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Time risk and tactics

 I still deal with a mold issue my doc told me to get away from Feb 2018

  • Glasses held by welding wire instead of screw 
  • No spare key for car
  • End of lease was March 31 2020 in the only apt they ever picked for me under threats if I didn't sign 
  • No social life for 5 years 
  • They have Bonnie's ashes 
  • Clyde is in my freezer
  • Apt devoid of most my things for comfort function contracted work or anything really. It does have their mold from 9 mo forced clean their car 
  • Lost a previously dead but weged for 17 or so year baby tooth that never had an adult under it. Actually dec 2017 was when that happened "don't wait more than 6 mo " said dentist 5k dental implant needed 
  • No way to move what I do have out quickly . A hitch would be ideal. Once again what he calls my car is not in title . I know it costs 160 but withmarlene wuethrich attempt at actual murder and boths outright distructiind of my hard work.. nothing is out of question even if I found min wage, they might just take car day 2. I also worry their next move is try to get commitment and I haven't so much as my printer. It's been like being abducted since 2017
  • Start of bleeding in 2017 till now has destroyed once exelent credit..aka can't sign for one 
  • Shit diet and 30 days hungry in 2019. 2018 was Mal nurished to. Not going to the dinner table was cause to yell, going was cause to attack, being found out side 10x10 box..cause to attack didn't help diet. I have never felt more pain daily and less well..I also haven't had a summer day outside in at least 2byears and only maybe 3 5 tops last 5 years. I put my nose to the grinde stone when I came to St cloud. They made it and 16 years of working for an income worthless continue to.
  • For two summers now and the first one two times the police and Paul and Marlene acknowledging it's my bike I should get it back I can't even hop on my bike. That's vitamin d exposure which I seem to recall is also linked to depression which they make sure I have no purpose no sense of accomplishment no ability to finish commitments I demonstrated working before this hit. Things other people paid for being distracted things I worked for are being destroyed $6,300 of services at minimum that I perform professionally since 2004 were rendered in the 8 months before they changed the lock. My mom had explicitly said she's my landlord This is f***** beyond belief. Vitamin d mild UV exposure probably wouldn't be bad for what's on my skull either yeah I can go for a walk that's not really the point. Usually exercise is supposed to be something you enjoy it's my f****** bike actually I've never heard them tonight anything was mine I don't know what they said to police but... Correction I have their story changes every two f****** seconds sometimes I never work today in my life other times I work one place maybe once for a while before I got fired it's utterly ridiculous they will say anything to fit the moment I really hate this because they are also sitting on most of what I need to prove the extent of what I have worked but I shouldn't have to. Attempted murder oh if we put that on record we might be liable. Check fraud mail fraud signing my name without court granted custodial ship of another adult. False police reports landlord withholding property if that were to be passed but they make sure I can't make any part let alone have a f****** printer even though my first business plan a three person CPA office I had been gifted a Rico work group laser jet printer it was one of four I owned.
  • It's like being held worse than the first week of moving it's like if the first day for whatever reason you had hired movers and the truck didn't show up or maybe you had a flat city then unpack anything and then the next day you got to charge and nothing in your apartment when you wake up it's been like that since I got here but I have Clyde dead in the freezer and they insisted I did a test I'm not qualified for was dangerous needed special equipment didn't have four nine months. When they insist that I wasted their money they should be guilty of the treason on that alone. They likely sabotaged the next car I need to break that out and explain it maybe I don't maybe none of this has any point maybe I am better off dead
  • They stole over a grand which should by my read put it at a felony in Minnesota after the OFP case police won't do anything
  • What hope does that give me if you can touch someone's finances sign their name still felony amounts from them try to push them over a railing threaten to push them down the stairs before thatThis should be or would be unsettling for anyone even without the deaths

Unless I have basics in orgization met like within days I don't think I'm doing this anymore you can put me in a room in a straight jacket and unless you have a 24/7 guard. this is f***** up beyond expectation ability to have imagined it.

