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Traits vs full blown npd or aspd

 I think a lot of people have experienced parents that display a lot of the traits with frequency but even that is an entirely different experience than being subjected to the full wrath of someone with the full disorder.

Parents full blown will not just occasionally put their emotions in front of a child or teens developmental needs

 they will often covertly but militant style nuke attempts to build barriers and destroy adaptive behaviors while balming their target for their actions.

 Then the nasty cycle often equals leave the target alone in the dust and slowly work back in with praise showering.

One night 2015 I got a text as office Depot was closing   it was from my dad and about how "as I do every year" he just wanted to thank me for my actions in 2004.

I neither expect or require that..the problem and nastyness was besides being sentimental back in 04... No he doesn't do it every year and it was after the mold made me sick at their house the first time and subiqent cold shoulder while hanging onto my things and things of clients during that period as well.

Parents with with either or even borderline might suddenly withdraw support that they had agreed to or choose not to finance a great opportunity or break something of yours

full blown would be make you sick with decisions made about their house was finished  when you were in elementary school. 

Act like your savior invite you back in after 8 months of bleeding. Hire a professional who in fact confirms you were right. Start gaslighting it threatening your animals threatening you destroying your property and other peoples property and trusted to you or paid for paid projects, hiding your keys disconnecting the battery on the car if you do manage to leave you come back and find stuff thrown away broken out in the rain in the snow. Eventually they change the lock drain you of all funds by 6 months in 5 hotels 1 mental ward and 3 cities. which also ensures it's hard to hold on to her form any social connections that might help you. During that period one of your animals dies. Your dad threatens the other one. Then threats are used to force where you live and then all of a sudden the mold problem comes to the car now it's 9 months so we pick where you deal with it but you're going to deal with the problem that made you sick originally that we paid to be rid of.

9 months of dangerous forced labor that you're not qualified for you tell them from the start it's a waste of your time it's dangerous it might not be doable here it's expensive it's more expensive or like burning money to do it piecemeal especially while starving me But your id is held then your id is stolen The remains of your animal are threatened and the other one ends up in the freezer

As you think this is coming to an end you're still in a junk nasty apartment and only because covid 19 created an eviction ban and surprised now they filed court cases.

I forgot about the $6,300 in IT services performed on computers I originally built for them or teaching them how to do things on it during that 8 months at their house before they illegal lock change eviction.

Pretty cool when you're the 25 year (now retired) elected vice president of your SEIU local, on the Minnesota labor council and now you can not only say you own your son but forced labor and the police will help you take everything he has ever actually earned.

During that period both parents explicitly said to me we are the same person.

My dad has such great one-liners as no one here has ever hurt you I decide what hurts you.

The devil and or the difference hides in the fine details. Like the distinction between the disorders itself.

Paul and Marlene will often play ignorent.

Infact I've labeled one of the games : beg for me to tell u how u hurt me for u to ignore it say I'm doing it to myself , say I deserve it and pretend it didn't happen the next time .

Even though I get the occasional recorded admission of things like Marlene admiring in her medical oppinion the conditions they pick are hazordus to life.

Or Paul admitting he know the place they picked is too small for all of my things

But way more often he will distract and attempt to enrage by saying ok I'm bringing all your stuff setting it outside the garage tomorrow. 

For the first 11mo he wouldn't render the address for the storage garage. He did so having acknowledged already knowing I had notice to vacate this lease.

Then starts legal battles with 20 days to be out knowing I haven't had a car for 6 days at the time they filed the OFPs 

Knowing I don't even have a printer and have Clyde rabbit in the freezer.

Then a month after they pass in my predictable if not manufactured absence Paul and or Marlene have been 45min to my apt 7 times and an 8th steal my mig welder workstation desktop and compound miter saw.

The first was bought with money his mother left me and was one of the best investments I had made. I had watched the price on mig welders in that class for about 8 years. 400 to 600 USD. I saw northern tool put this on clearance for 150. V2 was being released. As I write this v1 reconditioned goes for 350. When I saw that price my thought was if I don't end up using it or in a pinch I can double my money with it.

Well yeah..unless multiple felony level thefts go un investigate between Maple Grove and St cloud of.

