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 This might not apply to the majority. that said the moment we start restricting rights justice to a narrow mold its basically bushes no child left behind as no one ever allowed socioeconomic mobility. Which is kinda what the reality is in the midwest. I've seen the east coast I've seen the west coast and someone else from mn actually connected the dots for me: Minnesota is full probably the most bitter people that you could imagine (on average/exceptions exist)

I was thinking about what SCSU said about when the obligation to pay exists. the professor really liked made up or sometimes real stories. 

granny walks to a personal protection agency a few blocks away to inquire about services. shes been noticing murderapolis is living up to its name (my addition) and thought a bodyguard might be prudent. Especially after noting city console hires private guards. So granny and the owner end up meeting and after a lengthy meeting, no agreement is made but noticing its dark the owner offers granny a walk home. 

granny accepts, 2 weeks later finds an invoice in the mail.

yeah she was obligated to pay it. a walk home from a body guard is what a body guard does. services they are known to provide professionally. Keep this in mind when looking for a legal advice. from what I hear its somewhat common they do provide assessment and initial consult without surprise, but its worth checking because they know the ins and outs here better than me or anyone reading this who hasn't past the bar. maybe jayz knows enough they wont illegally charge his shit (original lyric: I ain't past the bar but I know a lill bit enough you wont illegally search my shit")

another example you might find surprising was. something like:

Slippin Jimmy had been hearing the neighbor Paul go on at length about the benefits and cost of the slate roof he was about to have installed. On the day this became reality Jimmy Woke up to find the roofer had mistaken his house for Paul's. Jimmy Slipped pretty hard because if its found out/admitted to he was aware of it and or home and let it continue, the service aspect is now something he's on the hook for if I recall correctly. the material would be figured at the value of old roof - materials for a slate roof. its safe to say jimmy is going to owe quite a bit on that part as well

if he wasn't home/observed at home it still might have been a bit of a deal. but if jimmy hears paul go on about the solid core doors in his moldy house with a slate roof, jimmy might end up with a pretty big bill he wasn't expecting and didn't want. On the plus side pauls master bath has a large skylight so if jimmy was so inclined to pull another Chicago sunroof slightly adapted but in the good faith effort to put like with like. ... coping mechanisms are aplenty.

hopefully amc wont mind I borrowed someone.i hope its uh... all good man? classify it as a fan fiction? except Paul really was bragging about his solid wood doors in his home. To the hired mold inspector whom he was referring to by the wrong name while ignoring the issues being found. this is how 2017ended/2018 started for me 

When almost half a decade earlier I had meant to live there for a month and they end up telling me I'm too crazy to leave for like 6... I wasn't bs ing or grasping at straws when I concluded there was a mold issue. There was a smell I had only smelled during the volunteering act in NY (picture bellow) cleaning a house hit by (I think sandy but there's been a massive concussion and non stop work only to have everything I ever worked for still being destroyed with my health and with the help of maple grove and st cloud police) 

But that was all just lead in really. point I want to get at is people assuming my parents owe me nothing. Officer hanson while not allowing even attemed murder or assault on a report has severely times adimently insisted that and "they give you enough " they wont allow the two fellony level thefts before and right after the ofps after a year and a half human traficing forced hasordus labor but logical point to make here... they aren't giving me enough to eat and deal with the mold problem they paid to get rid of for them. they are sitting on 16 years of things I've earned via working and destroying them. what they have given back has been like a bio weapon. then there's the thefts to make sure I cant deal with it. 

but if you state (big number is enough) or they don't owe you anything... also know I didn't chose this apt, and maybe this is rocket science for officer mmmbop but debits could be represented as thefts and credits as dollar amount.  if you would worry about sanctity of life or not enforcing human traficing and destruction of a year of your sallery because you back abusive gaslighting parents against code of conduct and against my safety...meh

the other point is even the biggest number they list over x years given y. well, they do things like pick I'm in empty apt and steal my id force 9 mo with mold car after making false promises leading me to communicate to 3rd parties who had paid for projects deadlines unobtainable because someone is calling me human property and mgpd seems content to be about as classy as Patrick Stewart over your sunroof dropping a deux while yelling make it so number 2. 

the last thing to consider though. 2005 is the first time someone had to file a 1099-NEC as a business that employed me as an IT consultant. 

in labor done with out written agreement or discussion of rate. market average sufices. there are 2 computers in paul and marlenes house that I built for them. I had built from parts and for clients about 30 by age 22. 

Every time "hey come help me" to "GET IN HERE AND SHOW ME..." or calling me to demand remote support for free from paul or Marlene since probably 2005 at an average rate... 

you think that might get close to if not pass the 500k they claim over like 15 years? id love to confirm or deny that but i have to debate killing myself or starving and mgpds actions denying me access t

amc doing a show about a criminal lawyer was way better than mgpd acting like my life is fiction while allowing every aspect to be terrorized and destroyed. criminal police? probably not, sans riots they don't get charged let alone convicted in mn. probably because the prosecutor decides largely based on police reports who to bring charges/cases against. odd how instead of police reporting their own violations of the law, at best there would be a printed sheet with 


or maybe the joker going for court jesture used transcribe 

 ___________________________________________ cricket DAMN IT FRANK CRICKETS ARNT SILENT 

felt like lifting the mood a bit and also like it wasn't entirely clear on this monitor what color that line was :D

officer Hanson gets AIDS in a bedding? bovine aids is contagious? and you didn't know that? derp. aiding and imbedding? I wont hold my breath.

wont have to the unenforced but stood between correcting or allowing documented and the 2 other parties creating the threat to my life damage to my life and forced labor... 

between them the police and 3 years mal nutrition. personal bias turns in to police wiping out family lines after forcing labor and terrorization

On concept of Accepted. I have the recorded call where paul said you sign the lease we picked right now and I said I don't have a choice and will be doing so under duress. this was 6 months into hotels. jan 2018 I moved back to maple grove. I had been made sick by what turned out to be their mold problem that spread when I visited the dying family cat (Cosmos(rip)) my mom said shes my landlord. 6.3k in IT and lv electric repair or upgrade rendered in 8 mo. I leave for a hotel with stated plan on both ends being I come back after about 2 weeks. lock code changes and so the illegal 0 notice locvk change eviction with landlord continuing to destroy and hold tenants property... even if this wasn't found to be a lease. 

that's still criminal theft of services. actually, even with a safe estimate of 150 a mo subtracted for the moldy room. 

what I don't ask for, wish I could opt not to take but keep having it given, is a police force that bills itself as industry leaders. 

yesterday I concluded that was the slave trade. i just realized it might be pt barnums industry as an alternative. 

also, as I pointed out yesterday it gets pretty hard to hold onto proof I worked at all when these are the actions of the police and courts. the cynic in me says someone at some level of mn gov figured that out a long time ago though. if there are fed grants for men arrested in ofp violation against women... simplify quite a bit by trying to paint me violent while illegal actions of the police and citizens threaten my life but court transplanted from salem cira 1690 and minus the excuse of tripping balls from moldy rye (ergot poisoning) has first come first served justice to impede any hope of actual justice or life livable let alone worth living. 


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