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Friday, October 2, 2020

Systemic racism and sexism

 If there are no non gendered resources available and police can refuse to investigate any crime..

Have we really done anything but create sexism abuse and slavery based on demographic?

Seems to me we went from the end of Jim crow era to laws that protected all but police were and still are free to continuously not enforce 

Except the violence against women laws became a thing as did federal financing in the form of grants for certain arests and gendered laws 

More recently and probably to the dismay of Orwell's rotating bones...

The academic world is teaching racism is white against black and sexism is men against women and stystemic.

What we can see for sure is there was already a systemic effort to ensure police couldn't or were less likely to overlook crimes against at least women. When previously the law wasn't explicitly gender bias

But hey I'm just soon to be dead human property what do I know ?

This isn't equality or even humain. U won't change my mind.

It's also yet to be shown there are brain difference that would make any race or gender more or less capable of the initial acts manifesting in abuse racism and sexism .

The brain damage and miswiring we call cluster b disorders seems to be a better causal fit though.

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