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Stop hitting yourself stop killing yourself and court

 everybody's probably familiar with the image of the brat older sibling punching the other one in the backseat.

 The one doing the hitting says stop hitting yourself stop hitting yourself why are you hitting yourself

And then probably yells owe dad she hit me  when the littler one blocks or gets fed up and does it once in return.(Trying to escew gender stereotypes) 

also as a about to be pubesent male I experience a girl 3 years older than me who wasn't happy with either the fact that I was looking at her boobs or she thought I was I honestly don't remember. I do remember the next thing I knew she was squeezing my scrotum through my shorts to the point I can still feel it today. She was bigger than me due to the age gap. Was or wasn't looking as far as humanity's first code of justice goes that's like taking off an arm for tapping someone on the shoulder.

Like I said I'm not totally privy to the memory of if I was or not I know I wasn't touching her. I know exactly where and when it happened not that I expect anything to come out of it but the points are:

15 years later and I'm not sure if it's related or not... I found out I have a cyst and I can remember the pain from that moment to the point where I'm sure it's in the same place. Whoever taught or abused the f*** out of her to the point where she was abusive to others or perhaps thought girls don't do that like most people think the long gender lines or tell you they do or don't even know what they're doing. But the majority of people are born with this sense of fairness better than the adults around them. Studies have time and time again confirmed this.

The main point is I really detest this idea that women are any less violent or capable of causing harm or responsible for domestic violence. I really detest That's splitting all or nothing thinking and logic has somehow been shoved down at throats and normalized. Oh men are stronger. Well on average yes. Does that mean there aren't cases throughout life or across individuals where that doesn't apply? And even in cases where they are stronger or the men are as assumed... How much? Are they also hypervigilant sleep with their eyes open and more importantly wasn't the lever humanity's first basic machine or force multiplier? What's the handle on even a cold frying pan? Is every bone in our body including those in the nose and skull always stronger than the force even The weaker side of the continuum can manage plus frying pan? What if he's standing near a ledge? how healthy is it for him to try to be on guard 24/7? Does he have a poison test kit for every meal he eats? How about the leftovers he cooked that she poisoned? Trying to eskew gender roles 😁

 I really detest the fact that my mother put me on a list of men who harm women

Both parents from this perspective pretty much abducted me for their problems. Emotional incest is every bit as gross...

 when she was trying to kill me and I acted to make sure no one even felt pain I really detest this whole f***** up slave situation

She had threatened to push me down those stairs not long before as encountered in a week plus or minus some days maybe two weeks.

She wouldn't honor shut doors mean don't enter your adult son's room. If I fell asleep even petting my rabbits in the living room I would get screamed at why am I not in bed? Over the years away from their house my anxiety issues did lessen to the point where I didn't really have them anymore. I didn't really understand how much of it was related to how messed up they are at the time I sat help for them and originally got the medical override to have Bonnie and Clyde rabbit at apartments. Paul and Marlene did. Or very likely because I came home in 2004 from the normal for my age job that I held at age 16 and my dad was trying to change the TV channel with the cordless phone which is a detail I could have easily missed everything else wrong in that situation was logically excusable stuff like his car doors open well I knew he was going to hardwire his radar detector that day maybe he's taking a break the door being open maybe he just dozed for a second also the wind used to blow still does likely like a wind tunnel through the garage in all the years I did live there I know it's very easy to think that door is latched when it's not.

I thought it was the go go go from that and had sought counseling  was diagnosed with mild PSTD.

This was as college started but anytime I was home I was hearing why do you think you need that why do you think we messed you up so much...

What I'm trying to highlight is at this point the mold was already proven and 8 months later when the lock changed at the hotel the bleeding had stopped The mold hadn't been dealt with there was mold found at the apartment before The bleeding that started right after Cosmos cat who lived at their house got sick and I had been spending nights when I could having driven down there then driving back up to my apartment that bleeding was 8 months at the apartment 8 months at their house the first week it cleared up in the hotel. They had serious issues and they use every chance they get to claim that I'm sick in the head can't take care of myself while they commit crimes that endanger my life endanger my future in danger my sanity ,endangered my health.

