms... yeah even at that age I was somewhat qualified to write that paper.

2003 at the international convention in San Francisco I participated in the bridge Walk for universal health Care but also when John Kerry showed up to speak somebody had slipped me half of what would have made a full press pass. I had my Canon DV camcorder and have made my way through security with the partial credentials and off to the corner of stage left which was elevated just below arm height I managed to record all that probably the last 10 minutes of the speech so close to the stage I was literally propping the camcorder on one of the monitor speakers. Which worked great until a tap on the shoulder and realized I was almost underarmed by two secret service agents asking if I would kindly come with them.

In retrospect... It could have gone different 
To Kerry's credit he is heard telling the police to stop and this dude was an idiot in how he reacted. I'd usually say wise advice I was once given is your fight is always with the judge not the officer...but that was before I realized police might help starve you and ignore crimes so you never get to see a judge..still probably the best advice. 

I think that the current executive director of SEIU local 284 was probably told that I'm crazy. It's possible that she came to those words informing me my dad was no longer employed there on her own but that's pretty close to the John's losing his mind or never had it story that my parents tell period part of the reason I have elaborated so much above. It's a little bit humorous to me that our state bird is the loon and that's an idiom in English or at least North American English for crazy. In practice it would seem even the police will try to paint you as crazy if it suits their interests.

But the other point is I wasn't a member but I was probably as close as you could get to being a member as a minor. I'm also pretty sure my dad's retirement is still paid through them.

and the stated value both of the organization and apparently straight from the current executive director of that locals bio is that they are about rights for the working person. I was primarily looking for someone my dad trusted or a friend of his to ask that friend ask hey are you letting emotion get the better of you or have you thought this through. But I also realized that there were stipulations in his contract very specific about even what he drove.
Here's the current executive directors directors bio straight from their website via copy and paste
have worked my whole life fighting for the rights of working people! 

I don't think it was a huge stretch to consider that the organization might take issue to a 25-year elected VP or a member of their executives and the last few years of full-time organizer both taking everything his son worked for and claiming to literally own his son. This exchange above happened after the 6mo 5 mental ward then forced lease . I believe I was a few days hungry while I was working on The moldy car and Clyde  had just died

But regardless of any details here or there I have honored the request to cease communication.

What sort of grinding is getting messages from the organization while being told if I contact them...

Then there's the fact that Paul and Marlene April 2020 after filing ofps knowing my car has been broken down for 6 days knowing I have 20 days to be out due to landlord not liking mold car cleanup.

Then there's the fact that after the OSP passed they came up April 2020  and steal over $1,000 worth of my things from my garage.

Seems to me no one in this state or nation is actually out for anybody except their organization and one-sided restraining orders are pretty f****** nuts even back to playground logic it's like potentially police and/or judicial sentences because the bully made it to the playground para before the victim

In case someone can't see why I would have the audacity to say I might feel a little bit slighted... I'm not going to say I gave tons of my time but some of it wasn't optional (as no minors controls all of their time is. 

A lot of it was. 

Any advantage to that even in the form of employment gained through third parties of mutual relation (and not just Russ Lewis) and resultant pay was taken by paul

Aka Paul and Marlene wuethrich walked away with that after lying to the police. After their house contaminated my apt with mold created by their decisions finishing their basement when I was in elementary school. But not before I did labor to attempt to correct the problem I had suspected since 2014. A professional confirmed it in 2018 as I moved back in.

They're destroying it to this day along with my health. Credit credibility reason to live.

One of the tenants that I thought I gleamed through both the SEIU international conventions growing up and meetings my dad would drag me along to

Would be
 fair compensation

During the 8 months at their house $6,300 in IT services were rendered.

You could say it's only for their members and that isn't my business whether it's true or not. But when others directly participate in their efforts and or support their cause

 You would hope you would at least earned enough respect to have them rain in current and or in this case retired leadership espicially when the actions violate the expoused values of the org and cross legal lines.


I was mainly hoping more along the lines of someone he might trust possibly asking him if he's thought through his actions (and in the capacity of a friend more than officially. I may have misread him and or the nature of the org.)

