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St Cloud Police refuse report

 I had called Hennepin County Sheriff was told I would get called back by Maple Grove

I'm starting to suspect Minnesota suicide rate isn't all it's cracked up to be. I'll post the sheriff call later. My phone is so messed up probably from the stuff that grows in the charge port that I had to alternate between speaker phone so I could hear her and normal phone so she could hear me. When the call ended I've actually found it refreshing you're reassuring cuz she sounded friendly and helpful but instead of a call back from Maple Grove it's like they tried to call in a welfare check on me

I really don't want to take anyone to court. I want my things back and decent compensation for my health my losses the destruction of my things the slave labor from the former SEIU Local 284 vice president who literally wanted me to repeat the word slave and twice said he owns me. I could like hard work for pay not hard work for take everything I ever owned

There is no justice when you call to report conditions dangerous to life and actual crimes but instead the police attempt to put you in medical or psychiatric care. This is not far from slavery.

I say that because even working if anything can be stolen from you, how far can you get? More so if the solution is just get away from this leave it...

How does one expect to accumulate the funds required to do that?

Also, law doesn't have to be science. But science and the scientific method if followed diligently with attention to error and peer review.. it starts to become fact that to deny certain scientifically proven concepts would become delusion.

One such concept is conditioning of behavior.

Time is finite at least as far as humans are concerned. How many times is one expected to call the police or how many minutes how many calls is it supposed to take to report one thing? If one is constantly not allowed to report or given negative feedback for doing so such as creating the risk of involuntary imprisonment medical or actual jail...

I haven't read the actual bill for the Minnesota human rights discriminatory anti-discrimination act named Human Rights act...

But according to the website it doesn't appear to include any protection against discrimination and allowing a police report not alone acting on one or filtering what is allowed.

Would seem to me either no crime could possibly keep a person from a civil court (let alone heart beat) or in essence average Joe, Jill, Mohamed and Rola  have very little expectation of any protection from anything...included but not limited to demographic based discrimination in Minnesota .

I'd love to stop pointing this stuff out. I'd love to not be poisioned and forced to labor while everything I worked for pay for is held and destroyed. While things afforded by work and or money left by relatives long dead since the lock change eviction can also be stolen  I don't see how this isn't slavery there's no expectation of escape.

The conditions Force are not congruent with learning with changing with seeking or maintaining any level of employment or health. If there was a psychological condition present or any other form of malady this is how you make it severe to the points one no longer functions at all on their own

None of that even controversial as far as sources like the APA are concerned. Or medically/scientifically speaking.

If we dial it a bit more extreme because looking at extra and then looking at the middle often helps paint the full picture of the function on the graph in between... If this path continues are we going to allow a family court to tell you that someone said you're violent therefore you are and the curative medicine is cyanide. Your son were a court then we say so it's not murder why would you call it that?

The sad thing is that might be more humane. I also see it as less likely to happen that way because then you don't create the job for social worker and throw the bone to the healthcare industries making it an ideal state to reside in for them


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