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Sunday, November 15, 2020

A better description narcissists game

 My dad and my mom with her own version I've been playing this game where no 

communication is honored in other words my dad will pretend he doesn't even know what a text message is to avoid actually discussing anything and he has several versions of that as in I don't know is that an email is that on the computer, I don't know why I don't get yours, oh I must have you blocked let me hang up and, or let me see if I got yours I'll call you back, of course there's no call back recently he expanded the game two I think I heard you say something on a voicemail which is problems he created by theft and then theft again over the past 2 years and I have even made a list on this website I have emailed it I have texted it I have left several voicemails some of this still poses threat to my life but he extends his mind fuck game to don't even know how this idea got in my head if I might have heard you say it on a voicemail but then he doesn't address it anyway. Every time for the past two years that I've called their house and she answers I have set one my name is John what I was wish to be called, too I don't want to talk to you Mom you have caller ID you know who's calling but every time hello and then she'll go through the it's because you're stick John and I love you but really she's caused the problems. Sometimes she will admit to that though they do their damnedest not to allow that to happen in conversation. More recently it's why do I have to start over every time you want to steal from me lie to people I know and cause me harm did over it has been the response if any. But that's not something I can get over because even 45 minutes away they've come up to steal from me. The point of this post is I think I'll call this game no communication acknowledged it's an advanced form of gaslighting but when they can break the law with impunity it shouldn't be hard yard you it starts to threaten light security and privacy

Meanwhile the same police who forced an emergency medical hold possibly legally or as I put it up ducted me for 3 days with hearsay as evidence for stated reason of paranoid and suicidal threats to father stand between me and haven't even the basics 4 adult life in the cell or apartment my parents forced the least after draining me of all possibility of having the funds to escape. I'm in an empty apartment with my I'm in an empty apartment with my friend my pet my therapy Companion Animal over a decade in the freezer well they threaten the remains of my other friends and Pat. She's technically I held USPS parcel. But please tell me everything including the theft of $6,300 minimum of services at Market average and between cash and credit pot things that I worked for both the credit I work for and the cash I work for about 43 thousand dollars a personal property is being not only held and threatened but destroyed and please tell me this nearly $50,000 loss is a civil matter. That's not it though my parents have come up and stolen a felony amount more than once and trying to get confession of that added to the police report I filed or and led to believe was filed after I called in an officer showed up I'm threatened with another emergency medical hold by the police to prevent addition to the police report

When I move back into my parents at 8 months they changed the lock with no notice when I moved back then I was told by my mom she is my landlord the services were not just requested they were often demanded as in drop everything you're doing I need this now. These are Services I performed since 2004 professionally. I found the city of Plymouth estimates or a square foot of residential rental the dollar 32 per month. $6,300 of services over 8 months renting a room that would have been estimate 150 a month for 10 x 10 with some margin added. Minnesota recognizes releases and service for rent. For landlord to keep personal property is supposed to be a criminal offense recording the Maple Grove Police everything is Sybil except it's the most uncivil threat to my life I have ever gone through

Call Marlene threaten all of my personal property help to extract labor on theirs for 9 months of this lease

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