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State or MN justice

 To put it simply, do you like rape? Well Maple Grove has just the thing for you. I think Minnesota in general has enabled modern slavery. They will put you in a position to avoid liability but not stop crimes against you.

You can escape with out id or money while someone forges your signature and threatenes animals and assets /personal property the police help them hold right ?

You won't mind poision and went affected by it right ?

But it's worse than that because MN family court has expanded who can then get a one sided hearsay restraining order to include non MN residence who claim to have ever lived with or been in a romantic relationship with the accused 

The burden is on the accused

There is no statue of limite and it's free to file

Police records are suposibly not court accessable aka having no previous record indicating good bad or factored into likely hood is relevant in the judges decision 

It passes in your absence. Makes no provision for if the accuser has taken actions legal or otherwise to block you from apearing

But but those things would be prevented by the police?

MN police are under no obligation to investigate one or multiple crimes. 

See elective enforcement and or enforcement bias.

Liability for actions of police is extreamly limited and usually civil

Think about it if they can put you on the street which in my case they damn near did and still continue to ignore even felony level theft of the same party that made the false reports that created those decisions

if they can ignore someone touching your bank account opening your mail signing your name stealing thousands of dollars of your things what the f*** are you going to do about it? Can you s*** $100 bills?

Why does one-sided matter

Because it's technically civil court you don't have to show up. They can technically hold you in contempt and arrest you on violation to bring you before the court or in the case of OFPs it's automatic criminal arrest and doesn't even require a warrant and will pass in your absence at the family court. But the one-sided matters because it grants a ban on you from even answering the phone call of the citizen who for all intents and most purposes might as well have accused you of being a witch.

So in other words we start with the assumption people wouldn't lie. We then grant stripping of second amendment rights and the requirement of a warrant for arrest we consider no actual crimes that may or may not have happened and or be continuing of the accuser against the accused. We don't consider any of the record whether that reflects negatively or positively on the chances that the accuser might be lying or on the person accused.

In other words there's no protection against making this a further position of power while you are literally poisoning or trying to kill someone

Because in my case as I'm finding out even after the OFPs passed in court Paul and Marlene come and steal $1,000 worth of equipment from my garage Police won't do anything. Seven times starting two days after it passed in court they drove 45 minutes to sit in my parking lot.

You after it passes are arrestable for your pocket having answered the phone. The person who saought it against you is allowed to ring you 24/7

and if the police had decided to selectively not enforce things like check fraud mail fraud felony theft, zero notice lock change eviction. I asked again can you s*** $100 bills what are your odds of escaping this?

Minnesota did the study on nutrition and cognition

actually the goal of the study was to determine what effects malnutrition and starvation have on the human body and mind and how to best recover from it. Conscientious objectors of the world war II draft were given the ability to volunteer in other ways to help the effort.

The result in Minnesota was the Minnesota starvation experiment. Or study I forget.

one of the questions raised even back then was is it ethical to Medicaid for psychiatric conditions at all without first addressing diet. How is this relevant?

If someone can steal your ID and touch your bank accounts with no fear repeatedly and steal your assets or have police help them how are you doing to stay fed?

How likely is it you will hold your temper of even just angry words?

is it not likely this would trip fight or flight adrenaline response in you? Shouldn't it not be pretty f****** honorable if you manage to stick to just verbal threats during this?

Emotional inhibition would greatly be decreased by starvation or malnutrition.

But here we go with a court set up to sentence you if someone else feels threatened over your words while you are potentially being murdered


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