I'd bet if I die of starvation it's ruled a suicide regardless of if I've been robbed naked blind and homeless. Technically according to Minnesota law police don't have to look into anything

Though section one of the 14th amendment says constitutionally speaking this shouldn't fly

As per topic I intended here though.. this is conditioning terror and attempting to make their lies into reality 

A parent with high traits might get upset when you figure out how to do a nessicary adult task on your own, Paul and Marlene will insist you never have after you demonstrate it and then steal to leave you with nothing to show.

My second day at the apt I'm currently at I woke up on the floor to Clyde (I miss you buddy) nibbing my fingers.not hard he just needed food 

I got Bonnie and Clyde in 2007 and that happened 3x total that I managed to go to bed with out refreshing their food and or water. Every time I woke up to Clyde with on my chest or nibbling my fingers lightly 😂

I miss them so much. 

I went down stairs 2nd day here and found the car had a flat. I changed the tire that day. For 2 weeks after I was told "you're stuck St the apt because you don't know how to change a tire" in reality Paul had made snow blow through the vents of a car either driven to children's or in their moldy houses attached garage for 9 years. It was like pouring nitro on a fire.

Pics from that night. I passed out right after taking this.

Paul then gaslit ever having said that. But made sure to let me know he was playing mind rape. I had said it wasn't hard but I had to download the owner's manual to find the jack point. So 9mo in when they decided to stop making me breath that mold every day. The next car was given with out title or owner's manual as well.

When Clyde died which was totally preventable had anybody respected my rights to have any of the property I worked for let alone what I needed to keep Clyde's safe let alone what I need to be safe stable efficient reliable adult in general. When Clyde died about a week after my dad's asking why is the progress on the car AKA forced labor going so slow? I said Dad can you think of any reason I'd be going slow this week

"I can probably list the hundred of your problems for them not going to HOP around all night"

I've listened to that recording a few times since to make sure I'm not hearing what I want to there was definite emphasis on hop.

Which is funny because probably 2012 my mom had a coworker whose daughter committed suicide because she lost a cat if I remember correctly. My mom made this big show and that's all it ever is about how we would hope you would never do anything like that. then she make sure I have no purpose no ability to accomplish and will commit crimes even to make sure of that after I lose Bonnie Clyde and cosmos in rapid succession.

I find it hilarious in the dark humor sense like when Marlene and Paul own you it's kind of like food not everybody gets it

I find it hilarious that kind of been counting or Minnesota would dare sentence anybody to psychological services based on hearsay accusations because it flies in the face of what would do any good or rather it flies in the face of academic psychology at all. I've never been opposed to seeking counseling. I've been unable to. Also I'm opposed to doing it by force especially when the people trying to force it are the ones causing the problem and breaking law to make sure I'm dependent while they're saying that I need it. Also Marlene and Paul when I saw counseling for PSTD after finding him almost dead in 2004 well all they wanted to know when I was by my own accord seeking counseling was why I think they messed me up so much that I would need help so it's a bit double-handed and downright pycho murder bitch cunt of Marlene to pull this stunt.

That's about as kind as I can make it. If you think that's harsh go f*** yourself with an atom bomb while chewing on nails Wash it down with hydrofluoric and take a shower in boiling sulfuric.

 if you do that twice I'll consider your opinion 

 I'll do it to myself before I'm court ordered to a counselor in these conditions.

Or there's always 2 forks 2 5 to 12v switched relays a switch and the 240v split phase dryer or air-conditioning outlet. With 5v relays any phone or battery pack for recharging them powers the relays...the forks? Unbroken skin has a resistance value of 100k ohms . Broken skin significantly lower. The nature of 240v In residential setting in the US is that one side is negative 120 the other prong is positive 120 and the potential hot to hot is 240 which is great if you are looking for the most lethal range of 0.1 to 0.2amps across the heart. 

e(electromotive force aka voltage)=i(amps) /r (ohms) 

amps = volts/ohms 240/100k doesn't do the trick on its own. I talk about safety here but the context is literally killing oneself.

I think  off the top of my head.. what is it atrial fib?

