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Monday, November 30, 2020

how do u care for yourself?

 does it involve Personal property? mugs pans dishes? work out a atire?

a system organized so u might have the time or ability to relax? stay on track? get something done?

how about if I took all your property then stole repeatedly while your pet of over a decade was in your freezer amd police kept you from reclaiming your things?

what if I was signing your name opening your mail and didn't care on what I signed?

how about I threatened violence then tried to kill u then went to court claimed I were abusive 

with courts and police like this... I need to review my suicide method list 

Police force you to doctor for pstd they cause or contribute to

 unless someone is auditing police actions or there are some recognized human norms like personal property, real property, state recognizes oral leases and service for rent, hearsay is terrible evidence cause people lie...

Unless police are trained to know ball park how much risk of disease and death they create by acting on hearsay

especially on less they understand how they may be contributing to pstd

they shouldn't be forcing people to doctors out of house and home or away from companion animals

but hey, one mpls officer had 18 excessive force complaints in 9 years and arbitration ensured he was rehired... 

so yeah good chance of reforming an out of control force with ability to leave you unable to make civil court or ends meet right?

50 percent chance being fired doesn't stick and reprimands have to disappear after x years.. there's like at least perceived negative consiqense for misconduct right?

how often have you know perfect people? myself included never.

that's about the only time I've found that never is truthfully applied as well. 

Preventing me from enough stability to seek income or earning ways I have in the past

 https://www.paulmarwuethrich.com/2020/10/unchanged-needs-with-mal-nutrition-and.html they continue to claim any and everything justify what is excruciating devastation my life to my health to my odds of not dying on the street

Minnesota law saying parents have no possibility for the well-being of their adult children it seems to be a bit of a double standard because police will take what they say verbatim. Maybe a triple standard because in doing so they might end up enforcing something that regardless of family relation would put anybody's life at risk.

Forced Destruction with uninfoced protection

 To be able to be free of their mold this is something I am allergic to this is something capable of being toxic capable of growing 

Minnesota Gotca Law Predatory Policy and Predatory Police

 mn law as I'm finding is pretty ambiguous on a few key points, like exactly when one is emacapated. also when one must show Id. what I don't see likely is media pointing out what I've been calling it. gotca law. if someone doesn't know by what criteria they will be judged or what metric to reach there might as well not be one. it's a black box. it's a pricelist only visible behind the counter once you've already bought the service you find the real price. aka even if it's known to them u would never know if they change it on a by case basis either. I don't think this is compatible with a free people or Gov of for and by

Make Someone Sick In MN Police help force labor and steal

 then lie to police while you act like savior and take them in.

declare yourself their landlord

Accept and request and frequently demand 6.3K USD of services they have preformed professionally in the past 

person you made sick correctly identifies the problem and it's from your decisions finishing your house 17 years earlier 

start slander and false police reports

threaten abusing the med system to have them medicated. do so as a nurse practitioner 

threaten physical harm

try to kill them 

keep everything including their pets when you 0 notice change lock 

get them labeled a head case specific ly for the problem very real AS YOU PAY TO FIX YOUR HOUSE

police help bar access despite even after rent subtracted fellony amount of services stolen 

while to this day desteoying something like 43k of their property not having paid the 6m3k services 

One of their pets dies after worst possible treatment 

do every thing you can to make it look like you killed them

say you own the person and you bought them 

force a lease in a city you picked 

make sure they only have your vehicle 

if you want to own people and force labor in MN....move to maple Grove 

Buffalo Bill Makes You The Abuser MN

 Minnesota OFP and police refusing to enforce theft to assult is a bad combination.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Taser death study

 electric ly sensing a taser strike

https://www.ncjrs.gov › nijPDF

Web results

Study of Deaths Following Electro Muscular Disruption - National Criminal Justice Reference Service

still need this list.


I was talking with a cashier at menards who is looking for a laptop to do light gaming. I have two such on spare that would be ideal one is powerful dedicated graphics shitty case because Asus laptops tend to skimp somewhere of it was acer idk nice Nvidia chip and like 8th Gen i7 I also have nhp elitebook second to Third gen Core i5 or i7 I don't know what's covered in mold that if I had the money I could take off of it and sell as well because that's the one that I bought used while I was at their house and it sucked all the shit in

But this girl is beautiful she likes computers I can't even change my fucking clothes because the washing machines broke felony-level thefts forced-labor to indentured servitude  remind months  labor I perform professionally since 2004 totaling $6,300 between January 2018  and August 2018 when Maple Grove  please help them perform a zero notice lock change eviction 8 months after I moved in 

nasty fucking incest child molesting trying to murder me parentsa and predatory police force 

it's like a scam in a city, make agreements with you son he's invested has worked to fulfill them taken on 3rd party to increase roi for him and Paul and provide fall back options.. tldr he makes sure I'm all in and when his house contaminates my apt causing 8 mo of bleeding I end up further extended failing credit then Marlene decides to get physicaly abusive while they get 6.3j service never pay 

then mgod helps them take everything u had and still destroy it.

scpd won't allow confessions if sy sjwebt fellony level thefts but now 3 years malnourished isolated abused and cpted beyond my wikdwwr and no where to turn they slap me with abuser label after ensurinf I couldn't make court date.

www.paypal. me/vengeancetech if you can help

my anxiety us through the roof will to life Is still bearly there. They have acted to keep me from having any success like even insisting that I didn't change the tire when it went flat when I changed it the very day. Then they'll say they never said that.. if I had known or been able to hang on to what they are more than a move because I think they are pretty much the Dead inside I would have got a tattoo when I left second toe ever. They treat me like a human punching bag but in between they do the cycles of cold shoulder then pretend like nothing ever happened while they shower me with compliments to work back in.

