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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Vicious police corruption tyrannic cycle


It's been on my mind that as States your doctors more traditional government powers there's a potential problem.

The land of the free has lost the concept of a political prisoner. we've also lost the concepts of checks and balances which today usually translate to external oversight and separation of powers. This usually balances out corruption as well.

Without it whether corrupt or just desire to brush liability away we are in for a nasty combo.

 The post 9/11 terrorist world I'll let you decide which side is which or if they both are I tend to think it's an invasion of the control freaks on both but that's just my opinion. It's somewhat supported you look up the likes of trist and Emery. but the point is not whether it's predicted or not the point is we have a self-fulfilling cycle possible.

Because at the root of violence is when civility fails.

Making medical holds and commitments easier and with out objective criteria or standards of evidence (much like OFPs) should be morally abhorrent ethically non-existent.

It's probably great for cost savings. But if any of the laws Minnesota considered enough to put on the books and still have on the books like oral leases are accepted service for rent is accepted. Theft of property in Minnesota includes personal property. A landlord holding on to attendance property is criminal theft a landlord destroying it no bueno either

What I'm trying to get at is if some of these laws were followed or enforced without personal bias from less than ethical police forces ...cough Maple Grove I'm looking at you cough... Age discrimination gender discrimination family status discrimination period separation of person from all of their property forced labor under threat to it including threats to a pstd companion animal after the other one died

But not even attempted murder phrases Maple Grove well it does but the response was if we put that on record we might be liable

That's cough is odd.. must be covid..

It's like we create the death we create the mental illness then we swoop in with f***** up laws to imprison people in a different kind of prison

But it also works out nicely for people with politics that we don't find desirable all kinds of things except Justice except freedom.

Except everything they teach you America is about

they literally want to force drug you before and after they're concerned you're on drugs. Then the police ask if you're not taking your drugs period all the while ignoring someone's trying to push you over a railing to your death and slams a car door on you.

well ignoring that helping them keep and destroy 16 years of what's yours while threatening it to command labor on what's theirs

This isn't a hard problem to solve period checks and balances in today's world equal independent oversight and review boards.

It equals body cameras.

Or regardless of what happens to me the way this seems to work out is the more f***** up they are the more f***** up we are some percentage of those people end up doing really f***** up things and then they justify the police and laws being more f***** up and invasive because of it

It's literally job security if someone tortured by the police then commits an act of mass violence

And if they only kill themselves or it was less than intended... Just have the media write it off as troubled mentally ill

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