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stolen pic and other

welder purchased March 2019 stolen April 2020

my Walmart folding table pic taken recently 9mo og forced labor on mold car as predicted.. 

writing about continued contact from the seiu after recalling my last convo with the current vp.. in Puerto Rico he was talking about indoctrination with a adapted James Town reference... drinking the coolaid. the memory and my sense of humor inspired the above. 

dark humor is like food when Paul wuethrich claims to own you. 

work done remotely while at stay bridge suites 2018. I'm not sure why I ever worked when police help steal everything earned and ensure people who combined and in last 3 years have physicaly assaulted me 2x tried to outright kill me once get to continue to poision and steal from me. 

would seem to be a form of debt bondage, forced labor, etc. I keep trying to defacate hundos faster than they can steal them or teach myself to fly.. but short of thst I find the just escape rather delusional. 

Paul has verbatim said he doesn't hurt me because he defines what hurts me

Marlene and Paul have both said "we are the same person" and "I get what I want when I want" 

this is in the last 3 years. if they advertised this when they didn't hold a postion of power I would have been as far away as I can get. gas lighting and npd abuse from a postion of trust and as an only witness is not easy to deal with

some psychologist put it as kids or adult offspring either way neither wants to not have parents and despite what society says kids make excuses for abusive behavior because of this. 

hard sci as in things like active imaging of the brain shows that it's the oddity not norm that personality disorders are from birth. ie most children have functioning empathy sympathy and conscience. That same imagery I'm diagnosed sociopaths and narcissists show that the area is responsible in the brain don't light up in adults that have these conditions. 

even with a genetic component that shows something has to activate it. 

it's also known npd parents frequently create terror or dependency through sabotage and terrorize by.. exactly what my mom and dad do.. now we have all your things and a postion of power, have isolated you and sabotaged your commitments 

Marlene "I'm going to throw u in the car and leave you under a bridge downtown

Which is kind of ironic because I did actually pay attention to her before I realized how dangerous caring about her on a normal level is. Throughout my life she has repeatedly said her biggest fear was ending up poor and alone under a bridge

I believe psychology calls that projection

That doesn't really scare me; I mean it does to the level it should anyone. But in comparison to the cops refusing reports of attempted murder and assult while helping them commit felony level theft multiple times

courts with hearsay as standard for accusation and police that can straight out say if we put evidence of false reports as weapons on file we might be liable 

Absolutely nothing

we should be teaching high-school students facts like the police have 0 legal obligation to protect an indivigual citizen. instead we spend k-12 indoctrination them with officer friendly 

 Officer friendly taken directly murder you, in Most states they can take anything that's yours because it's guilty of a crime until proven innocent. Has John Oliver pointed out some of them have literally bought slushie machines for the Department with cash essentially stolen without charge or conviction to the person that belong to

Officer friendly and the medical doctor with zero ejected criteria and nothing more than hearsay can decide you're paranoid and that's a reason to detain you this was done in any outright method I think of you as a hostile takeover or an invasion

And with zero oversight or audits of their activity from external boards anybody is guilty of just about any crime. I believe it was in New York they found an officer who was writing DUIs for people that weren't at all intoxicated because he figured out it would pad his overtime by having to show up for court.

I think a lot of officers want to do good. I don't think it anytime especially now we should accept that that good enough. Time and time again we've shown without things like oversight audit checks and balances Appeals there is not Freedom there is not justice. But we take it a step further right now and as I've uncovered there's federal grants to police and states for certain numbers on certain crimes. We Know Better or at least that one time we did if you create a positive incentive to lie a large percent of the population will or at least a significant percent

We should be teaching young adults that are high school students that it's essentially okay to hold someone hostage and then if you run to the right Court they will be the abuser because Justice is first come first serve and at that point the police will be even less likely to help the victim. There is no necessity that if something looks one way it is that way but I find it very odd that we know now more hard research information on the human psyche then we have at any point in the past and yet the lies have become so opposite of what we know about human psychology and what we know about what constitutes Justice.

What I really fear is if you're trying to learn a given topic from a position with a lot of money and or power probably about 0 to 75% of the way through there is incentive or Reason two on some levels have fully accurate methodologies and results available. When there also exists private libraries private universities especially the privates knowledge bases libraries things that don't have to share public information the problem is as you approach 100% or what you think is 100% there's less and less incentive to publish any of it there's more and more incentive to corrupt further study. In other words it's a very real possibility that we just doublespeak what the scientific method ever was that we allow bad methodology to create new reports that justify absolute harm and further create a problem where the position of authority I have no idea what the hell they're talking about it's just a batch because of garbage in garbage out their education was garbage. I'm not saying this this happening that would be extremely hard to prove but there's no system setup to guard if there's every ability to do it and things along the same lines are going on right now look at Pop Culture psych's site or not even pop culture things like Psychology today HHA a corporate interest and you'll see so many times things are genetic probably genetic it's probably genetic not much you can do it's probably genetic so you should come see us for the rest of your life cluster B personality I've read quite a few articles on there where it's surprised probably genetic but if you read sources like the APA and journals they don't say that or they will stay there might be a genetic role but as far as I can determine jeans don't work like that ever as incomplex behavioral traits are rarely if ever decided by Gene alone. If push comes to shove I do know someone with a Ph.D specialty was epigenetics. What I don't know is if it would even matter because at this rate of copying of the same games that the people with the personality disorders play but official level if it's blue it don't matter if it's plaid you better say it's blue and I guess freedom is whatever they Define it as at the moment right and no they never said it wasn't nothing else the day before


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