Then they pretty much masturbate themselves killing me. Violating the law being physically abusive change isolate Me by disconnecting battery taking the car keys then nine months singing that car that should take in like a week 2 weeks max if I could have got a rental car probably try to push myself and done it in a week once it got warm out. They made sure I could not even have my bike all I can do is drive around in the car that I'm taking apart down to the freaking frame all the trim off the interior headliner out to try to spray the mold problem and clean that out because Paul May fucking snow blow through it and would not transfer the title but continues to threaten that he would destroy giveaway donate recycle otherwise be too fucking bitch everything of mine and at first I still had plaid alive and they were threatening funnies ashes as well technically held US postal service parcel

I need a $5,000 dental implants because I had a baby tooth that was white between two adults King and make sure that I have enough to eat fast food but can't get my stuff out of storage they waited till the Liz for the month come over to even communicate where the storage they had picked to store my bulb stuff like Furniture was. We started Paul you offering to pay an associate of mine who I had didn't know well at the time and that relationship is sabotage because of this because Paul would only only agreed to it if I text Paul price of 16 an hour was okay first then Paul needed to be something child molester Paul was and wanted to take two weeks to renegotiate 14 this person lives 3 hours away I told Paul from the start all I needed some money upfront cuz I can't have him come up here for nothing and you've been nothing but decite full

noope. then won't allow it talked about 

as summer II rolled around I knew the lewce  was going to be up and they would want me out they had already Richard the garage the apartments the only apartment at Sal and Marlene have ever picked for me I told them at the time I was signing this under having to rest because all of my stuff was threatening my rabbit Ben remaining worth noting Marlene's taking care of your sick newborns if you go to Children St Paul for delivery you really trusted nurse that kills Peron for not stroking forever changing ego and needs for her son to be less than her?

That's funny that simply giving birth to me is really all it would have taken here these laws are set up to be predatory I found sources of that and posted on this one or two postings ago. But by this all-or-nothing logic she was also teaching at the College of Saint Catherine's couldn't be bothered to learn enough PowerPoint to transfer her curriculum so where's my saved in her income then why does she get to keep everything in destroy everything and use it like a bioweapon will trying to push me over a railing slamming a car door on my leg please try to paint me as violent I've never struck either of them or push them or want anything into them I have not been physical with people what you doing the abuser label there's no way you can win this fucked up incest supporting system. The peace officer at least the nasty ones and the majority that will follow them it's literally looking for a fine and doesn't care or the rest that might be profitable and doesn't give a shitt if they exterminate families in the meantime but that's the age of spin we don't think about it that way. And it's so fucking sick slavery has just branched into so many versions

And the protections offered by things like an ofp or non-existent it's like hey it's free to call someone a witch and we're going to strip their rights and tell you you're protected. What happens to police response time? Nothing. Also the things listed are all one-sided how is that ever good they can keep stealing from me but if I go near my stuff taken when the police refuse to act repeatedly let alone allow a report or investigation but if I answer their call I can be arrested because they called me a witch and made sure I couldn't attend court which by my read would have done it anyway but the sentence that they are killing me I have not young anymore I'm still not old but this is past the age where I can fuck around and I cannot stop them from harming me we just police the power to do these things to order other people when they're more concerned about their bankroll or enforcing their sick fuck up version like I can't tell you what's going on in every officer's head but I know positions of power attract personality disorders medical field is one of them control over other people

What do you mean before covid-19 when you can accomplish anything because it will be stolen from you you will be abused even if you do two people are telling people you didn't do it well looking for an opportunity to steal it when is people have multiples of disposable income and have demonstrated they will stop you steal from you after the ofp

Marlene and soon probably the court listening to her has been insisting I'm so messed up I need a social worker will every time I turn around she steals something from me while I'm at her house she tried to push me down the stairs then pushes me repeatedly with my back to the very same railing a short while later. I lost clothes put them on the bed that in the bedroom she said was mine when she said she was my landlord I've managed to leave their house I come back and they're on the basement moldy carpet or on the garage floor things I paid for things other people pay for found in the trash out in the rain out in the snow down in the basement moved around 20 times every time I turn around

But here's the thing about a social worker if I understand correctly the dominant theory is systems theory in other words things are interconnected in other words what I've been saying about I cannot control them they are a system operating on the system that is me. If the system that was law and the system that was law enforcement would be more concerned with actual attempts to kill someone then the words said well it's demanded you put the lotion on your skin or you know property rights because Minnesota goes to Great Lengths to include personal property in property theft and felony property theft several levels of it but it's all worthless the people stealing Paul literally has wanted me to repeat the word slave when I said you make me feel like a slave and I was three days hungry because of their malice their lawlessness. Before that I had already had to endure him saying I own you two times I posted on my Facebook the admission of that I've got the recorded calls to another time he says he bought me. I need control because I want control I decide what hurts you, I can't abused you you're a 32 year old man. Where's the same person I'm not doing anything to you, no one's here has done anything for you so what fuck you recording.

 fucking sick violating twisted nothing


Dry heaving

 I think about how much they continue to destroy for no other reason that police won't enforce which seemed to double afyetbthey realized they might have screwed up. Predatory is kinda a understatement.