Imagine if you wanted slight taste of it if you've moved before you know that first week to month when most stuff is still packed maybe not all the boxes are there but even if they are well now it's time to maybe divide them by room if you were smart enough to label them before your move start opening them or find the one with your basics to help open and manage consumables discarded or saved for whatever purpose later like packing paper foam that sort of stuff 

The boxes and start from somewhere anyway.

point of everything is in a box and you might not even know where or which box so if you need anything the time efficiency is just zero.

March 2019 is when this lease started. I still don't have most of the boxes. Probably about June 2018 actually starting a little bit after I finish moving in to my parents somewhat unbeknownst to me my mom began going through everything in the garage in their third stall several times I asked her to not touch my things. So she began leaving them outside in the rain throwing them away taking things other people paid for throwing them away. Threatening to push me down the stairs later on for pointing out she had no more than 10 minutes earlier said she stopped touching things that were mine or not hers because some of it was contracted work other people paid for then I found pieces on the way to the trash in their organization system

anything I thought I knew where it was has been probably 20 times not even an exaggeration moved around plus she's had this year and a half with the police assisting the lockdown actually more like 2 years now to throw away and mess up my things

Meanwhile the first nine months of this lease it wasn't just empty apartment it became sick 12-year-old rabbit. Lies everyday about understanding one of the concepts about being forced to clean their car was I can't have to drive it everywhere which I do with an empty apartment and have to clean it it needs to be able to sit for a few days but I don't have a kitchen rather my kitchen stuff isn't in the kitchen you guys picked out you picked a place I'm not even sure I can do this car it's not safe for me it's not a good use of my time if you transfer the title I will sell it strap it do whatever and take whatever I can get. Mind you this is while they're sitting on everything with police assistance

then when Clyde gets sick my dad tells me every other day we'll get to your rental car well I'm still in an empty apartment well I'm still being forced every meal let alone try to acquire the specialty tools to all the sudden have to remediate a moldy car because he can't control himself and for snow into the air vents in the car that had been in their moldy attached garage. 50 ft by 8 of wall came out of the basement 1500 ft² of carpet and pad that car was theirs for 9 years it remained theirs until the end they took everything I worked for which if I had had even 30 days if I had had 20 days notice any notice or compensation for even just the skilled labor I've performed in the past that was 6.3,000 dollars over 8 months for them for computers I never charged them to build some of them have parts that are most definitely my parts. But I believe what happened is they told police I've never worked a day in my life so police assisted that illegal zero notice lock change eviction and help the tenant to suffer and be controlled through threats to at first even my rabbits for a six month period five hotels a mental award three cities then of forced lease and it's still empty to this day other than piles of clothing on the floor things like nail clippers I probably spent $100 on That's probably a slighted exaggeration but try to f****** find them

For 9 months I explained if you don't provide the budget estimate for this remediation job that is not in my best interest of health time money if it's piecemeal that's just creating more work what needs to happen is it has to be done and dried out immediately. At one point I got a $2,000 check from a client The amount of work done was far greater than that but there was downtime over the police abduction to the mental or and that's the tip of the iceberg. From working all day in a hotel room not making a peep three months into oh you just don't live here anymore all your stuff does well now all the sudden I'm paranoid gee I f****** wonder why would I be paranoid? At least that's what the doctor who signed off on it wrote down which as I can see flies in the face of the documents that the state gives or the hospitals have internally I found quite a few PDFs on it that state they're supposed to be very verbose descriptions of reason. That totally makes sense too because if there's any hope of creating help from these well mines aren't usually either to put or healthy but what needs to happen is it's known detainment by force is trauma brains try to avoid trauma. If you don't know explicitly and specifically what put you there you have done extreme damage with no hope of good. Especially to someone who hasn't studied to the extent I have and doesn't know themselves to the extent I do I'm not saying I'm perfect . I shouldn't have to disprove this but increasingly I have witnessed the police playing the same ignorance to any and everything that suits their purpose so I can't imagine the court's going to be any better if I can't even make it there or if I don't end up on the street because the only reason I still have a roof over my head is the eviction ban

