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Friday, October 16, 2020

Why so devistated?

Did it take you time to learn anything about yourself? How about how you work efficiently? Special diet or anything that bothers you or makes it harder to actually spend time working? Balance that you need?

Imagine somebody could steal from you to make sure you're always starting over and any of those needs or efficiencies get set back because you have nothing to perform them with

Imagine they could threaten to do more or take things needed to even find a job let alone a job that you're qualified for. Those jobs move quick in this world especially if you're into tech 9 months just working on a car that made me sick every time I get in it under threat of losing everything period having identified it would likely spread the problem that I'm also allergic to to the living space but that's not even the tip of the iceberg I don't have a single glass in the cupboard here but I want to play it for my kitchen I do have Clyde rabbit dead in the freezer

Makeshift Walmart folding table Desk is now growing their mold the AC is growing it I don't dare keep a pad of paper for a to do list

This is someone controlling if you can mourn what you can eat if you can eat and doing so in ways that try to keep you from having any purpose or accomplishment well practically speaking things like destroying my credit stealing my ID all the while saying they own me they bought me I need control because I want control f*** you f*** the Maple Grove Police

the amount they give me is rather meaningless when they can steal anything at a moment's notice period when the police help them hold on to everything I actually earned when they're misleading me making promises or promising to give my things back every other day often entirely facetiously and while ignoring the place they force the lease on the only apartment they have ever picked up for me is too small for my things and they're covered in their mold now but I can't access one or two even when they say for a year they're not keeping me from them every time I show up invited or told that they're not keeping me they don't answer but the police come they are literally f****** killing me

Worse yet they make sure to take crucial parts while setting a Razer thin budget. Even a little extra gets rediculous when you are constantly taking stuff from cars promising to give it and other things police help keep me from. Trying to update the mental landscape of what to do next what should be has to be etc.

Before the lease they forced in St cloud started my dad acknowledge the storage garage they picked is a 2 person move. Offered to pay but onnly if I ask the if 16 an HR was alright then 2 weeks passed not allowing comunication and he wants to negotiate his own price to 14. Then again wouldn't talk for weeks. Aka make me look the flake

Worse yet wouldn't give the address till a month before this lease ended already knowing I had to be out. 

They know what they did has left me fried credit while police help the destroy 16 years of property I earned and everything given.

Every two seconds I have to reevaluate priorities if I think I have something in my possession it might disappear tomorrow and the police aren't even concerned when things needed to find work at even minimum wage are taken like the federal law requiring two forms of ID. It really shouldn't be rocket science. Search factors for maintaining or advancing an employment factors of economic mobility that sort of thing. I shouldn't have to explain like rocket science that you pick the town after moving around for 2 years then maybe you f****** screw with your car for 9 months aimlessly burning money while you destroy all my things this is going to f*** with someone's head even without Clyde in the freezer and threatening Bonnie's remains. Then the state says oh well they made it to court first and they feel threatened so nothing else f****** matters but if you answer the calls they're still allowed to make you can go to jail is this the US it seems like f****** Soviet Russia and gulags were more f****** honest

You know what feels and actually is more threatening than words forced poisoning forced labor and no ability to control one's diet. You know it's also proven to exacerbate dysfunction and mental illness as well as lead to a shorter life lacking proper nutrition

Also known to screw with emotional inhibition

Not being at all concerned about theft felony level repeatedly or even attempted murder like Maple Grove Police

but hot damn if they weren't f****** fetishizing arresting me after the civil / family Court ofps a year and a half into slave labor because they went to court and said they feel threatened this is a f****** racket

The state of Minnesota knows better.

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