I think about my rabbits gone, time I could I left spend with them. Human friends gone not just gone but needlessly taken and continuing to be destroyed or used to control and force labor. 

The gove recognizes that moving peo I le around via coercion threats etc.. hard to escape from and crime.

with what happened to my friends and reliable roommates since 2007 (Bonnie and Clyde rabbit) and Marburg hemorahic the cnp predo pale making often illegal moves in malice and to either control me or them needlessly and through threats. 

Privateers vs Police

 Turns out the University of Minnesota has a few relevant things to say. It dawned on me that predatory policing might be a worth while query.



It should be a job Brainer that it could ubdermin democratic reforms. In the US some days I wonder if we think we have problems and propane down to the level only the image of justice matters.  Also relevant is percent geting the shift vs percent just comfortable enough to jot helpthose complaining 

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Minnesota Police Enslave the Populus by Forgeting Some Mental Illness makes people lie with out concience

or is forgot the wrong word?

first as for the mass cold shoulder, 

I was an only child,now witness between two dangers to life where next to rivers in Egypt the response is the void at the dark side of the moon. bit fucked to do it holding on to the ashes of one pet crimes to ensure the other has no option but storage in my freezer. not like they were pstd therapy animals. they were mainly good friends though. 

but making sure I starve is pretty poor taste/reason for anyone to be upset. poisoning me, apparently, that's not a crime unless its done to elected officials and slavery is as outlawed as police enforce it or don't. 

it dawned on me with this silent treatment. I'm glad weve learned that if you had it no where near the same or as life threatening but you found it rough...I'm glad that as a society species this advanced weve decided on might be similar we call same ugh turn shoulder till other ugh dead or meet undefined criteria that logical argument no compute to possible for success if ugh cant control dangerous illegal actions of other ugh. 
ugh do what done to other ugh..ugh free ugh technological. 
look out they said interbreading with Neandertals is an indicator covid is gonna hit you like a brick shit house.

also a few people I've talked to have outright threatened to beat someone if they did this to them, in between cretiquing how I just have to...ignoring

yeah there's a chance. this isn't the first time they did this though, they've likely done it to my moms sister her entire life as well. as in terrorize and rob. she has and apt and income . my whole life shes had stories about how she comes home and things are broken stolen or moved. my parents have demonstrated all of those behaviors in the last 3 years to me and were demanding a key to this apt. i hadent figure out this likely link yet but I'm glad I declined.  

they are the type on dangerous that will tell you how a convo went with another person. one you had with the other person that they were not present for. insisting they know better than you what you said then what the other said. 

paul and marlene and likely my cousin mark vis a vie recorded application of the same phase are full blown npd or aspd. because after this behavior they will tell you they never said that, point out its recorded sometimes so what sometimes "FUCK YOUR RECORDING"


Double Speak, NPD et all and the story of bable

 I think if cluster b traits are normalized our society falls apart much like the biblical story of the workers on the tower of bable .

language isn't so much the issue as understanding each other and no ability to unite on family or local group bonds makes us slaves to those who applied the psych (or financed its study and application to create it ) if there was evidence to suggest it was conscious effort that is. ill leave that for you to ponder. 


 for my neighbor paying more than fair for me to simply haul garbage and recycling to the outside containers

for the time I've had with friends near and far

For Cosmos even though the last 10 years of his life I did not see him much. Shortly before his death I was flying to California I have driven from St Cloud Maple Grove and my dad was to give him a ride the rest of the way because he offered. I went in knowing Cosmos was sick and found them on the upstairs couch sleeping I kneeled down put my hand by him and head by him and all the sudden a black paw comes out extended without claws out wraps around my hand and pulls it under his chest

what I'm not thankful for 

Police assisting forced labor best of what is probably equal to but estimated at least officers yearly salary of things that I ironed I work to pay for. Police ensuring they are being destroyed to this day. Police creating felony theft police aiding and embedding felony theft felony theft of services attempted murder physical assault and battery

Police dating forced labor and murder through poison or Worse leaving me disabled and disfigured

