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So what gives human trafficking debt bondage


This was a doj study

ne-third of our case studies involved foreign-national victims who were recruited within

the United States.
• In half of the cases studied in this research, the trafficking operations were simple links
between single individuals or agencies providing a single service – smuggling migrants

across a border in order to exploit them in the destination country. One quarter of the
cases were segmented businesses involving a criminal network and a legitimate
transportation or labor recruitment company. One quarter of the cases were relatively
sophisticated and complex networks spanning both long periods of time and large
geographical distances.
• The principal methods traffickers use to control victims include: taking away victims’
travel and identity documents; repeatedly telling victims local police or immigration
authorities will arrest, brutalize, or even kill them if they are found; sexual abuse;
physical violence; threats of physical violence or death; isolation; and debt bondage. In
cases with groups of victims, traffickers used victims as enforcers to intimidate and
control the victims.
All of this and it's recorded. By the time I was on the third City in 6 months of hotels my dad is even recorded saying Lord knows you could use someone to talk to John. Like 8 months of 2017 I was isolated trying to finish work to third parties while bleeding from their mold that had spread to my apartment then I moved 51 miles back for 8 months and they're taking the keys to the car even when I'm invited out on my birthday.meanwhile I'm working on their moldy basement and third-party contracts that they take away anyway to screw over any hope of third parties helping. And then they come to the apartment they forced the lease on and stole everything from a car including $500 worth of one friend I had left stuffthey do things too intentionally keep me from having anyone.
Paul has literally claimed to own mehe wanted me to repeat the word slave well three days hungry. I'm again several days hungry while typing this
I still don't know for sure but they did everything they could to make it look like they killed my rabbit Bonnie. Clyde would still be alive if not for the 9 months cleaning their moldy car.
Before filing theofps I have Paul recorded telling me I'm going to jail several times or I'm going to prison but it'll be okay because I can have a boyfriend there.
meanwhile Maple Grove Police are making me drive away from public property outside of their house ignoring that while I was living there for 8 months 6,300 instilled labor I have performed in the past four pay was performed
• The types of work that trafficking victims were forced to do in our case studies were
prostitution, domestic service, agricultural work, entertainment, factory work, restaurant
service, and street peddling. In every case the period of exploitation lasted much longer

Snow blowing through the car right before the force lease in the town they picked and the only apartment they have ever picked despite me living in apartments since 2007

than that of being trafficked. The length of captivity ranged from one month to 5½ years.
Once in their situation of forced labor, none of the victims in these case studies were
sold-on to different exploiters or forced into different types of work.
• Human trafficking operations in the U.S. are carefully planned and orchestrated to make
victims vulnerable and maintain their vulnerability and dependence. Systematic isolation
and disorientation of victims occurred in every case researched for this study. Threats of
violence or the use of actual violence were used to create a climate of fear. The
premeditation and organization needed suggests that most instances of human trafficking
and forced labor should be considered as organized crime, not simply the opportunistic
exploitation or coincidental negligence of an employer.
My mom threatened to push me down the stairs at Max 2 weeks later she's trying to push me over the railing then her and my dad file a false police report. Alleging I shoved her across the room . They used this a few months later to get an emergency medical hold even though I've been zero notice locked out of their house all of my valuables eight months after I move in ever since they used the threat of another emergency medical hold and now the police do as well
they give different numbers all the time for how much they gave me they give different numbers for how much they've given me after they give it period after I posted about how I have mathematics dyslexia they do it even more they will tell anything lie inverse or half truth . They'll tell me they're not holding anything but I go down there and 15 minutes later police show up and I made to leave public property
At the end of the 6 months in hotels he wanted a rental car key back and all the sudden knock knock knock on the hotel room door and there he is surrounded by Maple Grove PD. It was negative 11 out that day I didn't get a car to drive to the forced lease until 3 hours after checkoutmy remaining rabbit Clyde had been living  at the hotel with me because he had threatened Paul had threatened to put him in the clothes washing machine this was after Bonnie had died in their care.
They drained me of even money my grandmother had left in my name making sure I drive around looking for apartments just to pick one out well I'm paying for food at the hotels as well.6 months probably 14 hotel rooms due to short bookings period miscommunicating the end date on booking so hoping I had no idea it was nock nock time to check out. 6 months five hotels three cities and a mental ward.
• In one third of our case studies, the trafficking victims came to freedom on their own
initiative by escaping their exploiters. In one third of our case studies, private citizen
interveners (“good Samaritans”) took an interest and helped secure liberation of the
trafficking victim.
• Trafficking victims often have contact with local law enforcement authorities. But
because they lack sufficient training, local law enforcement agents failed to notice the
victims and take appropriate action to bring them to safety. Law enforcement played a
role in the exposure and discovery of trafficking victims in only one of our case studies.
I have repeatedly asked Maple Grove Police doesn't this qualify as forced labor and trafficking. Like November 2019 I drive in mold car to Maple Grove to meet with the police who had previously told me yes I could file charges for mail fraud and check fraud. They end up denying me the ability to do that after they say if we put unreliable witness let alone attempted murder on record we might be liable
• Not every federal arrest and search warrant execution was successful in the case studies.
Case study analysis showed that local non-governmental organizations and service
providers have a role to play in mounting successful arrests of traffickers. NGOs may
provide needed intelligence facilitating the arrest. They also provide assistance in
stabilizing victims to be able to cooperate with law enforcement.
• There continues to be a tension between the needs of trafficking victims, the needs of law
enforcement pursuing trafficking cases, and the requirements placed on immigration
authorities to process T visa applications. The length of time needed to obtain a T visa,
and the legal and service provision “limbo” in which this leaves the victim, is not
conducive to successful prosecutions.

