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You get, I get

 Murderous cluster b gets

A 430k paid off house now minus 50x8 of moldy wall 1500 sq carpet and pad. A problem I became aware of in 2014 did not know at first what it was eventually deduced it. Was told I was crazy back then all the threats for mental ward. House was pro remediated in Nov 2018

I get 

Two dead friends named Bonnie and Clyde rabbit 

Clyde in my freezer

They have and pretend to lose Bonnie's ashes. She was addressed to me via USPS. Add to list of fedral crimes but just plain sick actions

As I was give 0 notice the lock would change Aug 2018 I don't even have their fav toy to help mourn 

My dad several times has terrorized and uses having Clyde cremated we as a means 

He will say "I told u to get it done why haven't you done it? That way he gets to come home and be with Bonnie"

Or some variation of the like.implying he will then take the ashes.

As the move to their house from St cloud was starting the owner of one of the other businesses I've done it support for since highschool died.

Since 2018 I've had people contacting me letting me know my dad called them. Told them along the lines of "John's sick in the head"which was a lie I heard very quickly as the false police reports intensified I overheard while they were talking to Paul and Marlene doing the back and forth thing. It's kind of funny I've never once seen the police leave even as I'm leaving they're all usually just standing there talking to Marlene and Paul or just Paul

I've talked to a officer and another state and everyone I can in person both Maple Grove and St cloud they get an awfully big response from police to the point where not one person has said that's entirely normal everybody thinks it's a bit odd. That's neither here nor there though it's just an observation.

I can't seem to file any report or if I can the police heavily sensor what's allowed on it.

Felony level theft happened April 2020 and when I tried to call to get basically confessions from Paul and Marlene added to the report I instead end up having an officer want to put me in a mental hold for emergency medical hold 

I've been malnourished the last 8 months of 2017 and continuing.

For the most part I've been entirely alone or getting screamed at..

I can't even get my bike back and now another summer has gone to now since I first asked period that was discussed in front of police agreed it was mine and I should have it back but Maple Grove Police see no reason to follow through on anything but trying to paint me violence apparentlyt. tryingto keep attempted murder and wo physical assaults off any reports

The mini version of this 2014 Destroyed relation with longest it support biz client.

This was a hardware project for him hauling Marlene are in possession of

All that time in Fargo didn't exactly leave a lot of friends in twin cities. This was 2014 I wanted cheese curds so I literally went and ate alone

Don't get me wrong I've had a few social outings in between but nothing near healthy.

I put my nose to the grind when I got to St cloud I never really slacked as much as they describe anyway a lot of that is a cover for what they do to me.

Calls I recorded the other day really get to the point she avoids answering it but not answering is a pretty decent answer in this case

I asked why she would take away working projects other people paid for and we're going to try to get me a job with and on top of paying whatever I asked for labor I was the one who decided not to ask for it till completion because I didn't want to leave people who had already been good to me out anything more than I had to to do the project.

I just backed my mind I know what rapist Paul and Marlene are

What's on forgivable is it's 2020 we've known full-blown narcissist since 1908 when Freud first described them.

NPD was like 1960 something but even Freud talked about how dangerous and damaging they would be as parents

Even if you go with the 1960s NPD is when it became a thing which is not true at all...That's still 60 years old as far as medical science is concerned it's not exactly new and though there are some issues with diagnosing it I think the biggest one is they usually don't open up enough for psychotherapy and they don't see the reason to take medication nor are many very effective period at least as far as I understand. Might be interesting when we get more comfortable with new techniques it might be possible to retrain conscience sympathy empathy etc. I have a problem with CDT not that I'm against it it's just I think without the therapy and the compassion from the therapist it might as well be cock and ball torture because you're just training around scar tissue that might as well still be an open wound period and that's what those people are I just cannot put that image in my mind and have any chance of surviving right now as far as the rapist described above 

Speaking of therapist the rapist 🤔🤔😏

I need my kitchen I need to be able to eat I need to be able to manage my time I need to be able to complete my obligations because I have staked my life on it I had put every friend I had and let a lot of friends go because it took all my time before that I was working two jobs and a client on t bonds my grandmother left eehe side or a job school and a client on the side

Paul and Marlene changed the lock August 2018 8 months after I move in and ever since threats to get rid of all my stuff recycle it sell it otherwise not there period same thing with the storage garage that has the bigger stuff which is probably also growing the mold . I objected to both the size of it and the fact that there was no way to deal with it once we found out it was true was around the same time that was picked doesn't matter I couldn't even get the address when after 6 months of hotels draining me dry from even savings bonds my grandmother left because I was paying for gas to look for an apartment I was paying for food I had bought a laptop even though my other one was repairable my mom for 8 months have been moving around repacking everything throwing stuff away throwing it out in the snow throwing it out in the rain throwing it in the known moldy basement while the gasoline the fact that the mold had been confirmed..

