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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Why getting my things with police escort isn't an option

The year at the forest department until OSP 6 months of that they held one of the two required forms of ID threatened everything including my rabbit's remains who was a therapy companion animal actually. several times they are recorded admitting the apartment they forced a lease under threats to my property and the remains of my animals and at first even my animal after the first one died in their care while Maple Grove Police enforced an illegal lockout with zero notice at a place my mom claimed to be my landlord and in 8 months $6,300 of services were rendered.

Why it's not an option is I had end of lease within 20 days of when they filed that ofp I had already been given notice to vacate but on top of that several times I have my parents recorded admitting the apartment they picked one is not a great place to deal with them all they force two is too small for all of my things.

I have tons of evidence that most of what they've given back has been heavily covered in mold

My doctor my primary doctor February 2018 told me to get away from the mold the 6 months between 5 hotels three cities and a mental ward the pictures show a million words worth of description for the fact that I looked myself the first few months here with the car they made sure was moldy. Snow blows through it right before the lease starts period first few months here I still look pretty normal make me deal with it starts growing on the AC as I predicted it would come into the apartment because all of the DIY blogs all of the info I could find said don't do it yourself if you can't change between work area and living space this is God f****** nasty

They stoled after the court date they made sure I couldn't make this is not something I can control

Minnesota seems to at least Maple Grove wait until the OIP criteria is met because they're allowing one person to violate felony law or two parties against one violent violate felony law they stand behind illegal Acts or in between stopping them

With no mind to the effect on life that has and then the court swoops in or suicide happens

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