Edit: I looked it up ...not quite. though that can occur. ventricular fibrillation is actually the mode of death in electrocution. If you missed the target you might need a shock to correct the above. The more you know 🌠 though even In that case I doubt a sinus rhythm re obtained on my heart would help with the sinus problem a little bit north

But well I'm still on the topic of electrical, the board in the picture below if swapped out to high voltage MOSFETs probably would form a half decent TMS device. With a butterfly coil we might be able to play with reactivating Marlene and Paul's conscience. The logic and control side is already electrically isolated. high voltage cap bank would be necessary as well but if we were to go something like silicone carbide fet off the top of my head we might be able to use some microwave caps. Although in this iteration the trace for the gate is awfully close to what would end up being the path of the voltage and arch or perhaps induction would produce less than desirable effects. The worst would probably be some sort of oscillation. always on or like a constant short wooden theory do nothing The whole reason you pulse DC when you want voltage conversion is DC through a coil produces saturation and then you get nothing out the other side of the transformer. Or in other words you get a little bit longer than the pulse you probably intended out of your butterfly coil and then no magnetic effect.If I understand it correctly and I won't claim magnetic is something I know much about but if I understand it correctly the butterfly toil actually focuses the pul se similar to how a holbeck array functions I'm not sure if that's spelled correctly.

The device below is a capacitive discharge resistive spot's of my design and I've literally etched it on hardware I made to do vac pulldown uv lithography and a Cooper chloride etch. I taught myself the basics of circuit board cad, The required EE concepts and chopper etching over about 5 months. That period Also included fabricating the hardware to do the exposure and etch.

 lithium ion battery packs each cell is joined together by a spot welded nickel tab or in the case of Tesla automobiles the cells are joined with welded copper. Which takes significantly higher power. Tesla uses it like a fuse and copper in general lowers waste power to heat via I squared r god dammit Google transcribe.

This is Clyde asleep in a pet friendly hotel on the bed. To you that might not seem like much. You have to remember rabbits are prey animals. Pet friendly hotel equals smell of new predators everyday. I was working on a a web server a paid job across the room looked over and saw him like this. That's how much he trusted me. I could be wrong but I don't think you can earn that kind of bond and trust by any less been learning about and respecting another being especially when it's against the nature.

I don't really see this as a survivable situation as is. I'm aware I should probably take a grant and go back to school but why the hell would I take money when it's been demonstrated Marlene and Paul can literally steal anything and everything they want try to poison me try to outright kill me by pushing me over a railing why would I take any commitments or liabilitirs when I have no protection?

This is about the nastiest thing you could do to a person The most destructive thing you could do to both their body and mind. I know what coping mechanisms are I know the range of healthy to unhealthy protein mechanisms I know how they contribute to general health or what general health activities can also be coping mechanisms I know how diet influences mood emotional inhibition and lifespan in general how exercise with diet will affect risk factors for stuff like type 2 diabetes Cancer heart disease. I know that 5 f****** years without being able to get out and enjoy a day in the sun is f****** death. actually there was probably one to two days in the sun in that time. I bought a f****** bottle of vitamin D3 they stole it with the contents of the last car. Which they made sure I did not have access to beforehand and likely sabotage the engine in that car because I did the math on how many miles I would have 
Driven before I was aware that it had an oil life monitoring system and it didn't even exceed the extreme maintenance cycle. There was no light that came on there was no indication to have the oil change the engine seized in an intersection with zero warning lights on it would be two days before the oil light came on. I had added a quart while my dad was hanging up their actual answering machine at their house which is a game he hadn't played until that day. About a month to a month and a half before using the welder they stole I had managed to fry a transponder fob a transponder in the fob. Transponder is a dumb name. it's an RFID chip it's made by TI and it's got about the weakest encryption scheme there's ever been in a modern device. It also functions on about the same frequency as an inverter welder or power inverters in general which means lightly having it too close on the bench to where welding was occurring fried out the coil and or the circuitry. Without realizing it it let me drive home and come to think of it the light was probably on for security for that drive I would bet there's an amount of miles you can drive on a not recognized but actually mechanically valid key
The reason I tell this story is it stranded me the next morning when I got up and went to the gas station. For whatever reason I chose to drive to the one further from my apartment the quick trip in the middle of town and I come out get in the car car won't start security light flashes everything seems normal other than that as in the seat moves as quick as it's supposed to the chime sounds the right tone the light it's daylight but it looks as bright as it should given daylight a great example here my dad will try to poison knowledge I need or he has to be right at all expenses. He threatened to welfare check if I didn't tell him where it was so he could get it towed to have that stuff replaced I refuse I again was stranded for like 37 hours waiting for the one thing I've requested from the start and was already stranded once because I didn't have which was the spare key. Of course the moment a cab back to the gas station with the spare it starts right the hell up. Well right before the welfare check the car dies as I've described and he eventually has it towed and I had to get the police involved or he rather got them involved because all I had asked him for was the report on the repair come to find out knowing there was metal in the engine he replaces the oil replaces the battery replaces the alternator has a key made gives it back to me even though the report says needs an engine $900 while he's making sure I starve and abstracted just to look right and attempt to make it so I feel incompetent to poison knowledge I need as an adult

