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Thursday, November 26, 2020

A note about my posts& how abuse can look like mental illness

 believe it not every time I've taken a course on my native language I've managed an A or a B (actually i only recall back to start of high school. I can make it a bit more confusing if I add sr year I was in a course that was ap English and ap social studies combined.)

I think there were 2 English courses at ndsu, I know one had a required reading of fight club. hard to forget when the tyler durden built young professor is basically pulling a silent gag the entire semester by dressing like the main character. maybe just my interpretation or happenstance but memorable and funny if that was intended. 

sr high sr year english was probably most revealing of how I suffer academically under stress. writing papers while my dad was in the hospital and graduation (or lack there of) neared I was all the sudden having issues with point of view/perspective jumps in my writing. 

Im not bothering to look for most of my mistakes and most of this blog is typed from my phone. This post is a notable exception. 

The other thing I recall from writing papers and doing so under stress or just normal life. My first drafts are usually all over the place. then when someone isn't calling me human property and using lies to police to destroy all my actual property, have immunity to steal repeatedly (maybe that's union related as well)...i digress, with proper break time nutrition and or rest I come back and organize ideas into better paragraphs and usually what I turned in for a final got an A. I do the AP credits for that class sr year of hs.. but it was that level and maplegrove wasn't known to let slackers slide in general. except the state and the city police seem to be on a path to create slackers and take lives anything inbetween

I figured the point these two intersect is pointing out that what you could probably even sell the public is writing that indicates mental illness is as well explained by extream stress and mal nutrition. 

infact skitzophrena and pstd appear pretty easy to mistake or diagnose by dsm criteria and dr accounts. with kickbacks and dependency on forced hold considerations in mind... 

we are hurting people under the guise of helping them. we need to revise this system. Its ripe for abuse by the professionals tasked to help, and by citizens who abuse to get violent but as a means to further punish the other party. possibly by the state for multiple reasons, extending the context to include ofp... the no statue of limitations and free to file but yet it does nothing to police response times. hmmm

then law makers.... read that again try to tell you it works because it makes people think twice. 

know what else does? premeditated being a more sevear act. then there's pesky standards of evidence and stuff though right?

i think there's another and or deeper issue here aswell. i cant flush it out at the moment in its entirety but it has to do with the interaction between systems, corp or state run mental health services and law

it seems at the moment the state wants to use these corps as jails but call it treatment or helping evaluate or diagnose and treat an illness. 

yet in my experience this and other civil maters with their corresponding lack of standards in evidence and apparently increasing ability to harm... civil maters are getting the preference by police who also tell you everything that is potentially criminal is probably just a civil issue. 

meanwhile most things a mental health care professional will cover other than meds consist of places and or personal property one likely can be bared access to or would be insane to work for if police participate in taking it away or someone else keeping it. 

perhaps by that logic we've derived its about drugging people? i wouldn't claim its an only purpose but as I keep saying, logic behind "just get away from them" when they have nearly 100k a year income even with one in retirement and repeatedly steal fellony amounts while starving me...

unless I can learn to shit hundred dollar bills faster than they maybe stolen this is pointless. 

unless because I assume either union or sloth... nothing changes on the end of the group we grant the power to do anything from say "hey nock it off" to an arest..ie control the actions of others. 

here's another thing sci knows now or could back as an argument:

observe a person communicating upset to angrey. you've already made an assumption and or ruled out scared and or in pain. if you go to step in between two parties and want to make a snap judgement as a lot of biastanders will, you are out of line. but what you have to realize from a position where this power is legal and granted is that person angry.. well life threatened and anger are appropriate together. on top of that someones inability to construct exactly why in a manner you can understand in the heat of the moment. even stranger with a badge you are exparte to what ever was happening and if you don't realize very basic principals about their heart racing, sweating... 

if you do realize that 50% of the time there's something arrestable there whether or not it was causal or related to the issue. if some of those arrests pay fed funds or seized assets sellable. 

yarr matie ye be a pirate and maybe we can stick with the preferred Orwellian title du jour but the appropriate spelling becomes piece officer. kinda like how at any store the register is a Point Of Sale system. 

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