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The rare accurate post on psychology today

A lot of articles on this site read more like divorce and abuse industry propoganda. That said not all. If you click the authors profiles a lot of the questionable ones are some related mental health degree and lawyers . Some of the most questionable are just lawyers. This particular article does not suffer that. With no regard to your side of  withthe story acting on probably personal bias maybe some things go deeper than that

It's also almost exactly conclusions I've come to. Ie there has to be a set of people who make the assumption parents wouldn't do that. Some that assume I must exaggerate ..advice that isn't really etc. 

What I find sorely lacking even here is any recognition that if laws aren't upheld and especially when police will act to allow them to zero notice lock you out of any living situation... 

where you have moved all of your valuables

 8 months after moving in 

with no regard to your side of the story.

Why did I work a day in my life? Why did I exhaust myself if I hadn't I would have had more time to make social connections or not lose the ones by making commitments to friends that wanted to offer me a leg up.

why did I work a day in my life for them to not only be able to take it threatened to and continue to destroy it with police for a year and a half before restraining orders telling me I have to drive away from public property outside their house where all my valuables were stored why did I work at all because they come and steal another felony amount from me after filing for the restraining order period my credit is destroyed from being moved around City to city under threat my animals are dead.

I also found but can't find the link at the moment a child psychologist who noted that a good deal of kids he's seen end up with School administration not believing. They end up in front of him because something must be wrong with the kid which wasn't a psychology today article I can't remember the source but it was much more along the lines of affected if not a very valid source. But it also supports the things said here and these are conclusions I've drawn on my own just trying to reason out how this is possible.

It didn't matter anything I said they put me out on the street by changing the lock and shortly after police again enforcing it. 6 months of jumping hotels spending savings bonds my grandmother left for gas and food. delaying paid work I had started right before what was only supposed to be two weeks Max at a hotel.

One of my friends who happened to be a rabbit named Bonnie who also happened to be a companion therapy animal for pstd...

Died in their care.

I have a feeling that people like officer Hanson, people like Rory Hansen would probably have shot anybody doing this to them by now let alone have the wherewithal and reserve to take 4 days starving while being ignored while someone is opening your mail holding your mail forcing labor under threat to even the remains of your pet well the other one is in the freezer then another three days later wanting me to repeat the word slave and then I get Rory in my face saying no he said he didn't say that well gee officer did they teach you that in a town of 3,000 people? Or are you taking out your f****** nastiness on other people from behind the badge?

What are you doing playing judge blocking any access to court other than a court they can ensure I can't make it to based on hearsay?

Anyway here's the link



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