Two parents who take what I worked for. Take what anyone gives me. Take my knowledge to save their house. Take my time and deep concern back in 2004 over someone who is ultimately claiming to own me and trying to take my life. When I was 16 me and Paul beat my mom to North Memorial ER by 3 hours. I was let off work 3 hours early and over the corner of my dad's shoulder I noticed the cordless phone antenna pointed at the TV as if it were a remote. Had I not been paying attention I would probably be making $100,000 a year or more right now. The money doesn't bother me so much has knowing the things stolen prevent being able to care for myself being able you even have the chance to maybe find opportunity and people here again because I was ripped away then stuck back and I was working with the aim of getting one of two jobs in California working on a project for someone who was a manager at one of the companies involved. Not only that but he was a friend of mine so Paul in Marlene's police enforced criminal action destroy my social safety net because friendships aren't ideal the only love or friendship ideal is supposed to be from parents but parents aren't perfect either the problem is when law enforces parents who are mentally ill breaking law that endangers life we take a lot out on people who didn't ask to be alive and statistics show most people are not a mooch or a bum most people want to be doing something I can show that I was working my ass off nearly to death there's been years I did not work that hard go fuc yourself if you think that's the standard I work harder than most will know even on stuff I don't care so much about I will put myself into it. If they can take it away if anyone can take anything from you at any time you're not safe in your job you don't own anything you are 2 weeks from death. Two days if the power goes out and you don't own a gun well two days plus the two weeks you'll probably go if you starve the whole time. Which is Extreme on purpose is to highlight a point this doesn't create order. Anytime you create endangerment to life there's going to be at very least a verbal backlash if there's not you're probably going to get it in the back don't shoot the messenger here though. For how much threat to my life continues I have stuck to punching holes in sheetrock when I was sometimes cornered or the doorway blocked and being yelled at scream that I'm crazy for something an expert is already confirmed to exist well threatens that she will have me medicated for my craziness and she almost succeeded in that. And that's literally while they were paying to have what she was calling me crazy for professionally remediated from her house I ended up locked in a mental ward. Police acting on hearsay with the level of power a modern officer has today is like giving a chimpanzee a full auto machine gun on a cart to make it easy to wheel around with a barrel or hella long belt and no safety on it after teaching him how to pull the trigger. Sorry let's go with her I don't want to be sexist here

I am either way and on the verge of several ways to die early. 

I've pretty much been alone since end of 2013 start of 2014. 

300lb Gorilla: OFP Discrimination and Tool for Arresting Victims.

 we are getting pretty damn close to arresting people for talking about how other peoples actions are killing them. 

the police stand in my way of recovering or stoping the destruction of things my parents have even admitted in front of me and police are mine and have for a year and a half. 

refuse to allow a report to contain the reality its all been threatened to force labor

civil / family court has now made me arrestable and labeled abuser despite I've not laid hands on anyone involved, paul and marlene have laid hands, marlene admitted her intent was to take me out of the world mere moments after trying to push me over the railing to their basement. another time she slamed a car door on my leg and before the railing incident she had verbaly threatened to push me down said stairs

paul and marlene did everything they could to make it appear they killed my rabbit Bonnie after the 0 notice lock out 8 mo post moving in to their house. after 6.3k services demanded to requested. with out having paid a dime. 

bonnies ashes were sent to me usps. one of the still held parcils. i had bonnie rabbit since 2007 she was a pstd companign animal. so was clyde whos remains are in my freezer.

I've now been mal nurished like 3 years starved 30 days in 2019.

if I wanna talk violent about the police enabling someone who makes me feel threatened and uses violence not just words to do so

and you wanna arrest me vs have the goon squad stop doing to [people what they would likely shoot someone trying to do to them

so be it.  note how not saying what I could potentially do...would happen either way in this scenario? 

so be it, just keep killing me through protecting criminals and ignoring actual crime and criminal law. medical science as harm is defined as well...why would we need that

oh and he said so be it, must be ok right? idk is it? how many people do you do this to? at what point do you fear every bump in the night? from the level of local politician or leo vs the US pop, odds statistically speaking are that out of 320 million in the us you probably deal with people that can outwit you in a tactical sense. odds are there are people who talk that game and wont try. when it comes to racking up numbers wronged like that, its probably worth remembering that you only need to be wrong once about how safe you are /measures in your home and who someone is... I've never heard anyone mention humans have 9 lives other than the metaphor for  cats survive crazy things. 

maybe ask George Flyod how fragile life is. Dont hold your breath for a response paul and Marlene stole fellony amounts 2x since forcing me into this empty apt/flat save for clyde in the freezer and 3 now moldy walmart folding tables. I'm now blowing out black and ate kwick trip alfredo today..

medical advice in 2018 was get away from the mold. 1st week at hotels symptoms gone for the most part (visible ones, joint pain took a bit longer) right before lease starts at place they picked (apts since 07 and this in 2019 is the only one they have ever picked) coincedently they used police to pick that after labor done on computers and networks built for them and then their houses mold problem, labor that even after rent is subtracted would equal fellony theft of services... police offer then all of my personal property ever let alone since apts in 2007

you know that first week after a move? imagine everything is no where cause u haven't unpacked it yet, except now you have a sick rabbit friend and somehow snow managed to blow through the car vents right before lease started. 

"CHECK ANY CAMERA YOU WANT IDIOT ITS MY CAR" was his response when i said if you did it the hotel camera probably caught it

so then the threat becomes labor on our car while we hold even your full face respirator and do so from empty apt. or lose everything.

add water to car collecting mold spores for 9 years what do you win? police enforced poisoning of your son on labor you've made impossible while you destroy everything he has ever worked for or been given by anyone for any reason. this continues to this day and my health is on that list.  Back to the car  unknown to anyone at the time, both sunroof drains plugged. 

maple grove police support slavery and enforce threat to life. ofp just makes coverups easier and might pay federal funds

in maple grove don't make the mistake that letting someone lie to the police is a recoverable act. don't make the mistake in assuming if you get admission the police will allow it on record let alone reverse course. 

of course blocking a 911 call is against law police will probably enforce. funny aklmost like life isn't a concern let alone the concern and we never outlawed slavery. think about that last bit, how do you enforce the end of slavery? let someone take everything of another person threaten it and animals while endangering their life then keep stealing to terrorize and make problems they caused insurmountable?

how about while certain officers ignore the poison and forced labor and based on other parties lie insis you've been given enough  but don't want details as to what you earned externally or services rendered? let alone how they participate in bio terrorism. 

fake anthrax in the mail is bio terror, keeping your sons resperator with the help of police while threating an officers sallery worth of personal property after 0 notice eviction (8 mo after I moved back in which should make that illegal even with out lease but my mom claimed she was my landlord and with or with out services rendered were a fellony amount to steal. money on lease they forced and starving cause money given doesn't cover threat to life problems given and eating... not really counting.