It seems this entire state is set up to do this. At least Maple Grove is because I know one other person around 2008 was given the sad excuse that officer Hanson gave me. She was choked to The ground by her father slightly after turning 18. She heard the same words I did. if you accept anything from your parents they're always going to have some control
This was like 5 to 6 months after I tried to report what I mentioned above to Maple Grove PD. This is excusing destroying my credit destroying 16 years of what I work for destroying my ability to operate independently of them and then using it to starve me and poison me
I included this in a message to the mayor of Maple Grove in email I have the sent mail copy to prove that . That was January 2020. If I'm making this up I'm damn consistent or if I'm hallucinating it I'm damn consistent. Especially for someone repeatedly starved with mold from their house in their car growing on the makeshift desk to the point I can't keep a pad of paper and with Clyde rabbit in my freezer

Here's December 2019

Note the woman who gets in her car at the beginning doesn't have a driver's license and I believe my parents actually have adult guardianship over her or custodial ship whatever it's called. She happens to be my Aunt Mary. My mother's sister. Note I never went on private property I never left the car in the third video listen to what the police say about what was reported

What's interesting about my Aunt Mary is as long as I can remember at family events she is told stories that people come into her apartment break stuff steal stuff and move stuff.

after sabotaging the one associate I had willing to help move but live 3 hours away and needed pay to do so period Paul first wanted 16 an hour but only if I asked him would Paul pay that of course then 2 weeks pass and Paul wants to renegotiate his own price and so on. Add that to the isolation and disorientation

In The empty apartment with sick Clyde rabbit from the negative 11 day because he had peed in his travel cage and I didn't get a car to go to the foced leaseuntil 3 hours after checkout but I did get threats that I would go up there with absolutely no money in an empty apartment if the hotel added a pet charge.
But after screwing away the one person I had left at that point they demanded a key to this apartment. They have a key to Mary's apartment.

April 2020 was not the first time they came and stole things but it was the first time they came and stole from my garage

I have to wonder how many of my Aunt Mary's stories involve Marlene and or Paul actually entering her apt. I have no doubt some are totally of her creation whether she knows it or not. When you do enough to unsettle the person eventually there's attribution error.

I have to wonder what audit logs would show of Aunt Mary's ehrs/emrs. Thinking it through I realized I had been to the doctor a few months prior to the force encounter but on the night it was forced just about every medicine I have ever tried optionally was all the sudden back as active on my medical profile on my pulled shared health records. I would think because that system is written by multiple vendors and cross-organization that there's some leeway to make changes that don't get logged very well I could be wrong this is a somewhat educated assumption

I called the police that day period an officer that said she's normally the school liaison showed up. I wasn't given a report number I've since then got recorded and text admission they have two of the three things which would total a felony theft in Minnesota
Here's the start of trying to amend that report

What's shameful is Minnesota did the study the first one to show what starvation does to people the levels I've been subjected to over two or three years now it probably takes a year to fully recover I would say I've lost at least 50 lb. I don't know because of all of my things ever worked for ever given by anyone they have my scale too


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