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crime crime everywhere a crime, so much non enforced if blows my mind

A Word On Wisks (oh no voubalu is contagous)

It appears to me Minnesotas policy on separation of powers went down as confusion between two roommates. One is cooking eggs one morning and yells out hey man how do you want your powers separated? Scrambled must been the reply.

I come to this conclusion and bring it up here because police can force u into an ambulance after a search of person and a doctor you never met before signs off making a 3 day abduction a medical hold on the basis of you are paranoid. Then when u get out the state bar hotline informes you no one touches these cases. 

In between either a medical doctor or the most human looking mallard duck ive ever seen decided he could declare mold i had an email with hired mold pro confirming existed and bugs real enough the extermination record existed as delusions despite not a mark on me or complaint of bugs while forced in front of him

I said I had email with mold pro and records from extermination on my phone 

"Patients aren't allowed phones on the ward"

doctors take oaths. This one possibly misunderstood it in two languages or M.D. stood for Mallard Duck. What was the other language?

сука блять

I felt the need to preface this as Dr DrugsURegardless might not be aware of when imaginary isn't delusional.

For quite a while now I've been worried my imaginary property might not cobstitue theft in mn. Turns out it likely does (as per link) but now having stated that...

 I'm afraid of more state sponsored abductions where the doctor may insist its maladaptive and or indicative of reason for more rx kickbacks or outright delusional to be concerned over fellony level theft of imaginary property. 

It would seem to be in the states best interest to do so actually... any state can cut taxes to attract and attempt to retain an industry. Mn figured out court ordered supply of high margin patients. (In the sense that stints gauze stents, etc... would be probably a sign you are practicing medicine wrong in the mental health ward)

How Minnesota Defines Property inside the definition of theft

I've been using assets and keep sakes when speaking to maple grove police, some times personal property. 

When I switched CS to MIS/IS I absorbed enough biz edu to recall that in biz world tangible assets (property plant equiptment) was a good way to refer to some of my things.

I wasn't aware of the word imaginary but I was vaguely aware property doesn't always have the same legal definition.

turns out Minnesota's theft laws in biz terms cover both tangible and intangible assets (trade secretes in this case ) 

but it doesn't matter anyway if someone can repeatedly violate one party against another and police turn Blind Eye or ask how come you don't have a job yet well one thing stolen is even your freaking ID . Maybe we should cover tangible assets as they relate to liquidation for . No I suppose it's totally reasonable that if someone wants you to drive away from all of your assets in a car you don't have title to with zero notice 8 months after you move in doesn't matter if you claim there's an oral lease it's police's Duty to allow this totally moral situation and the forced labor that would come what are the subsequent thefts nevermind the attempted murder that went down is DV and the other way around. We're looking to get the false reports to stop the State Bar Association told me communicate their unreliable Witnesses well when I said I have a recording indicating the TV was as I just said and that falsified reports have been used as weapons what I'm looking for is them to stop the bar association told me blah blah blah well Maple Grove PD tells me if we put that on record we might be liable

enter ofp and family court to usurp citizens rights and fear of state liability. 

note the effectiveness something like this with out a statue of limits, possibly applicable to fedral vawl grants but expanded so almost anyone can apply and hey, no statue of limits. passes in your absence doesn't consider possibltyvpolice for a year and a half pre might have allowed party filing to hold on to everything mine and threaten it to force physical relocation and labor.. or how when someone does that while holding and stealing ID.. yeah fuck me for not being able to 4 days notice put a defence togeather get an if get a job buy a car. Paul and Marlene knew the car broke down on the 6th and filed on the 11th. they picked I live in st cloud they picked they file in Minneapolis. cute huh? they also knew this lease was up in 20 days and because of forced labor under threat to my property and Bonnie rabbits ashes (also held mail).. 

landlords at apt they picked gave me notice over being unhappy with 9mo cleaning moldy car in garage.... 

Tomorrows article in sarcasm land: Minnesota state product: high quality rackets. No sports fans its not in that section of this drek cast. 

April 2020 - Garage Burgled

  • lga 1366 workstation pc
  • klutch 140si mig welder 
  • Ryobi compound miter saw
Value 1k USD. Police report filed but no one will do anything Marlene admitted it once Paul admitted it twice I guess indicated would be a better word 
These things were taken from my garage where I am the only person on the lease I'd love to prove what I paid for because that was saint  clouds hold up despite what I read of it still breaking and entering the moment they're not on the lease even if still a break and Enter but how can I be expected to hold onto any proof of anything when August 2018 I'm 8 months into living at their house I leave for a hotel for two weeks and haven't had access to my things since other than to breathe 15-minute periods but if you want a suggestion of ownership. The welder was bought with savings bonds my grandmother had left me that I can probably prove. The computer and the saw were given back
I think I bought the saw in 2009 . And it was with money I had made not that it's anybody's f****** business but I'm sick of this cuz I'm getting starved and poison after I save their goddamn house . And while I was there $6,300 of IT services were rendered . I have done this professionally I could produce tax records to show it st. Cloud state business law apparently wasn't worth anything when police help people steal everything from you and abduct you but both sets tend to excuse everything that would make it impossible to have held a job I did not decide to come back up here I did not decide to leave their house I was paying services for rent it wasn't illegal still is Maple Grove PD enforced zero notice locked out eviction with seizure of all assets or landlord with police help holding on to all valuables 

march 2020
  • 12 amp toroidal isolation Transformer
  • 30 pound propane tank
  • 56 volt lithium ion battery pack