The labor on their car should have taken a week if I work myself all the way out Max effort and the prerequisites were meant for tools and budget. Without having a kitchen well I have a kitchen but the only thing in it is my pstd service Companion Animal which apparently is just a liability or a benefit to the state if anybody can kill my friend via their illegal actions enforced by police but all it does is helping ofp case against me which you could have called me a witch at anytime anyway and spared his life and mine this is really fucking sick. But anyway that should have taken a week at Max you can't really do it without a few days of a rental car I have the pictures of what it looks like on the inside but logically even though I'm not qualified that in today for the title then came up with a budget when they wouldn't transfer the title I said hey I will sell it I will scrap it I will take whatever I can get this is dangerous this is not a good use of my time this is against doctors suggestions this is against agreements we had made but no clean our car or all your stuff goes away

I'm in about 5 months passed between when they took that and when the ofp court date was they never gave the stuff back they continued with if I go down there even after they tell me they're not keeping anything from me the police show up for sitting on public property at a place where I was evicted zero notice and they all a felony amount for services stolen but the police awarded them the ability to continue through this day to destroy everything line while threatening even the ashes of my other rabbit who the fuck came up with this shit I know I won't watch my language cuz that's what it is it's shit

If you scroll back a bit page back on this very site I believe I've already posted the recording When Marlene we tricked my mother says I deserve it all because I'm a man. When I say Minnesota has apparently legalized murder in the form of post turn + 18 year coat hanger abortions that might be more humane

That mold over nine months without the budget to eat and clean the car which I mean disassemble the car completely clean out component by component without the tools to do that even without the shelving to do that which I built up anime maid useless anyway but it's spread the mold to the apartment so I got paid $2,000 for a web server and website work for a business somebody else's business like profit I made last year. That was used on their fucking mold stuff I need a $5,000 dental implants for 1 or two I bought a air dryer like a centrifugal fan and then converted at using my compound miter saw on plexiglass to take a HVAC HEPA filter. I was in the middle of making it take a bigger one so it would be more cost-effective run longer and move more air longer and they stole the saw my MIG welder that I had bought with the last of savings bonds my grandmother had left me and my desktop computer from my garage police would rather give me a mental hold then allow confessions on a report I don't have a kitchen I don't have any of my stuff I would be homeless if not for covid-19 because cleaning that car here kicked off the landlord's it was pretty clear because I've rented since 2007 I'm not new to this it was pretty clear when you get them trying to evict the garage that the moment the lease is up there going to give you while 2 months before in Minnesota if I recall correctly off the top of my fucking had tasked with loading every little bit will someone literally keeps me without a place to write it down when alone what a for printers I paid for this is fucking cruel and unusual extrajudicial enforced by police murder

Personal Property Prevents Harm and Police actions to deprive one of it are sick

 Easiest way to make this argument is PPE. If you own PPE and need it you usually know when you need it or when it's beneficial for you to wear it I'm not having it usually poses a risk in those conditions

A note about my posts& how abuse can look like mental illness

 believe it not every time I've taken a course on my native language I've managed an A or a B (actually i only recall back to start of high school. I can make it a bit more confusing if I add sr year I was in a course that was ap English and ap social studies combined.)

Asked Taken Given

 This might not apply to the majority. that said the moment we start restricting rights justice to a narrow mold its basically bushes no child left behind as no one ever allowed socioeconomic mobility. Which is kinda what the reality is in the midwest. I've seen the east coast I've seen the west coast and someone else from mn actually connected the dots for me: Minnesota is full probably the most bitter people that you could imagine (on average/exceptions exist)

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

OFP Law harms

 I think the most unrecognized erosions are standards of justice, owning anythign/personal property rights, the potential harm from lack of personal property( in a medical context like increased risk for things like type 2 diabities to stroke), the chaos of anyone is 4 days from a court case if you are related to anyone or have ever lived with anyone.


I had 0 record indicating any likely hood to harm anyone  before moving in with the dad that claims to own me and the mom that said she wants to make me suffer 

Monday, November 23, 2020

remove all reference to Paul and Marlene

 I need the list


here met imedieatly for my health security and sanity.

 the money is negotiable but I do not deserve to be stuck in this empty box poisioned intentionaly terrified stolen from starved and stalked after labor preformed for profit in the past  accepted to requested sometimes demanded in the 8 months at their house but not paid for or considered by police while ordering me away from public property (outside their house) beinging 8 mo after I moved back in 

also aparently of no concern is my mom telling me on moving in "I'm your landlord now". 

decide on tenancy or not from a court perspective I think there's an ethical issue of why does responsibility for one's words only fall on the bottom of the pecking order? how do you get near middle if anyone can take anything and everything from you and police refuse to take or heavily  censor what is allowed on a report? police once maybe 2x over my stuff in general have heard a mission it is infact mine. specificly over my bike an additional 2 seperate times. 

if police acting to prevent department liability for misconduct or even just on personal/cultural personal bias are refusing reports how accurate are statistics based on reports? 

if my experiance in maple Grove Minnesota with maple Grove police is to be extrapolated state wide (one data point a set doesn't make) but police refuse to allow anything about paul and Marlenes physical violence against me on reports or confessions that they use false reports as weapons. but basicly id say if this is at all the norm I heavily question studies on gender bias based on police report data. what went down as me Geting agressive and shoving her never happened. she did how ever try to push me over a railing and told me she believes she has a right to take my life while doing so. around 2 weeks prior had threatened to push me down the same set of stairs. 

there's a related topic: filicide. parents murdering their minor offspring. it's estimated that it happens way more often then it gets recorded as such. 

