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why havent you gone anywhere with your life?

  a fictional convo with a question those involved have asked:

"sorry john cant come out and play nor can he finish or deliver the work he agreed to as an adult with other adults"

"why? cause I violate laws including signing his name without legal ability steal his stuff and your stuff and the police have seemingly no desire to even stop me from killing him"

it really bugs me when people then turn and say "stop blaming other people". we are not islands and trust, advancement literally how long you live is built on achievement and connections. no love or friendship is ever ideal, the closest one is supposed to experience is with their parents. when parents violate the law and that bond this person is in a world of hurt. they basically ensure the only person i can work for is them via theft fraud and false promises.

if there is no protection under law or rather no enforcement of these laws... its pretty hard to get away from it as well. Its a bit of bait and switch that mn publishes laws that state a promise with no intent to deliver is a form of theft yet in my experience the police will help leave you on the street after a party (or two) exhausts you takes everything you ever worked for. takes things other people paid for, continues to poison you, hold your mail, threaten your animals...

this is the current mn atorney general. More relevant for his quote about we prosicute folks that steal from people than the actual topic

Minnesotas theft laws

in my experience the police have ignored mail fraud check fraud attempted murder, continued attempted murder via poisioning, threats to all of my property and continuing destruction of it. 4 years lost and health is failing credit destroyed. parties committing the thefts also having not paid 6.3k labor on computers i originally built for them but serveced upgraded and upgraded network while living at that house...

these parties then file ofps and 2 days after the court date start showing up in parking lot of apt 45 min from their house then steal another felony amount a month later. 

Maple Grove police... nope... attempted murder or anything that doesnt fit the case they are trying to build isnt even allowed on the report. 

work hard play by the rules and have maple grove mn's police force support incest till death by starvation. while police some police seem to almost taunt hoping you give them an arrest. 

officer Hanson may 22 2020 "if you've done that work in the past why can't you do that again?"

which boils down to ask a carpenter (or any skilled labor) to build houses at a rate one can support themselves with a hand saw. Officer Hanson asked this while once again standing between me and 20k of my assets still being held and destroyed. He was also ignoring my parents had stolen my drivers license. aka one of two forms of ID i would need to even apply for min wage in the US

or to put it in terms he should be able to relate to:

why dont you police the night shift naked on foot? for pay that's stolen while I ruin your credit. 

its probably a pretty effective tactic for less than ethical police. if you can ignore any and all crimes, a person either turn to crime for income or dies of starvation. Then media reports crime numbers, a person gets busted and the increase justifies the need for more police. sickens me that im part of the DV against women stats. you can browse backward in this blog, there's a call he acts like hes going to put it on a report but then at the end reiterates whats going on the report and only things already allowed are on his list. 

maple grove justice needs a tm appended and the mn civil system at least in the family branch should probably get called salem court or criminal court.. but not in the normal sense. like Jessy Pinkmons joke in breaking bad:

"why get a criminal (defense) lawyer when you can get a CRIIIMINALLL lawyer"

officer hanson must have taken criminal ethics while going for his degree. 

ive made tons of money, ive made one off pcbs from my desisign after teaching myself the EE principals teaching myself CAD then in my head designing the equipment to do UV lithography and making that too. I've stepped out of a plane never having done it before with only a parachute on my back and at age 18 i paid for 45 days backpacking europe. never have i witnessed the level of disrespect and destruction than at the hands of Rory. Do you get off on ensuring someone has nothing and rubbing it in? i was nearly 5 thousand miles from the home you keep me from when you were 13 and alone. In person ive shown you nothing but respect. Probably still will because psych eval isnt a requirement for police but in that particular officers instance none of it is deserved or earned. 

Its not hard to bully knowing you can shoot someone and get paid leave. try being bullied from 3 days hungry on the other side of that and holding my composure. i dont think you could or would. 

actual peace officers. Germany 2006. it was the world cup. yeah im 18 and holding a beer. im also on the street. (wanna fight about it? that im on the 3 days later me myself and I were at Musee D'orsay sans beer. 

heres a kiddy carnival fish pond i helped build in a town near where i belive officer hanson grew up

touring the delta repair hub at msp

nyc 2013

delta repair hub. This planes UI on the cabin controls was an excellent example of good UI design. I dont think the tour guide does it for a primary job. i say this because I got to the top of the airstairs realized i first saw dark in front of me and looking back was like 30 people on the stairs with the guide at the end. I noticed a dim glow. boarding planes you probably have noticed a screen with a video or logo displayed even if you dont recall noticing it. I didnt know it was that or what it was for sure I just saw the dim glow of perhaps a touch screen in power save mode. tapped it and before more than 3 people entered the dark plane i had the cabin lights flickering on as the blasts and start circuits did their thing on the old linear fluorescent tubes. Logical and intuitive layout plus maybe some dumb luck. the tour guide did a double take when last up the stairs he entered... like wait light? :D

i think it was an a350. 
fun fact: twin-engine planes that can fly over the oceans are what's called ETOPS rated. how long they can fly on one engine. Tour guide hadn't heard the joke about the acronym that perhaps better describes it Engines Turning Or Passengers Swimming
note the plural on the power plant. 

we also got to see the crew rest under the main cabin. apparently, its called the sin bin... if your seats a rockin... its the flight attendants under you.

ever seen a 42 inch bever in 4k? (i actually added the photos way before i wrote or had in mind what i did above lol) 
file under nsfw questions.
I was testing pcie pass through. the ubuntu os on screen is a virtual machine/guest on the server running and acting as my router/firewall. the graphics card is used to offload IP cctv from the cpu but when i first got the pass-through (attaching the hardware to the virtual server instead of underlying os) it helped to have a display plugged in to verify (plus something about starting with actual floppies and progressing to booting an os inside an os and making that previously blank second screen pop to life was cool) 

the server is running kvm. which is the heart of what amazon uses for AWS (last i checked). they do open stack which i started to deploy but realized it was a lot of extra work for not much gain in my usecase.

san Fransisco 2015 

painting a wall at a boys and girls club. 

Cosmos (named after the heavens) had just died when I etched the board above.

tv tuner card and cable card in the receiver shaped pc I built for my parents. I had built 30 for paying clients by age 22. 

old spice commercial... or riding a horse in VA.. you be the judge. 

suited up to clean a home hit by sandy (iirc)


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