  • 18 volt  4ah lithium ion battery pack
  • Ryobi stick vac

and once again fellony level

The rest was in the previous car which he would not allow me to tow anywhere . He dumps $900 into the repair of nothing that was broken then give me the car back claiming it was fixed so I could once again be stranded with it . This was March 2020 

What do I mean by not allowing me to? 
Both times the second one should have never happened but both times either ignore that I had to and did not have the budget hanging up the answering machine they haven't put anything in until I want to say the 4th and my internet was cut off I haven't done a month without doing forced labor for them and or starving . They have the remains of one of my pstd therapy companion animals and have threatened them have threatened everything of mine that Maple Grove PD put them in charge of with the zero notice lock change eviction they support . Paul and Marlene did not recognize the massive mold problem in their house . I first detected it in 2014 it was confirmed 2018 around January . November 2018 1500 square feet of carpet and pad 50 by 8 feet of wall and the deck from the other side came out of the house or off . That was a paid remediation job . I had started it following the mold guys instructions as I lived there over the eight months are pictures of pulling The Moldy trim off and subsequent activities like mold killing primer peroxide Etc . Not only that but $6,300 were rendered in the eight months I live there . When I finally got a room upstairs which was about 2 weeks in maybe three it was 10 x 10 with mold growing in the pipe access.. Plymouth has there residential square foot per month rate posted at $1.32 I'm guessing Maple Grove is pretty similar .I have a figure for how I came up with 6300 it had nothing to do with the rent but it's worth noting that would have paid close to $800 I think it was 780 when over 8. That was on computers I built for them and never charged labor for years previous despite I have built 30 by age 22 for paying clients . I believe some of the parts where either mine or when I did an upgrade for like a business that I would manage I'd frequently be given the parts because otherwise they would recycle them . You're cumulate a lot of spare parts when you do that sort of thing . Paul and Marlene try to paint it as a they've given me everything I've never worked when the reality is my dad liked this place that sold knives back in 2003 in junior high I did a website for that company then I work for a company that the software for labor unions at 15 and it's 16 I started regularly taking care of for businesses and two dozen homes for it support. End of 15 I was working McDonald's for a regular for my age job 3 months into turning 16 is when I got my license . I had put a card on Dunn Brothers and Caribou Coffees Help Wanted help available board . I got a call from the owner of a three-person CPA office that was a client I have for 10 years then got so soon after turning 16 my mom had to drop me off cuz I only had my permit turning 16 my mom had to drop me off because I still had my permit the first time I met with them. And the point of this one isn't my work history but that doesn't include any of the normal for my age jobs that I was doing at the same time what's worth noting is that was 2004 and my first invoice was $50 to show up 25 an hour after

It's also worth noting that Marlene is a nurse practitioner. Background 2001 she was getting hounded by st. Kate'swhere she was an Adjunct professoror whatever the term is for teaching without actually having the PhDbut she was getting houndedget rid of the overheads move to PowerPointshe couldn't be bothered to learn how to turn a computer on back then.guess who made those?

I'm not actually sure how much she made teaching at st. Kate's but I would say I contributed to that. Also I can name one of her co-workers and one of her students more than once I provided it support for after 2004 . 2006 I also work for one of my dad's co-workers who is running for district rep of Minnesota 50 B I made his campaign computer and his campaign website. I talked to him in 2013 and and he was still happy with the computer I was applying at caci in Dahlgren Virginia I wanted to use him as a reference 

Paul and Marlene... They lie through their teeth 

Also for the record my senior year of high school I was making for my normal for my age job $11 an hour doing mortgage refinance telemarketing and there was commission. which had a min/ quota and the other qualification was the loans had to clear . The commission was a percentage of the profit on the loan . Not a big one but it's a big number for a home loan so a little percent went a long way. if I had known what was coming.. in 08 I might have hesitated to sell Arms to people. actually wtf does an 18 year old know about that? why the fuck did I bother learning it? never missed a credit payment from 2006 to 2017... then Marlene and Paul hit my life like a freight train and if this doesn't stop I'm going to be dead soon. 

meanwhile they sit in $430,000 AFAIK paid off house and are spending 100k to torture me. so according to mgpd u can commit fellony level theft multiple times, 3 if we count the lock out and property still held. attempt to murder, file false police reports, open mail, endorse check from mail, sign another adults name multiple other times... 

for some undisclosed amount of money. 
if they would like to clarify the exact amount it takes to excuse these crimes... I'll post it here for the world to see. I'm sure if the Turpin parents are ever paroled in California Maple Grove would be a choice Place to call home 

In March I had till the end of the month at the lease  they forced . Cleaning the 09 Taurus for 9 months which I said do not make me do this is dangerous this is not a good use of my time this will contaminate the apartment , transfer the title I will sell it scrap it do whatever and take whatever I can get but Paul laughed and said 

ha you think you could figure out buying a car ? 