Or to accomplish achieving phrases they both independently said to me over that. The phrase was

"I get what I want when I want. "

A lot of what I've wanted over the years and enjoyed is learning and creating.I figured out I probably have mathematic dyslexia possibly have mild dyslexia that I train myself out of around the age 13. But one more moment on that phrase it's not something one said to me it's something both ended up saying independently on different days and though I couldn't tell you an exact count... it was More than once per

Part of how I know that is sometimes in this really disgusting crotchety condescending voice with a prepended: 

"John John John you have to understand.."

For a while the house answering machine memo was in his crotchety voice. Although this is the sort of thing that it would be hard to trust anybody at this point. It's pretty subjective and easy to lie about hearing a difference like that. Give me somebody trained in that in like linguistics and inflection or probably even music and I might but I mean I know I'm better than you do for one too there's what's been happening here when police are allowed to ignore any and everything I am about at my wits end.

Then Marlene and Paul capitalize I'm at the whole time they've been telling people I'm sick in the head which I've recently came across the definition of perjury in Minnesota and it would appear that having said that to the police at all could apply. Because at the time no one had concluded that and I'd like to be able to tell you right now but when I requested my records the f****** release never showed up but the first time it was told the police I didn't tell you for sure no one with the capacity to decide that had. What's on the OFP is straight up perjury I wasn't required to take any meds. I hadn't been diagnosed any form of insane or sick in the head I forget what my dad's exact phrasing on the first claim was.

This first come first serve to court OFP process that people don't necessarily know about that the police had every opportunity to tell me about especially when I went and told them that I have recorded calls indicating my parents falsified police reports as weapons and the one report ever that I might have been violent at at least as far as I know cuz the next terrifying thought is I don't even know how many reports were made against me even when I was there let alone when I wasn't there.

More terrifying thought than that is if the police overstepped legality in anything they did it's easier and less likely to cost anybody anything if they can find something to put me away for let me end up dead it's really f****** sick

And then I'm not claiming and know a lot about unions I bet I know more than average Joe even average Joe member or average jill member.

But regardless of my dad's leadership position if that has anything to do with it or not with this type of treatment; there is still the knowledge that it's quite possible the police union transcends the jurisdiction of any department in the way it's locals are structured

That would still likely be a lesser influence as you go further away just how social groups tend to work because what's more relevant to them and they're not necessarily liable for anything that the other did so even if they have a brotherhood reason to enforce a little bit different than the otherwise would have they're probably limited by not wanting liability of themselves if any of that is occurring

I haven't been able to talk to a lot of people. The nature of the time at their house where every time I turned around even if left on my bed in The room I was told was mine I'd end up finding sometimes the battery disconnected if I put a key finder on the keychain it was gone with the keychain sometimes the battery was disconnected and I had to bet for the keys back only to find no key finder either. If I left an hour a week I was up to no good but if I held my own against what the mold professional said well two parents are telling me the exact opposite and only one was even present for his visit...

I was told to leave which usually would have also involved having to beg for the f****** keys

that said on the occasions I have found someone to socialize with one of the things I've tried to do is if I tell the story what I ask is have you ever heard anything like this because someone pointed out to me that they hadn't and they wondered if that's why I did zero support because maybe people find it unbelievable but that then also leads me to wonder how above bored any of this is because I'm not hallucinating it

I have the calls to prove that as long as I'm allowed to own anything instead of being owned and every theft every harm every assault but the amount if you scroll back or page back and find the posted conversation with officer Hanson what I find most telling is click on the one with the dispatch before it. The level of well I'm sure this is a misunderstanding or here's the term you want like versus his tone and if you listen for content he's basically patronizing me. Because he allows a report but all he puts in it are the things that have already been allowed reported and not those that hadn't and he recaps at the end to make that clear.

Regardless of what you want to believe about any of my story if there exists the logical construct that if someone can touch your finances sign your name as an adult thus making you liable for any and everything that they signed for or deplete your finances hold on to all of your assets tangible. Decide what you have at any moment the threats to your life and health

Well right now we've already described violations of laws. The suggestion that this doesn't equal police plane judge jury and potentially indirectly executioner..