Well holding on to things other people paid me to doprobably about a year ago Marlene is recorded telling me oh it's been too long you don't need those back now or we can't give them back now it's been too long

They do this while preventing me from moving an inch or having any purpose after three great losses of life. But worse than that they will say any lie that fits what they want at any moment. In 2006 I did a campaign website and an office computer for Russ Lewis when he ran for district representative of Minnesota 50 b. Like 2014-2013 I was interviewing for a job in Dover in Virginia at a company called Kathy and I wanted to use him as a reference. I called him up and he was still happy with that computer at that time. Flash forward to 2019-2020 Paul and Marlene are telling me I've never worked. Or maybe I worked for some company at the mall once. Russ Lewis was one of his co-workers at the SCIU local. Paul witrick is a lyying disgusting emotionally incest treacherously damaged human being. If the law wants to be concerned with something rather than how either of supposedly equal citizens feel how about it be concerned with actual violations of criminal law? If it wants to instead sentence people to psychology shouldn't The court and/or said judicial powers have psychology degrees because picking whoever files first that this doesn't sound like it can be in line with any outcome other than the state benefiting from a private corporation having a guaranteed revenue flow.

If liability or cupablity is no longer something one can hold the state to I wonder if anyone's tried suing for false advertising. bait and switch land of the free where everyone's protected? maybe the state will just claim it's parody in a government and that's protected speech. But I mean by just not enforcing any criminal violations you can starve someone to death before that would ever be a problem.

If I die tomorrow the last woman who touched me would be my mother. When I told her fuck you for insisting I need medication for their confirmed real mold issue she took it as an excuse to vent to me about her sex life. 

On my 30th birthday my dad took my keys .weeks before he had mentioned despite going to the bar weekly or twice weekly he felt so lonely because he didn't have enough friends and felt empty 

This is during the Jan to Aug 2018 period and at that point I haven't had a social outing or more than a couple for an HR or 2 only on literally 2 years. This is during the period every time I turn around my keys are gone and or battery is disconnected on the car

 Put a key finder on and it's like burning 20 dollars because after I have to beg mom or dad for keys it's not on the key chain.

If you support this IMHO: you support incest abuse and post term coat hanger abortions.

And I'm pretty sure my dad is really f***** up on his own but I have no doubt my mom threatens to use the same falsified police reports on him or rather that tactic.

 it's almost like open systems theory or OD theory actually coined position of power. It's almost like by making public understanding only that of quid pro quo but in actuality within relationships of should be equals we'd give this massive power either explicitly in law or via biased enforcement we create hell on Earth for citizens and destruction of lives that didn't ask to be

it's almost like all this benefits is keeping the rich rich and making the poor well...

The GLBT movement and feminist adapter word sociology probably came up with called normalization or to normalize. We've normalized parents praying on their children

We've normalized a lot of behaviors associated with pathological psychology. Splitting is one of them

This PR your problems the way s*** has got to go. I'm perfectly happy and dropping it myself or my quest against it but as it stands I'm probably going to die so well everybody is someday but probably pretty soon for me if this course doesn't change. I can't control Paul and Marlene. They filed OFP restraining orders then committed felony level theft against me afterwards.

We entrust these people called police to moderate or control people when a thing called the law is violated. Or at least that was my understanding of my pathetic public school education of the matter. Maybe I'm wrong but if you're going to talk that we at all have a just society or any level of equality then when things that science can say endanger my life also happen to be acts committed by one person against another and sometimes felony level criminal violations

These are not compatible or congruent or able to coexist and conclude that we have that society

Of course if no one s**** in the woods it doesn't smell right


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