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Friday, October 23, 2020

This One Trick Paul Does

Communicate to Confuse

Communicate to Terrorize

Communicate to Gaslight

Communicate to Command

Communicate to Control

Communicate to Waste Time 

Communicate to Self Empower 

Communicate to belittle

Communicate to mislead

Communicate to sabotage

Communicate to triangulate

This one trick is never feel anything but the conflict from hurting people

Put you ego above the life of another person, Commit Felonies to ensure a postion of power. 

Starve person  

This one trick is anything but anything worthwhile

He also had a neat one about stolen us naval reserve marker dye and minnehaha falls.. involved some rope and tying it under a bridge

Fun one about coyote urine and ISD 281 director of transportation's office as well

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