That potential comes down to severity of the other party's misdeeds and/or frequency because even if I make money what's described above how do I hold on to it?

if my only recourse is through courts that require me making it to a court that generally requires at least a little bit of money. Even if you take the bus. I'm not sure how practical that is I know what the OFPs from the research I've done they could have come up here to St cloud where they chose that I am.

They forced the lease under basically threat to take all my things and leave me homeless and this was 6 months into Maple Grove helping them have all my things.

That's been better described elsewhere so I'm not doing it again.

They waited to file those until they knew I had 6 days without a car and 20 days to be out of the forest lease because the 9 months with the mold car if everything is above board here and it certainly seemed to have pissed off the landlords regardless of what else is true or otherwise pissed off to the point where they're busting in and leaving a note under my door or in my door frame upstairs busting into the garage even if I'm in it and yelling stop because the time that happened that I know of without notification there was a box in front of the door I happen to be sitting for a moment watched the lock spin.

The landlord the day before was concerned about my use of an ozone machine in the garage. I had told her despite her telling me that they sometimes ozone units after a smoker has occupied them..and the hypocrisy because of someone said they might have got a headache or you know cuz I I taped even around the garage door to the building and it's at the end of the hall which extends out from the building and there's a staircase in between so it's like 50 ft to the next unit door... Furthermore what does that sort of back pressure if it is happening This is Minnesota if someone as I've seen people do here wake up probably tap a garage door opener on their nightstand and hit the remote start well what if one of two of those doesn't work specifically the garage door. if there's that much back pressure pulling stuff into that hallway what does that say for the people across from it in the units?

But despite that and being able to reason that on the spot at the time I still told her okay I won't use it and I'll even unplug it. I've said that because it has a timer on it like a bathroom fan twist knob and I don't want to be in the room or a car full of all zone so when I would use it I would usually put the key in the car turn it to battery or like not start it but have the ignition on so I could run the fan and I would hose it in there through a dryer vent hose wrap of bag around the window twist the knob and then leave through the garage door to the outside open the door with my key and come back in so I had sealed that door better even But the point was I had a habit of every time I leave to take a break I'm hitting it with ozone so to break that habit so I don't accidentally run it and offend you what I I know how systems work what I had said wasn't meant to be sarcastic either it was all unplug it cuz I know me I might twist the f****** knob I didn't save the f****** part or the I know me part either. This is how f****** insane this situation is because every every every every every every any every anything is my fault nothing threatens me nothing could possibly harm me from the people accusing me of things and forcing things while committing crimes to do it

This is just logical derivation of potentials

But the fact that for 9 months I was made to clean that car without the budget go hungry go hungry and then they come up and take stuff after filing the OFP a year in right before I had to move the priorities keep changing they keep leaving me with less than I would have decided less than I worked for less than I owned but their toxic mold problem and the need to refactor the need to refactor then they add the OFPs I cannot do this anymore no one could this is really f****** sick.

The evidence is in a previously posted post today regardless of what Minnesota wants to say about parents or adults between each other and their liabilities or if it's in the state interest to let one kill the other here's what's known to psychology

Emotional neglect and verbal abuse parent to child is enough to guys three to four times more likelihood of personality disorder and adulthood. That also probably corresponds with improper conditioning like behaviors that should have been rewarded aren't or are punished because they might equal independence and the parent no matter what they say might be more about the control and the attention they get from that person around them than actually seeing them independent. Which should be externally obvious because why in God's name would you f****** pay for for anything complain about it while taking someone's ID while relocating them frequently doing everything you can to make sure they don't have a way away from you

That's called throwing money away.

