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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Theft in mn is also a false promise with no intent to perform




Although from what I've observed nothing is a crime if Maple Grove Police misstep and just like Paul and Marlene it didn't happen 10 seconds after they do it again if it looks bad if it leaves me dead I guess there goes the liability for the record if anybody tries to pursue wrongful death unless it's somehow my uncle Mike or my cousin Kim...

 charge them with content for manslaughter if you have the means and authority

Despite the fact that my contact with my extended family is virtually 0 all but the two above have felt the need to weigh in strongly with out even hearing my side. aka something you know nothing about. 

objectively as an adult paul made an agreement and i executed my sided completely

i made 3rd party agreements based on that as well

every bit of what was required to complete them was demonstrated working as i moved back to maple grove

why are you depend? well hey let me come treat you like marlene and paul treat my animals, me and my property. if the SS that maple grove employes could be granted jurisdiction and would agree to live up to the banner they heil from... lets see where you end up. 

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