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Saturday, November 7, 2020

addition to st cloud work history

 I applied for a it postion at speedy delivery summer of 2015 I made second interview and seemed to have impressed them untill the topic of would I be willing to cut my hair.

I explained that I was intending on Donati g it to locks of love and almost at the requisent length. I would rather not.. 

they reiterated that they have a policy requiring males to have basicly crew cuts or short hair and when I called a few days later they told me they decided I wasn't a good fit.

I was doing locks of love because my aunt ha died of cancer. the only reason I hesitated was it was like a month from being the correct length nasty is my parents try to outright kill me or send me into a tailspin I don't have a job right now I am 640 two years now almost lost three or four the last apartments at 8 months suffering there butt up here nothing is certain at the moment where I live is up in the air because the lease ended the same month they filed the ofp is but Corona virus eviction ban kept me from having to move out now I think the federal one is doing that. I've never had so many problems with the landlord. It's also the only place I didn't pick. The next closest to problems with the landlord would be the eight months at the last place when I track their mold back to my apartment I'm going crazy I have not had a life for like 3 or 4 years now I don't even have a place to sit down and organize anything on I have their fucking mole not my stuff not my life not my health not my effort

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