Another way that they forced and tried to consume all of my time during those 9 months and after was threatening the storage garage that holds my furniture of unknown condition because there was mold in the apartment it went into an uncontrolled storage garage and mind you they paid to have their house fixed why am I dealing with this at all? February 2018 I might have said this already I don't know anymore my primary care doctor told me to get away from the mold if you read a little bit on the CDC's website you'll see the same advice if at all possible and for the 6 months bounce between hotels because someone who explicitly told me she's my landlord decides she doesn't want me to call her come around when I've left partially for her benefit partially because she wanted to stop attacking me if I even left the 10-ft by 10-ft room But she had a cancer surgery and I suggested to my dad hey a week or two at a hotel maybe? Partially because I had bit off a huge web server project. I couldn't get the hardware projects done because she would throw away hide et cetera things she didn't even pay for. Well I agree to that and all of a sudden I find I have what's on my back and the project became very urgent because it was determined that the host and the server admin webmaster who was in charge of the businesses site In fact was not a company in Chicago it was one guy in Milan so all the sudden it became secure all the assets and make the transfer with his little downtime as possible. It should also be noted that both of my rabbits had a vet proven infection at this point do you know the stress when all of a sudden you can't get to animals you love and have cared for well I got them both in 2007 or Bonnie right at the beginning of 2008 how about look up how many rabbits even see that age The only way they do is with learning their needs which my parents instead were trying to decide which cage was which rabbits for them.

This is another example of how terroristic they are with their language and with their actions. At one point the door had been open for me to go into their house my mom had already at this point so don't call don't call don't come around here anymore but I'm in there just to see them because I love them I was scared for them my rabbits that is I can't love Marlene and Paul they don't know what that is or where boundaries between people are when it regards me they will go out of their way to demonstrate they understand boundaries if I so much as suggest something that they think is none of my business meanwhile they will steal leave me terrified unable to meet basic needs telling me I've never met basic needs and if I earn to overcome they will steal more they will deny that I'm hungry while they have stolen my ID like during the mold car and not provided the budget for the works that it's threatened all of my stuff disappears if I don't do This is absolute f****** insanity This is how you condition someone to be a f****** dependent if not brain dead from a stroke you cannot micromanage someone into the ground while threatening psychiatric explaining to anybody

Then when Clyde died which should not have happened the barriers they set while I'm still with the moldy car in an empty apartment unable to cook because they have decided I don't need my things I'm not going to explain each thing I need for my things when Minnesota law says police aren't supposed to do this I lived in North Dakota for 8 years my mom said explicitly I am your landlord elsewhere I have explained to the best of my knowledge in this insanity where I would love to hire a lawyer with what I'm way off topic this is f****** nasty

Clyde died and this is why they still to this day hold Bonnie whose remains were sent USPS to me addressed at my parents house they opened them sent me a picture .

Well my dad starts with I'll pay for the cremation but you have to go in there with him actually no it was you have to pick a day go in there call me in the morning and then I'll give my payment info. In other words I'm going to make you drive and then drive back with your thawing fiend when I don't answer

The further illustrate this that time I was describing that I was let in my dad starts with telling me he stopped giving them the antibiotics This was when both Bonnie and Clyde were alive. Which is insane because no one has ever had antibiotics in that house without my mom saying you have to take them all Don't forget to take them all. She's of course referring to you need to knock it the head all the way out because otherwise those that survive and incomplete dose regimen are the ones that had the natural resistance to that particular antibiotic or family of which can be bad for you and anybody else who gets those germs especially if they are of a weaker immune system for whatever reason. Kind of like with your only child you won't let out of eyesight as a child to medium teen where the first time maybe the hundredth time he understood Yes there's glass in this store I should watch where my arms and legs go while we walk through it but you repeatedly say it to the millionth time every time... It was the same with antibiotics if you listen to subsequent calls up to any point even this year she claims she loves them and I know she would occasionally give them their food and on top of that she asked me if the vet had typed the bacteria. Not like on the keyboard like medical terminology for more specifically determining what strain. So she was well aware they will both claim ignorance to each other's actions but then also do things to demonstrate they work in tandem including playing the same games. What are games like make your son explain how a dehumidifier in the garage you've decided the stuff he can't touch is stored in where it will be destroyed and is the ideal place to grow the mold that you paid to have out of your life you originally caused make that he explained like it's rocket science only to say okay I'll put a humidifier in there and hang up. Marlene has a master's in nursing she is a CNP at children's if she doesn't understand how humidity affects fungal growth there's a problem. It's an advanced form of gas lighting

