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this is disgusting

Paul and Marlene Wuethrich continue to maintain terror.

they have wiped out every dollar or credit point I've earned since 2003 and 2006 respectively. what isn't off limits is still growing their mold in this garage.

they steal to hurt my credibility as well. Not just my credibility but the projects I was doing the main one was paid . It's shared 90% of the design with as a fallback or on the side I put all the work in I put all my friends fucking perverts just take it away

I guess that applies to Paul Marlene and Maple Grove Police

No one should have to  go through this. I want my life back

Literally you have my f****** life you f****** God damn assholes you f****** child molesting perverts and supporters thereof I do $6,300 minimum at market value for it support on site so then you steal my computer you f****** prick hey Dad I should have let you die in 2004 you are killing me you sick f****** bastard Man Child I told you in 2018 you saw how hard I was working.

January 2019 after I sign the lease Paul knew the storage garage picked with my furniture

Stacked to the ceiling . Used offering to pay a new associate of mine to drive a wedge between us cuz then he wanted to renegotiate his own f****** price like the f****** pervert Paul is 20/20 I'm still sitting in an empty apartment but with plaid in the freezer will they still hold Bonnie's remains I left for 2 weeks Max in 2018 August. Maple Grove PD helps parents steal their bike of their adult son and everything else and f****** starving to death stealing his ID Force relocating and forced labor on mold that their pervert incompetent ass is going to take care of their house

19 years of bringing it to Children's st. Paul NICU what's my do better by killing our son and just in case that doesn't work let's f****** his record with false police reports nofp no let's make it two then let's steal $1,000 worth of stuff from his garage . Minnesota's felony-level theft 501 or another words 500 down appears to be a misdemeanor but not even murder appears to be a charge as long as it's Paul and Marlene doing it to me 

Here's what the f*** you can do should I address you with heil  or do you prefer the purifiers of genetic lines ? 

Cuz that's what this is I am the last of my family

Minnesota police Wipeout a genetic line not before 32 years made pointless and over a year with clyde in the freezer 

I'm going to end up with type 2 diabetes even if I survive I can barely see anymore cuz all I can do is look at things right in front of me to somebody took my fucking bike even and then my computer and all hope 9 months cleaning that molding car. It's hard to think outside myself right now but holyshit if any of those cops have kids I feel bad for them not that I'm going to do anyting but if you're that bad at that job and clearly  need authority for sake of hurting people..

I feel for them. Probably for the sheriff's son too.

The American Psychological Association knows that substance abuse in which alcoholism is grouped largely associated with trauma . Addiction in general .

Falling asleep in a car outside the house largely associated with not having a Tesla or paying for the autopilot 😂 that's going to be a whole can of worms

They've been trying to force this since they started calling me crazy in 2014 for the mold . Now they're killing me destroying every habit I need to be an adult committing felonies to do it but hey if we just allow parents to slap their kids down commit felony level Crime After felony level crime with the kid never made it anywhere did he ? Well let me steal all your stuff let's running around for three years make you clean hazardous things maybe if you have any pets you won't afterwards and if we just rewrite the past to only the parts we want then you've never made it anywhere either it's f****** despicable Heil Hitler you f****** Nazi b****** 

Hey this was three months into the hotel how would you look after you've been abducted at police point . I had worked all day went to the gas station to get snacks come back and hello Maple Grove PD . But no there's nothing on my eyes 16 months of bleeding between the apartment and their house cleared up the first week at the hotel 

This is what my hair look like under UV after spending time in their basement 

I really wish it was still this clean 

it was an early board for a battery management system . It was needed for two of the projects . This is what I was doing when they were calling my behavior erratic . Their behavior was erratic . I literally got screamed at for sprained on my plexiglass project enclosure that I made on the tile floor with Lysol . Lysol approved for f****** tile floors 

I love you Bonnie you deserved better 

I get to be type 2 diabetes maybe heart disease and f***** up jaw I hope the kids that's your old mom and dad actually kill rabbits pstd therapy animals it happened to be my friends as well and two innocent rabbits before leaving someone disfigured to die e for your mistakes 

Bonnie rabbit 2015 
Me at their house 2018 

I am  sorry Clyde I love you so much 
but then at their house 2018 Clyde's picture was 2  

their house 2018 the pipe access in the 10 x 10 bedroom 

their house 2018 worth noting that in 2019 police suggested that maybe I just get my nose cauterized 

yeah the cotton candy isn't supposed to be growing fungus . Owens Corning doesn't make mushroom flavored cotton candy . Mesothelioma Maybe mushroom no 

I love just working on everything just my credit my credibility of my animals my time my life 

I've got more of this in abundance this was at their house I still got it in my apartment and garage maybe if I spend it to State elected officials long may be an SD card of Officer Hansen telling me he didn't see that put the phone away 


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