But more importantly parents that do this are known to sabotage into adulthood. It's not for any of you to decide unless you're going to use objective criteria and not artificially limit the scope what the agreement between two adults was especially with the laws as they are that would seem to allow agreements and still punish this sort of behavior

But instead it looks like we take the assumption that well here's the cash cow for private org we can court order to the state if they don't end up in the morgue first from not enforcing the laws repetitively as they pertain to even being able to stay fed let alone get away from poison used like a biotoxin. Exposure against doctor recommendation

at best if this is actually about doing anything other than creating court-ordered revenue and destroying lives to make an attractive place for health care to call home. Actually I should say anything positive or in line with what it claims to be about because opening it up to anybody or anybody who claims a romantic relation or former roommate with no statue of limits? You're a witch I know he's a witch I know he's a witch I lived with him 20 years ago he made the remote flip over once so what if he picked it up and turned it over That's what witches do. Oh there goes the needed for a warrant to arrest and now if I want to keep calling my witch or stalking them even after I've stolen everything they ever worked for and then after the it passes I can come steal a felony amount again oh but they better not make me want to lie again otherwise they're gone now they better not get angry and lose their temper on social media or in another public place or show up around me even as for two weeks right after it passes I drive 45 minutes seven times to be in their parking lot. This is so f****** nasty

The police In the metaphor above are like if the mom in the metaphor above with the two kids in the backseat one picking on the other pulls out a steel baseball bat and starts beating the already victim one

 And then the court comes in and if you want your freedom you're probably not going to get it anyway But hey now you got to answer to more of their lies and in the meantime you can die if you want we'll we'll make sure to make that more likely with the inactions of the police

Everybody will pretend things like oh you need something you can't just show up naked at a company get hired and be okay with the fact that anything you earn is taken anyway? You mean you actually think that just because you showed in the past money earned was used on things like cookware to make nutritious meals what you think that should have any relevance to your emotional state know why are you saying these nasty things to the people who just want to kill you or just want you to hurt because they want you to hurt why would you think law officer has anything to do with no we're here because they say you said things This is f****** insanity

He's in the freezer and they still have Bonnie's ashes This alone would be enough to make many people lose it This is so f****** sick that I contemplate shutting the f****** garage door with the engine running gluing the door shut and the tea in the ignition. Because not only do they give me toxic problems that my doctor in February 2018 told me to avoid that if you look around on the CDC website that's perfectly valid advice get away from it if you are at all 10. Police allowing someone to take all of your means take your ID physically relocate you under threat to them and your animals none of this is okay

all of this even without one party or two parties whatever you want to call the partners in crime that are Marlene and Paul

Even if this was happenstance no direct intent by anyone This would be enough to give someone a psychological break and if it was different parties causing it there would still be why is it the law getting enforced? Why are we more interested in if you want any justice you have to drive to this court an hour and a half away we picked where you live or rather the people we put in control of everything you ever worked for without any notice

$6,300 of skilled services were rendered More than that when you count I was the one in charge of starting the molder remediation but I'm turning only stuff I've done in the past for pay in that number 8 months a 10x10 room that would have paid divided by 8 but instead police ensure they can have and destroy and kill. Bonnie objectively did not have to die that day Clyde would not be dead had they not insured I was alone with their f***** up moldy car and then ignored the fact that he lost the ability to walk only they didn't ignore the fact every day my dad said I'm going to get you a rental car and then did not with every other day we're going to come up and bring some of your things

I don't want to hurt anybody I don't want to be alone terrified for my life after being moved around for f****** 3 years over things caused when I was in junior high and f***** up police and f***** up parents This is not s*** I can choose

But furthermore two times in front of police it's been discussed that well probably four times total because two times I had about 15 minutes in the house after the 6 months of hotels and when I'm getting at is two times one item in particular was discussed and it was admitted it was mine and that I will get it back it is mine I should have it back but then the police both times well we're kind of busy though to can they give it to you tomorrow?

Is the court willing to say exercise has nothing to do with mood cognition health lifespan how about all my kitchen stuff? cuz I've in several times now several ways detailed the medical knowledge exists that it does so we have they claim to feel threatened yet they're doing things that threaten my life doing things that are also crimes doing things in malice police refuse the evidence of even attempted murder

But the court wants to punish me because why because I chose to be born? Because I didn't pay them for the privilege of doing labor for them under dangerous conditions I didn't pay them and thank them for making sure my rabbits died or should I pay them before I kill myself if that's what it comes to should I pay them before they starve me or outright kill me? Or should we perhaps consider it not creating rackets

If I take my own life I will post it here otherwise it wasn't me that said I should probably set a stronger password


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