But when telling me he harmed my rabbits AKA stopped giving the medication he himself insisted he would give in my absence I still maintained my calm he won't back up from me at that point insisting it's his house even though he's choosing to stand right looming over me while I'm trying to pet my animals and being bounced between hotels now knowing they are sick and the next thing he brings up is do you know why I'm better than you John? And that really should be all I have to say why the hell are you competing with me? especially from a position where you lie to cops to take away everything I earned I hate you Dad it would be better if you had died in 2004 I never get this time back This is as sick as it gets

For 6 months of the year before the OSP in the forced lease they had either held on to or taken one of two forms of ID either from hotel parking lot car or right before filing the OSPs they took my driver's license from the car in St cloud I believe they took my debit card once because there's a difference between the regular parking lot looters and when Paul rose through a car. Usually the glove box and stuff you can't tell Paul was in the car if I forget to lock the car, all the glove boxes on the floor the center console is on the floor and there's immediately a charge on the card that's happened once here The other time it went missing I search floor to ceiling never found it to this day not a dime spent on it. Even after filing the oil peas and two times documented by saint cloud Police they drove 45 minutes from Maple Grove to St cloud to call in two welfare checks and the other times and this is just what I know of there was probably one more day because I walked out of the apartment and spooky like maybe a minute elapsed maybe two from the time I would have been visible to someone at the gas station across the road or somewhere else in the parking lot I did a text from my Maple Grove resident father who has just successfully had an OFP passed by making sure I was absent in court I did a text asking if I'm going to get food. This is terrifying and disgusting and every sort of violation I don't want to be alive like this I did nothing to deserve this. This is making me watch everything I worked for destroyed along with how many years I can expect to live along with my mind my reputation my credit my credibility

The other thing I read is often the sentence to people who violate an OFP is one of the things that they need to be taught how to communicate effectively. I can't put it any better than this in one line

At one point right before the emergency medical hold I'm on the phone with him I think my mom was actually picked up on the extension and they're just going in circles of attack attack and if I defeat one thing or point out how could I have done that with like try to calmly answer but it's just moved to a new one and oftentimes it's teleblating lie and for a while they had a list of the same lie they would tell over and over and then move to the next one over and over or they'd switch up the order but the same set yeah I'm describing what they do with set theory but it's the point where they're kicked my anxiety because at this point it's about 3 months in to I just don't live there anymore and I think the night before I spent in a hotel parking lot in the car because my dad was making incredibly short bookings I was paying for food and gas with savings bonds my grandmother had left that's real great meanwhile I've got the liability of that web server transfer and set up and they just won't stop attacking when I forget what I had called to talk about but it's like trauma cuz I have to relive this every day because even if I don't well after OFP they came up and stole $1,000 plus of my things and police won't do anything That's a felony level of depth how would I ever escape this when my ID can be stolen my name can be signed my mail can be when police refuse to enforce any criminal violation including attempted murder but what I'm trying to get at is they managed to trip a level of anxiety attack I haven't had in a decade and I dropped the phone and I was in the car went under the seat it happened to be on speaker phone I'm saying please stop talking please stop just it's I can't it's under the seat please stop I stop I can't even hang up and hello hello hello hello hello hello hello

and at that point and then screaming stop stop it I am having an anxiety attack stop talking please so he starts to do it louder and faster

