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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Yet another reason to enforce theft

 Treating your gut right probably requires cooking.

Which generally requires owning things. In the form of kitchenware.

it doesn't surprise me at all having known for a long time the gut has a lot of nerve endings but here's yet another link or resource indicating that you're cognitive state and/or emotional inhibition and mood are relative to what you're eating and the health of your gut


Maple Grove Police, enforcing the zero notice lockout eviction

Have led to a year and a half at the time ofps were filed of inability to control my physical location let alone have anything without it disappearing. If you look on the right hand link bar I used to cook and eat quite well

If police refusing to enforce law repetitively with bias per party discrimination per party

Can be shown to influence somebody's ability to maintain homeostasis let alone negatively impact emotional inhibition

I would say things like OFP restraining orders based on did the other people claim they felt scared or threatened well that's f***** up enough because without considering why someone might do something the context in which something was said it's crazy on its own it's no better than the Salem witch trials on its own

But without consideration for it was a power such as the police standing in the way of this person having even what was theirs I think it's outright entrapment

And/or slavery. For the state's benefit. I've explained that extensively elsewhere.

But even that would be just a Band-Aid fixed I think the real problem is lack of accountability with an insane amount of power. I'm not saying that every word should be on edge for an officer what I am saying is this is too far in the other direction

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