I think all hope is lost if we keep allowing ourselves to try to bend reality to fit cultural delusions while pointing to statistics equaly warped by cultural delusion manifested in police deciding what's on a report and or investigated. 

but then there's also the likely hood that ovw grants factor in to some arrests. in other words some arrests when a woman claims /alleges something against a man might pay. the pd or locality. 

so cultural assumption might be as much a cover story as what warps reports 

I'm not saying it happens for sure or when it happens but the programs exist office of violence against women grants is all one needs to search. 

worse yet violence is likely a cycle something we learn watching our parents as children and or having our needs met or otherwise plays roles. I'm not talking wants. I'm saying a child given attention support and nutrition is 1 less likely to demand the want of an iPad 2 less likely to hit anyone steal anything etc but I digress 

as does law. twoards something that makes mediocracy look like a choice alternative ("if you have the means I highly recommend it") 

maple Grove police allow destruction of evidence

 this is more an issue with the system as far as I can see it. I get the impression family court does end runs on criminal justice standards but how it plays with possible behavior from the police seems not to have been considered

I got 4 days notice 6 days after the car broke down that I had a summonce to an ofp hearing an hr and a half by car. a year and a half of forced relocation while maple Grove police kept me from a residence I moved into 8 mo before that period. my mom had declared herself my landlord and in those 8 mo 6.3k of services at market rate were rendered. that's just in skilled services I've preformed in the past for oay/professionally.  the room I rented at max should have been 150 a month.

mn it's suposed to be illegal for a landlord to hold tenants pwrsonal property let alone continue destroying it to this day

but the ofp claims dated back to when I moved in(Jan 2018) Aug 2018 I left for an agreed two weeks max at a hotel because I had sensitive / concentration requiring work and my mom couldn't seem to stop attacking me if I left that room. she had a surgery and I figured that would not aid her recovery. instead they changed the lock a week and a half or so in.

ever since I've heard things like "you don't live here any more you cant file theft you gave them your things moving out"

And then about four times in between they have cleaned out the contents of a car either from the hotel lot or stolen select things from me than the forced lease apartment lot. Right before filing for the ofp they stole a felony amount including my driver's license if I had needed that to get into court I would not have been able to I'm not sure because the not being able to drive their thing. A broke down car which thing which Marlene and Paul were aware of at the time they filed in Hennepin kind of took precedence. Or the mathmatic way would be the most significant issue.

But the point is having all the sudden been cut off even with nothing else after that from where I was for 8 months that blocks access to it allows destruction of everything mine let alone doctor's records other official records and even really any personal witnesses that could help me because proceeding that I lived in St Cloud. We had a cat named Cosmo since 2001 when I was in like 8th grade. He got sick in 2017 I'm going out to meet because I had a massive concussion worked my butt off and forgot their house had a massive mold problem. I managed to transfer that visiting Cosmos in 2017 but 8 months bleeding in hell trying to figure out what the hell hit me end up losing that lease that I was in and as I moved back to my parents it's confirmed their house has a mold problem. I was working my butt off on third-party contracts and repair jobs that my dad had agreed to finance the repair operation and I stuck my nose out on the line with third-party agreement this did not lend itself to a lot of time to socialize. Then I end up 65 miles away in Maple Grove then eight months into that which involve P disappearing every time I turned around car battery disconnected my stuff thrown away other people's stuff thrown away out in the rain out in the snow in The Moldy basement carpet will they denied the mold . None of this was conducive to having any sort of social network or personal Witnesses. The move the physical distance change is enough alone but then 8 months in there were six months of three hotels in Maple Grove I'm short bookings two hotels in Rogers because of exaggerated or false contact or falsified report entirely I end up also visiting 1 hospital and 1 inpatient mental ward despite a previously clean mental health record likely illegally executed. That's in six months and then I get threats to me and my remaining animal unless I sign this lease they pick back in St Cloud it's still a mostly empty apartment without the basics to this day and 9 months of for labor on the car they made sure was moldy would not transfer the title to will they hold on to what my best estimate right now is about 20 grand things paid for in cash 23 Grand things paid for in my credit and Destroy them the point is though that not really conducive to being able to defend myself on short notice but for that entire. There would be times that Paul and Marlene would tell me we're not keeping anything from you come down and get it I show up no one answers the phone eventually I learned sit on the street don't even step foot on their property but 10 to 15 minutes later the Maple Grove Police are there and order me to leave public property 4 year and a half before the ofp s