I would really like it to work to tell me that anything is more severe with me when parents who have decided they don't care about the law they care about their ego is dinged by their mistake with their house use false police reports and the police force that overall has had zero concern for me my safety my rights my property my animals so let's put it more simply hey you own nothing you're on the street no I don't care you're on the street I have a gun in a badge

 putting my parents in a position of power

But it's going to even take that between two adults even when someone is developmentally disabled

 stop means stop

But here's this court to take essentially someone being told to put the lotion on their skin and make sure they can't have it stopped because police have the ability to refuse to enforce any and everything. And the order is one-sided . I tend to assume that our lawmakers are as smart as me if not smarter. Or in general many people are and a lot are of any categories of smarter smarter so what I'm getting at is I can't see this actually helping the severe that it presents itself as designed to help. You need to know it exists you need to type up a petition you need to go to the court you need to wait for a date if it's granted what has it done to change police response time? But with no stipulations for can the accused even make court or even worse would the accuser possibly is the system set up to it at all have allowed the accuser to block the items from attending court let alone for a year and a half hold everything they own hostage by a police force that probably overstepped and I would guess figured that if I come apart or for whatever reason end up arrestable then their problem goes away but this is at what is in continues to be severe and interpretable damage to almost every area in my life and life expectancy lifetime expected income

But on the topic of more efficient or the correct way to communicate what you feel two more things come to mind at one point three days hungry during the car. Of you clean our moldy car or slightly after because then nine months in I need to better type these up separate but nine months and they didn't so much change their mind as I realized I could put together something learned in business school and St cloud State business law and I would think my argument was convincing because all of a sudden that car was scrapped But then they cut what they're giving me and holding on to my ID and give me a few of my things back covered in mold still haven't set up anything in my apartment or even been told the address to the garage where my furniture is my furniture and unknown condition still don't have a kitchen to this day anything in it other than Clyde in the freezer

Yet right before the lease started my dad's telling me he knows the storage garage is back to the ceiling at some point in between he even made a promise to have my stuff professionally cleaned but of course that promise for light on hey you while you're still cleaning the car okay if you can find a place for a reasonable price I will pay for that to be done to your stuff. And I realized what he's doing then so rather than the upset about it I realize there might be an actual smarter way to play it and I said

Can you at least state what a reasonable price is it sounds like I do all the work and then I do all the work to get a hold of you again while I'm in bad conditions that you have imposed what is the reasonable price or a range of prices? wouldn't tell me won't it tell me when it tell me my mom came on wouldn't tell me when to tell me but if I if I if I do more work if I do more effort if I do more effort then I can do more effort to get a hold of them again well meanwhile I don't really have a place to write it down

But we've already encoded reasonable price which is totally subjective and in attempt to clarify nope you just find a place I won't know till I see it was about the best I could get But what I was trying to communicate and this is so layers of trauma That's why I can't and I'm typing on the f****** phone The laptop works I don't have a table to set it on The battery is shot it would have been fried for most people because all I have is my bed right now because of the s*** growing from the car in the living room and on the folding table that is supposed to be a desk and on the chair well right before moving he said he knows the storage garage he picks is a two-person move and he will pay an associate of mine but I have to ask him the price that my dad is picked first which is 16 an hour Dad what I need his money up front he lives 3 hours away I'm sure that will be great no you have to ask him you have to ask him and this is right after my dad figured out well why just go 3 hours to not cover one topic and during this period I'm even I'm at a hotel where I have a desk and some sanity and actually at that point even Clyde's safe with me Clyde rabbit so I'd make a list but it didn't matter every tactic in the world until I'm screaming then he actually sounds happy if I start screaming But 30 minutes to 3 hours in circles to not cover one problem he has caused and stands in the way of end uses false police reports other crimes to make sure I cannot overcome but that wasn't the worst he figured out around that time hey what if I make him go 2 days to a week between actually answering?