I'm not trying to express anything against the unions so I can't shape the feeling that being leadership in the largest labor union in the United States might when you favor with the state police Union. Leadership in his local would be the correct way to say it. Although Kelly appears to have missed that differentiation in her own title.

If anyone from  local 284 is reading this my free 2 cents based on what I recall were objectives when my dad was still employed there and just general life in an organization in the internet era...

1) I'm guessing that's WordPress or some other CMS but that drop-down menu at the top of your website is not mobile friendly. As in clicking any of the links on a phone... No bueno without some effort. If it is WordPress I know for a fact it's an easy fix you just need to get on your webmaster about it.
2) I haven't looked again but take a look at your email links because I have nothing actually owed to me by the organization I don't pay dues but from the perspective of a dues paying member trying to contact the leaders having an email bounce back...
3) there might be some legal stipulations to this and to some extent it's already there but I think you guys are really really missing out on something like having your organizers post their own blog posts. Use language that the people you are trying to organize would be likely to search on Google. Like is Minnesota going to tax day cares higher next year. Use Minnesota a lot while writing them use whoever you're trying to organize the title of their operation and/or position. That's how you get towards the top of a Google search or any search engine. Have your website work for you and or your organizer team.

Google will also show you related searches to any given search term like this.

I probably could have refined that to be even more informative but I not trying to take a ton of time.

But if done right even if they haven't heard of you you end up on the radar especially from personal approach of what with the concerns of someone employed in that field be

Personable and personalized. Formal enough to be professional but utalize the experiences of the likes of Russ Moona and Sandy and their voices(typed obviously)

 have a school cafeteria worker explain personal stories of how the seiu benefited them in a post targeted at maybe snaging School janitors  (I seem to recall I noticed something about that in the news recently even if it's not a current goal take it as a general template not the specifics) and along those lines. Catch people that have no idea what collective bargaining is by brainstorming questions someone in a targeted field might have on their mind..like child care and arbitrary random : is MN rasisng home day care taxes.

 Have one of the organizers in a per organizer blog section integrate one or 2 of those phrases into an article about how unionizing could help alleviate these concerns and introduce them to collective bargaining benefits at the same time. Google is known to look for quality content but that said things like how often the phrase is used on a page still factors into where you will return if someone were to search is Minnesota raising home child care taxes period it will catch fractions of it in ranking it as well like tax increase daycares and other iterations. Length is also related to quality in their ranking period it's not fully published so the best anyone can give you is generals there but it is known that a page of the same phrase is well within their detection abilities to mark his bogus the length of the article helps determine how quality it is as well I'm just trying to give general ideas.I just found metrics for a site that Paul conspired to take away from me despite the fact it was a paying customer he had never met and when I transferred that site to a server that I set up it had been getting around 29 views an hour and right before it was taken it was up to 89 views an hour. I don't claim to be what's called a search engine optimization expert but I know a thing or two. That's also the phrase to search for tips SEO.

write it in a personable fashion with their name attached and giving the target audience that finds it a single person personable contact. When possible apply pre organizer experience to stay personable and relevant to the feild.

I think you'd achieve a lot more of your goals with a lot less expense. 

You can also possibly make it more covert.  if say you enter whatever location you can literally drop a few pieces of paper with a QR code that if scanned would link you back to one of the organizers blogs or even general SEIU local 284 but a targeted specific post relevant to the organization you left random QR codes with or you know mistakenly happened to walk through and open to the public office and those just fell out without You noticing 😂 I will in no way claim to know what the legality is there . But you could get really creative qr code and just text like "this pay sucks"

As it is right now local 284's website it's kind of a glorified business card for the organization itself.

 I didn't look for long but what I did see hasn't changed much since early 2000s 

There's a lot more to seo but without knowing more specifics of how the website is set up it's hard to communicate them. Not worth my time to try to prove or explain more than this unknown if it will be received anyway.  

 I still think that general idea would be worth exploring ...again just my two cents though in an effort to show that I'm not against the union.

I kind of think there's some unresolved ethical conflicts outside of the SEIU like police unions in general and how that interacts with equality of citizens and Justice itself but that's not really the SEIU is it?

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