This is absolute sickness but generalized I know the standards of evidence aren't the same except for the fact that if the police are going to do this then that is not nowhere near enough notice to allow someone even well-off to prepare. This is the police handing them the keys 2 destroy anything necessary well they get to set the claims so they know if I have the proof or not or if they took what I need to fight their claims they've also commanded my time under threat to destroy all of my property and threats to what was it first to living rabbits that were my pets since 2007

it's gota be bad when I'm linking the huff post


actually it's rarely that site is totally wrong just a lot of things gendered or one sided that probably shouldnt be. the spin is over baring

what they label upside down I used to identify as backwards. ie the way emotional support flows. which may be wishful thinking because it somewhat assumes the concern is there on the part of the side receiving but that they just arnt aware how

What's absolutely psychotic but becoming the trend is ignoring all logic and reason and blaming a person/adult offspring for dependency against 

  • anything agreed on between the two parties
  • any ability to show work and or sucess was made to that end
  • known tenancy for npd parents to sabotage and the more covert and high functioning the later in the effort and harder to identify this will be
  • laws on the books or taught in college law classes. Police in my experiance give 0 fucks but will often take the side of the parent assuming what they say is verbatim. some officers are way more level headed and intelegrnt than this but the trend I observe is the department and over all actions are twoards those who arnt. 
  • financial realities and how they apply to legal realities. ie someone is signing your name on at least one check I know of but let's say financial docs and contracts opening one's mail to do so.. yet the police ask why can't you manage your finances? not wanting to hear I got a credit card at 18 and untill the mold terror started never missed a min payment 12 years of good credit poof. at this point my mom had already threatened to push me down the stairs and then falsely reported me as shoving her when a few weeks later she tries to push me over the railing. am i suposed to take with physical force what she legaly shouldn't be touching or call and have the police deny a report? damned if.. just damned
"Parentified children may feel flattered to be given adult responsibilities and honored to play the role of “special helper.” It may feel as though they are getting attention from their parent, which they can’t get any other way. But parentification is an extreme violation of boundaries, and the parentified child is being used at her own expense to meet the needs of the person whose job it is to meet hers. As they mature, parentified children are likely to struggle with healthy boundaries, fall into caretaking roles, and believe they can only “earn” love and approval by “working” for it."

I realized a while back and said along the lines of" it feels like I could solve world hunger and the same day you would be reading me a list of what I need to improve or what's wrong with me"

also during the Jan 2018 to Aug 2018 while my keys are being hidden even on my birthday while my dad who had a long list of social events and sat on my couch talking about how extravagant they were when I was working till I dropped.. now complained he's lonely because he doesn't have enough friends ( I could count social outings of the last 3 years on one hand) meanwhile my mom yells I'm delusion for their now professionally confirmed mold problem and my responce of "fuck you" is taken as her excuse to want me to empathize over her complaints about her sex life.

and as for strict boundary violations or nuking from orbit both will try to rewrite events in my life they wernt present for. like my mom insisting she knows what I said to my rabbits vet and what the vet told me. problem is she was 45min away and AFAIK has never met the vet. if she with out telling me had contacted her by phone then at best she had a recollection from memory but she didn't adress or admit to this she just insisted on her version of events in my life.

she also talks to her self and answers herself with pronouns indicating more than one person might be present upstairs and 10 min later will insist I'm delusional and need medication.

more disturbing is the police allowing them seeming impunity to law and even refusing reports heavily censoring the contents they will take.

and the fact they have legal gaurdianship/costodialship of my aunt is the extra extra epitmy of slave society.

they demonstrate some awareness they get the concepts or when Its on thm/reversed boundaries matter.

humans you terrorized and violated to/through disfunction, gota catch em all..
(I've discussed elsewhere why I'm relatively sure many of my aunts stories of theft and vandilism in her apt were actualy caused by my parents) it's also interesting that shortly after the illegal lock chance 0 notice seize my property eviction... all the sudden I'm getting yelled at because aparenrly that aunt is getting harassing calls from me. issue is 1 I don't have her number. 2 what motive would I have for that 3) even if I didn't care for my aunts health and happyness, (I do but kinda limited in ability to do more than listen to her stories at family holidays) there's the fact she has significant savings. ie I was in her will. I'd guess it was someone my mom put up to it or my cousin Mark. possibly cousin Katie's husband.

weird I don't recall that being the way the pokeymon slogan went

what's somewhat unique to unless studied is in an only possibly between two full blown npd parents. there is a golden and demon dichotomy that is usually discussed but that's hard to classic ly apply with one offspring.

both parents verbatim have told me "were the same person"

what I notice most frequently is if I'm an extension of them ( in their heads) it's a projection of what they hate most about themselves and each other.

Here's more from the huff post article

Common Idealizing Tactics

  • flattery
  • excessive attention
  • exaggerated praise
  • bragging to others
  • seduction
  • sexualization
  • projection

Common Devaluing Tactics

mn law and its enforcement or lack there of does some of this as well.. a promise with no intent to fulfill is a crime but it also describes likelyhood state enforces it 

disturbing trend. adult and maturity as defined by many

 is nothing but income. you can be a danger to all those around you, throughly mental Ill but do quite well financially.

I'd argue that anyone who defines income as maturity and adulthood is that danger and or mentaly ill. though I admit the test may produce false positives

there's also a ton of people I used to know who have since become parents. some insist shortly after doing so that all the sudden they know what a Bratt they were because parenting is hard, you wouldn't know until/unless you become one.