So then when I did get a hold of him again Paul wants to negotiate 14 an hour even though Paul set 16 an hour and this is all backlight February 2019

So then when the first 11 months he won't even render the address to where my stuff is stored still to this day has most of my valuables at their house in Maple Grove there's no telling what condition the stuff in the garage is in because it's not humidity controlled nor is the one at their house. Then they'll debate that there's nothing on my stuff well yeah there is the same debate was used at the house even in 2014 they create terror

But even more to that point of might need to be retrained on how to communicate what at one point I tell him you make me feel like a slave because there are so many threat to my life actions they take abusive and even torturous probably in violation of the Geneva convention and I'm not sure that's even an exaggeration but Gandhi would have probably put an ax through their head by now heads head they both play the same sick games. But you make me feel like a slave is what I said at one time I would talk to him about you're not saying anything constructive like I even was a pure mediator in elementary school like cuz I thought that's what my dad did as a union steward God damn was I mistaken but I was 3 days hungry when I said that they were holding the one credit card that works and I think I said it here but 2006 to 2017 I never missed a payment I had near perfect credit I usually paid more than the minimum and that entire time was not a huge balance it was at the end but it shouldn't have ended other than the fact that all the sudden I'm dependent on them it's been proven their house made me sick and hey let's even shake his keys every time he turns around and hold his mail and still holding my mail give them our problems try to kill him by pushing him over railing I cannot do this anymore I cannot do this anymore I should not have to do this but when I said 3 days hungry you make me feel like a slave he says huh what was that just the last word

The other thing is I have tried literally every way to communicate. Way as in medium of and though I can't say I had the means to keep a checklist did I try this style of communication did I try this did I try that The number of times it's happened and mediums I've tried multiple ways in I don't want to have this argument I don't want to face what's probably rape of life in every way this could harm someone and then you make them or you live it from a defense I can't do this anymore

What I'm trying to get at is on my Google drive there's even an early list of what I need right now of my things of my things after the zero notice eviction and six months in hotels like I even tried Google docs and sending a link via email and via text and leaving voicemail

But they're really nasty part is through the entire first 11 months up here why haven't you found a shop yet why haven't you found a shop yet then when they give me the car they cut the budget to below any agreement well nothing has changed The only reason they got rid of the mold car 9 months into burning money and cutting when I made the $2,000 check that should have been more when I made that $2,000 check they made sure that's all I had

Will you intermittently starve someone Tell them you're not doing things you're doing I should not have to explain any of this especially if a court prefers psychological services because this is literally how your condition someone to self-destruct or trip anxiety and that's only because how do you expect someone with their bank info their signature as another adult nothing no laws zero laws criminal laws have been enforced in the protection of my ability to be an independent person. You allow that then you had starvation and it's really downhill even without Clyde in my freezer and them threatening even Bonnie's remains to extract labor and terrorize like then if I hold the OFP or rather OFPs right with 20 days left to a vacated with Clyde in the freezer. Pure terror and then a month later you're still a felony amount from my garage again when the 11 months before why haven't you found a retail space when to finish the projects that other people paid for that I won't go into it here but every thing that was agreed on between me and my dad was lived up to everything that was agreed on between me and third parties I can so I had working and a final version to ship in progress. It's literally trying to decide that after I labor on their house after I labor on agreed tasks agreed to finance which actually came first then their mold made me sick during that I still kept working then I added working on their house while I moved from St cloud to Maple Grove This is a absolute s*** because it's deciding that not only do I get my reputation and credit actual credit plus credibility f***** I lose adult friends because of it interpersonal connections and unless you're willing to determine who spent the money to enable that who are you to say it doesn't matter. Is the court or are the Maple Grove police insisting that I don't need to know anybody and that's never helped anyone? Or just rather that I'm probably the slave Paul wants me to be when he literally says he owns me and wants me to repeat the word slave if I try to communicate in a more healthy fashion

things I need back that any adult should understand are pretty essential to either basic life or


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