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Thursday, October 22, 2020



The guy in officespaces jump to conclusions game ended up in a wheel chair. 

That said... I was looking the other way to not get paint splattered while I painted killz over ravioli I had scrubbed at 3x with different cleaners. The next morning this is what I saw on the wall

Angel of death?

I've had some experiences I cannot explain. There was a dream or happenstance..memory is too early at my grandmother's house and if it was a dream it was lucid to the point I can still see parts today. There was a ball of lightnining that zipped through the house but as I recall it now as it exited I can see the house top down .

The next I want to share was while back packing Europe at 18. I had a vivid dream Cosmos cat was sick. It was iirc the only time I called home despite being 18 and alone nearly 5k miles from Minnesota. They told me when I got back. He almost died form a kidney infection. 

Perhaps the most spooky though was maybe half a year before the night club attack in Paris. I've had a handful of dreams with french spoken. There was weapon fire I ran towards the bathrooms and held up in a stall there were people talking about going out the window more gun fire and talk of money. I woke from that one cold sweat and when the likely coinsidental actual attack happened... Or rather when I heard the news, chills down my spine is an understatement 

I had a more recent one in this empty hell hole. It was vividly watching Clydes body tossed in the dumpster. I woke up screaming bloody murder sitting straight up.

I wish human rights let alone MN or constitutional law would be respected long enough I could get his remains properly delt with and reunite him and Bonnie. Let alone grieve the loss of Cosmos,Bonnie or Clyde.

V2 of my electric fab process control board was going to feature Cosmos on the back. I tried to mourn as I pressed on. Paul and Marlene make sure no effort produces anything but wasted time
If that is the Angel of death I'm pretty sure I know who he's here for.

I've had a pretty good run. I've know love, I've known joy and I know pain. I've met a lot of wonderful people and creatures. 

I'm not happy with being unable to deal with Clyde's remains respectfully. He deserves better.

I don't even want to use the world childish with my parents behavior. Even if it would fit. I think we've been mislead by very dark people or forces. Even science shows most children are born with a better sense of fair than the adults that raise them. It's like 0.x percent born sociopaths with out functioning concinence sympathy or empathy. Yet by age 18 brain scans show that changes. To attribute this behavior to childishness seems deeply flawed .

Also to try to set our species on this pedistal as some still do is beyond retarded. Your assumption as to the intended abigiuous disability I didn't illude to . 

While it may serve a purpose for some, like those who prepare meet... There's been this battle to redefine even language once shown apes can match what we once defined language as. More general that animals don't feel and saying other wise is projection. Bullshit

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