I think the more likely thing going on here is as a child or teen some punishment was diserved but a lot was more from mom or dad having a bad day and taking it out on their children. this creates cognative disonence. which is a state our brains do not prefer to be in. aka the what did I deserve vs what was insane or abusive (sevarity dependent and or assumed). the worse off they were there the more likely they were thrust into the world and worked min wage bearly making ends meet and not having time to think through or seek help in doing so.

the shard of ego remaining all the sudden has a child and the npd carateristics of things like not handling critisim or likely to want to accept mistakes were their fault.. 

manafests in disonence collapsed rather Than resolved and primes the cycle for repeat

if public oppinion continues to drift this way I fear it leads to quite a few things but a biggie is abuse of children and or total normalization of blaming children for things they did not and or could not decide 

psych made accessible for citizen average or as my mom would call it "the layman" (if this word traditionally required a PhD as a differentiation she would herself be included( only holding a masters) . not sure but that just occurred to me it might lol)

tends to put the onus on genetics which is great for selling a service, terrible in regards to preventing cycles of violence and personality disorders. 

I need to renew my amateur radio liscense and Minnesota human trafficing

 I don't have a space to even write or my printer

 I don't even have my desktop computer and the laptop battery is shot. which wouldn't be so bad except the power jack is lose as well. lay in bed and turn it on every time I move and power is lost

then between maple Grove police trying to like my parents label me abusive or violent and alternating with incompetent I might aa well kill myself

The plight of an individual and Canary abuse

 it seems the push is twoards only abusive Behavior towards groups is a problem or worth getting upset about.

delusional doctors real profits real infestations

 the delusion here is of any adherence to medical ethics in certain individuals with phds. not saying it's all of them. with lack of real or even perceived consequences for acting unethical ly a certian percentage of people will do so. add rx kickbacks aka financial incentive to do so and that percentage increases. you fill in the percents I'm just discussing long known truths of the human condition.

I was given a diagnosis for delusions of mold and bugs. despite having not a mark on me no complaints. Dr wanted the story so I told him. about 16mo of bleeding ended 1 week into staying at a hotel. 3mo into lock change 0 notice eviction from house I had moved into 8mo prior.. is when I'm forced Infront of said doc. 

I told him I have an email wirh the mold Pro and docs from the extermination on my gamil on my phone 

phone was maybe 100yards away in personal effects locker taken as sop.

patients arnt allowed phones on the ward. 

you sir shouldn't be allowed a medical liscense. 

we as citizens shouldn't allow this, it's an end run on probable cause and seperation of powers. also for what all intents and purposes is a jailer also becomes a jailer who may get a bonus for drugging the citizen detained. 

Keep in mind all it takes is hearsay. There's no appeal process and there's no requirements to even view evidence

There's something called Matchbox syndrome it goes by a few other names these days I was aware of that going in there. It's why I explicitly decided to communicate relevant experts testimony existed basically if you tell them you have samples you're nuts. mb9i syndrome got its name because before Ziploc bags were readily available or invented at all people would put what they thought was infesting them in a matchbox to bring it in to a Dr. 

Sunday, November 22, 2020

stolen vacuums lost friends


had I not been made to clean Malice and Pauls car Clyde wouldn't have died. except with no regard for the 0 notice eviction Aug 2018 where parents kept  at first my things and Bonnie and Clyde  then Bonnie died.. they still destroy most of my things and I don't have basics in this tourcher cell. 

They have stolen some things April 2020 and may 2020 to make sure it's more isolated alone unproductive unorganizeable 
Clyde would die everyday here. There are certain things needed to keep rabbits safe. I miss you so much Clyde the way your eyes lit up, how u always listened. even if I wasn't talking to you. it never failed if was talking you had an ear in my direction.  how we could play tag, or in a wide open area like parents basement how eventually you would just sit down and let Me catch you. Bonnie you were so sweet I'm always yours (usualy if they were in cages I'd bring greens or food.. anything and Bonnies rubbing her chin on my finger (rabbit for mine)) you were also great at reminding Mr to take a break. I wish you had got to dig more. I should have made that way earlier. 

you guys arnt missing anything. I just killed the 5th and 6th fungus gnatt attacking my face and flicked it onto the floor. 

Saturday, November 21, 2020

you take what isn't yours and break what u can not fix

I don't know why I worked at all. I really need sunlight socialization and control of my things 

instead I get infestation with Paul and Marlenes mold, persistent wonder when I will be on the street because lease they forced 45min away was up as they filed ofps after year and a half of trafficing like conditions forced labor and I still have Clyde jn the freezer 

probably worth noting more than once the reality of both the things held being mine has been acknowledged Infront of mgpd and that they are being destroyed 


vengeance tech. biz could easily make 30 a month without any effort other than projects I would do normally even if I wasn't previously doing stuff full time but as that's all in line with what I want to do if I go back to school or mainly what I want to do is finish my commitments to people with $100,000 a year jobs that were trying to help me out things that their company paid for things I had working. Maple Grove Police decided bedtime hearsay lies the first person and I believe by parents probably told them I've never worked a day in my life because that's what they started telling me at the time which I've explained and other articles is so much bullshit but I can't do this anymore but I do not control Marlene and Paul Society functioning is somewhat dependent on the people that we best that power in not creating situations that wrist life forced labor and poison someone because the one else wanted to steal 16 years of income

 It just dawned on me. If you want to see evidence that black people are no more inherently violent than white people Martin Luther King and...