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Self made

Rarely is anything black and white in this world I don't think this is an exception. I do wonder if there are forces out there that don't have the courage to admit that they would rather I not think. If there are or if it's incompetence manifested to murder instead of just malice or anywhere in between they might still succeed in me not thinking but only in the sense that the dead don't really think. Funny how we've gone from fictional Ray Bradbury firefighters burning knowledge to police executing free thinkers by refusing to uphold or even acknowledge any aspect required for life. Refusing to allow a report let alone act.

Doing so in a way that clearly leaves probable deniability like I'm sure the officer last night would claim well it just slipped his mind when I said goodbye. I'm sure anybody with liability or interest in creating this Frankenstein re-energized degenerate abortion of Justice would also agree or would play narcosocio games gaslighting things like intonation cadence and rate of speech.

Like officer Hanson on the Maple Grove played another type of game where we go through it like it's f****** rocket science feigning misunderstandings at points. Which I can't speak for sure but I've noticed some people understand that's a tactic to try to make someone you want control over lose their temper. Oftentimes I respond with sarcasm because I'm of this belief that we are born equal all humans remain equal. At least in inate rights when you're standing in the way of me and things I worked for trying to decide value later I don't care if you have a badge on you are no better than me if you think getting hired for that makes you better than me you're probably a f****** retard. Like damaged in the head. It's probably not your fault period most children are born with functioning conscience and everything else required to conceptualize this person is not me but they are a person and they have some of the same needs but other likes other interests other stimulation other needs other whatever and that might just be okay. Most children are born with a better sense of there been adults have. There's like less than a percent that are born sociopaths most are made. Let's go with cluster B. Narcissist do things from what I've seen from a slightly different skew but the similarities are close enough where you might not see the difference on the receiving end and I think it's rooted in the inability to conceptualize anything more than black and white on the fly off the collar and that anything other than their will what they want and how they feel matters especially hot all of those in a moment.

I really fear for humanity if this becomes the norm. I don't think without checks and balances and not necessarily strictly enforced but laws enforced without what I'd call repeated personal bias and discrimination with no account for what's required to maintain life and no account for property rights or it's like gaslighting on every level. If I had had notice I was to be out of the house that $6,300 of skilled labor was performed in after my mom said she is my landlord and over an 8-month period if I had notice well even if they didn't pay me for that I could have sold my things.

None of this is rocket science.

there is no self-made if anybody can take anything from anybody at any moment it's anarchy. the question is do we end up back there or do we move past tribalism I think we're moving in the wrong direction.

What disturbs me the most is counterculture and what's go with pre 2005 glbt culture had this wonderful saying


I understand population constraints probably better than a lot of people. Like to the extent that I understand nitrogen needs to go back into fields but also know we can make that with electricity.

What I really want to get at here is I don't have all the answers. What I have found true is that nothing we have made that I have seen or read about is as efficient as nature.

Humans have a known issue with comprehending large sets. It's not hard to derive or devise that that issue probably extends to interrelating and cross-connecting in large sets.

I find it damn arrogant if anybody making sure this stays in place thinks that what they're doing is natural selection

To air is to be human. Until we can better what the set of years between creation and now whatever narrative or belief you hold about what creation was until we can better or even match what's in front of us humans deciding which other humans live and die it's f***** up

It might lead to the extension of humans

On the most basic scientific relation 30,000 genes in you and the person next to you or me myself and I in this case

Actually in this apartment of macroscopic creatures there's 30,000 genes on this nasty torture mattress and 27,000 in the freezer

I love you Clyde

This isn't the post this belongs on but it's worth noting trauma causes genetic damage isolation causes brain damage. Starvation malnutrition causes a whole host of problems including psychological Minnesota has created perhaps the Pinnacle of cult in culture. I don't want to hurt anymore and I'm not going to be a slaveif I'm arrested for anything less than trying to kill someone there better be 24/7 guard or will be a body in the cell. I have been held hostage for 4 years for problems created by decisions made by my parents when I was in elementary school by my parents while I was in elementary school. By decisions they made in not dealing with it by decisions they made in filing false police reports. My decisions the police made like asking why I can't manage my finances after I had reported that reports were used as weapons and was there to try to report mail fraud and check front period this is long after I have been accused of domestic violence when in fact my mom was trying to kill me. how does that make any sense to then ask why I can't manage my finances when someone else is opening my mail and signing my name period all it takes is the mirror act of taking that mail do you know when every letter is coming to you on the DOT? How about if you move somewhere new or if someone makes you sick invites you do you now know when the mail comes? What if someone else takes the letter? What if that person tried to kill you and now you're already the violent person why can't you f****** manage it huh why can't you f****** just get it back from them with your mind? Try them for treason if you want Justice or more realistically give them the f****** social worker


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