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Friday, October 16, 2020

trauma bonding

more indication that ofps that consider nothing but the accusers words and lead to police inaction for all but arresting the accused is basicly a racket.


march 2020 was when Paul and Marlene Wuethrich filed for ofps 

jan 2018 I moved back in after 8mo bleeding in previous apt. mold professionally confirmed. my mom says shes my landlord. they gaslight rather than deal with it. 16mo bleeding stop 1st week at hotel. the 8 mo at their place (ending with out anouncement/notice aug) were filled with verbal attacks for existing, hiding keys, disconnecting battery leads, screaming at me then if my voice raised the slightest call the police. yelling threats to drop me under a bridge in Minneapolis, nurse practitioners marlene wuethrich saying she will make sure im in a mental ward and or medicated for my delusions of mold. my things and property other people paid for and intrusted me to repair and or construct with found in the trash, out in rain, moldy basement... my mail held and opened demands for skilled labor i had preformed for pay for over a decade and me being the recommendations of the mold pro while trying to finish contracted work and picking up online work. also at one point my mom threatens to push me down the stairs maybe a week 2 max later shes trying to push me over the railing. 

then police allow them to 0 notice change the lock. pay no mind to a laundry list of crimes and continuing destruction of my property. for 2 years ive received indications people i worked with and or was friends with would get calls from my parents with them communicating im sick in the head. 

false promise after false promise to redirect my time. threaat after threat to force dangerous labor including threatening the remains of bonnie and the theft plus forced under threat relocation to empty apt equaled the death of clyde. ..whos still in my freezer

they held and then stole id, a bank card and or everything from a car in the last year and a half multiple times. anything to make sure my head is spinning rework priorities knowing my previously great credit is destroyed... so lets add black marks on background check with ofp now hes mal nurished 20 days to vaycate because landlord we picked didnt like cleaning mold car. 

the trauma has been emense they have systemically tried to destroy any social relations that may have offered a hand. 

all while telling me ive never done things I have demonstrated for over a decade i can and have done. they know they infantalize to the point my dad says "idk why you cant cook there we stocked the kitchen with bibs" its empty except for clyde rabbit in the freezer. 

but hey now the court and police can finish the human punching bag only now only witness adult. 


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