At the hotel despite only 4 months at their home it was readily apparent there was mold inside the laptop. If you read about it a little bit anything electronic the static from the electric Fields produced also the fans for ventilation cooling if they're like mold magnets so I ended up having to buy another laptop luckily I know what I'm doing there and was getting HP business class used on eBay for $200 from corporate it environment so they're scratchless but still that's $400 and I'm sitting here having had one meal a day for the last 3 days looking at a laptop I can't clean I can't sell I can't even get a proper meal there's three flagship phones here same thing need like one part and cleaning I have no organizational furniture Maple Grove and St cloud Police are going to find the body here if somebody doesn't uphold the law actually it's going to be two bodies it'll be me and Clyde I've lost probably 50 lb

When Marlene and Paul aren't threatening to get rid of my stuff unless I worked on their mold car for 9 months
And actually during the other thing was promised promise promise in between scarce contact

we told you we're not holding you things you can come down anytime. four days they won't answer and if I show up cops are there within 10 minutes meanwhile the budget wasn't set to deal with the car and eat.

then there was we'll bring that up tomorrow we'll bring that up tomorrow every other day Clyde should still be alive if not for the mold guard and police keeping me for my things the day this lease started and police appearing at the hotel the last day same day actually

Level of starvation and malnutrition I experience even without the isolation would start to cause mental breakdown as it has and is. The lack of exercise or ability to choose even to get on my bike for a minute is further malnutrition because I'm not getting vitamin d but it's also inability to clear my mind inability to choose coping mechanisms I can go for a walk then I can come lay on the bed that Clyde died on

Then Paul and Marlene can commit another felony

and I can hope trying to report it I might get threatened with an emergency medical hold this is f****** slavery

Put this on the tub for ease of picture
Blue bottle like 13 bucks white cubish bottle I 12, iodine 8, power shaver like 25

trying to get over mold dried up here for 9 months after 16 months between two places bleeding with no proper diet even though I spent from 2007 on an apartments and know how to cook very well..
With no organizational furniture period with black mold growing up the wall behind the toilet in the 5 ft wide bathroom with paint peeling from the ceiling despite the fact that I run 2 dehumidifiers and the ceiling fan has maybe been off 24 hours since moving in March 2019..

Not going to happen I'm going to be dead even without the mold issues this would be very bad for a person

Meanwhile this TV is in Paul and Marlene's living room the computer under it is one I built for them that's actually what's providing the football game . This picture was in 2014. The computer is above the surround receiver. It's got an HDMI cec adapter so the TV remote controls it through the HDMI cord . It boots off a solid state drive it can record four channels at once and still do pause. The bigger drives are in the basement it records over the network I'm not sure if that got reset before well what does it matter they didn't pay for the 6.3 k and they never paid service or parts on one of the two computers I built for them one was spare parts that I had from having built 30 computers for clients by age 22. But anyway that computer visible there's a fold-down flap on the front it's also got a Blu-ray drive pretty much as decked as a multimedia center PC can get that was back in like 2012 I built that. Moore's law hit a stall and it probably will be stalled until we figure out exotics for as cheap as silicone I'm referring to transistors of exotic materials or there's a big architecture jump I've barely been able to follow anything because I'm bleeding I'm in pain I'm starving or I'm waiting for it to repeat while Paul will insist he's giving me different amounts of money just to make me try to refactor mentally while I'm several days hungry then they don't really even compensate for the fact that there was an overdraft and then they don't put in what Paul says they put in it's create terror in every way 

Well knowing that until I have my kitchen stuff back it's going to cost ridiculous amounts and has the entire time just to eat and that's pretty much all the budget is set for which is why mouthwash bottles I've gone through this month or four iodine bottles. I actually get close to my scalp being okay and then I both starve and can't buy another bottle of iodine so then it all resets except I'm getting a little worse every time because this much starvation could kill someone 

Destroyed value of entire life so far cowards Maple Grove Police 2 there's a few of you that I really respect about a handful Rory should go back to f****** cows though


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