People don't take me seriously you really do not understand the difference between a narcissistic parent and a parent with narcissistic traits the first of which will try to sabotage you being functional as a person the later can be pretty nasty but selfish not try to harm to destroy you so they have a source of attention 

When the 07 Fusion started kicking sputtering and died in the intersection my first thought was oil . I limped it to a parking lot . no lights on the dash were on( no indicator lights) . 

Usually I have a bluetooth odb2 reader . I probably have three of them and I gave my dad one for Christmas plus had three because for a while they were easy to markup  and cheap  to get from China . Maple Grove Police separated me from everything mine August 2018 . Or rather I left for a hotel intending 2 weeks Max and haven't had unfettered access or even an end to the threat and destruction of my things since . My animals are dead now largely because of this . Bonnie's remains are USPS address to me at their house Maple Grove doesn't give shitz about anything they have been threatened as well . 

God I hate this this is f****** sick 

So an absence of odb2 reader and no indication on the dash  I go and get oil anyway . A one mile walk to Walmart and back 

 I know I was coming up on a change.later I would tell if you later and I didn't exceed the extreme service lifemore to that point when I look at the repair report or rather Paul shows that before after and during starving me he will throw $900 into a car that he knows is totaled well destroying everything I ever learned over 16 years of working for pay. Well Maple Grove PD helps them do that commits check fraud mail fraud terrorize me
For most intents and purposes abduct Me. But on the repair report there would be an indication that the oil was changed and the service life indicator reset in the computer so the car would have told me it was coming up on an oil change . Paul had kept the owner's manual I did not know if the car was equipped until I read that report 

 That was a mile walk to Walmart and back meanwhile Paul is literally hanging up their answering machine 

This was I think March 5th or 6th 2020 

My dad was an auto mechanic long ago he was also in the Naval Air Reserve . I believe he sabotage the maroon 07 Ford Fusion 
I'll cover that nd its own post 
Probably missing some things . I will update this list as I remember

  • 400w power inverter 12v to 120v
  • garage door opener then shell to it
  • More stuff I can't remember  

Officer Hansen's they give you enough 

Which was spoken May 22nd 2020 . January 2020 when I showed him a picture of what they made me clean in the mold car for nine months he says I didn't see that put the phone away.

But to the point are you happy to play judge jury executioner? 

did you misread the job description? 
is there something the public should know?
Should I take a knee or a taser at this point I'd almost prefer it to going hungry again 

I stripped the first one out on the 09Ford Taurus seat belt lug on the driver side.

Damn near took my wrist off at first then thought I was being smart and bracelet against the headrest and it took the teeth off the gear inside the drill 

I told them several times it is not safe to have me remediate this car it's not something I'm qualified to do it's not a good use of my time it's not safe it's going to contaminate the apartment 

So then I go hungry and contaminate the apartment but but then I get officer Hanson insisting that they give me enough yeah they're giving me enough f****** poison 

This isn't cheap modded it with the Plexi . So it would take a HEPA filter. I tore the sides off and then they saw the saw that I need to cut it because I was intending to put a bigger fucking filter in it. They literally steal to poison me and or ensure I have problems they caused in 2001 when I was a minor with how they finished their basement. I was such a bad 7th grader or maybe know we painted the slab and probably 1998 and I think I helped an elementary school do you want a you want to fucking shoot me for it? Or just continue overlooking the destruction of a life so it meets your personal biased opinion on how an adult Offspring should be to the parents that make them sick 

like 12 bucks a bottle  kinda worthless with the 0 kitchen and frequent hunger. 

PlayStation 2 to USB was a gift for my dad so he probably did not deserve it . I went to a thrift store and found a $10 racing wheel 

the f****** abusive Jackass has in the past has been noted to play racing games. 

  if I left a game open on a computer or had my wii hooked up at their house I would find him playing some sort of racing game. 

So for $20 or maybe like 25 I equipped him with the proper steering wheel for the computer 

note the quantity on the oxines (2) and above was (3)

I have 3 of these, menards was the other 2 for like $140 they sell pice by pice extenders/make your own system so it's basicly 4. 3 freestanding. 


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