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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

boundaries and responsibilities


One of the problems with cluster B if it's or if behaviors become normalized is there's a poorly developed concept of others 

self is usually there. or overly there either in swinging cycles or ever vigilant offensive as a defense or some odd combination. Self might not be well developed but farm and need are when it comes to did it hurt me or do I need it. Want versus need might be lacking as well

the point I wanted was with out the self and others mental constructs it's been realized for a long time that parents with this either discourage to as I've seen go full nuclear annihilation of healthy boundary formation by their offspring

I want to do another post about the age 25 and prefrontal cortex nonsense or rather the missing C between a an b potentially appearing linked which is along the same lines but I hear what I wanted to get at is without these Concepts I don't see Freedom actually surviving

it's hard to protect update or maintain rights to that regard when you can't conceptualize others in any way that approximates objective reality. 

instead we have been sliding towards totally ignoring messages like The Scarlet Letter because we play to the emotions of people that more and more get what they want when they want and lights the instant validation. Binary splitting All or Nothing has been normalized and the ability to interact as Free People with equal protections I think long ago went by the wayside it doesn't help that the group's preaching from the left behind an altar of alleged science then introduce people to the concept of a position of power as something that the white Boogeyman has. Or the white person has or the man has... 

Which is splitting and Orwell all in one. The basic needs of life are food fluids shelter. That's all obtained with money anybody who can take money from you or pays you has a position of power over you. By extension anything bought with money is supposed to have a resale value. Taking personal property or being able to take real property is a position of power. You can't Define it truthfully any other way. If you can endanger someone's life by making sure they go hungry or out in the storm and police will help you do it you have an insane position of power. If HR will fire the on your alleged misconduct claim due to gender you have the position of power regardless of how you've been taught. Maybe they won't I'm not saying it's like that.

I think it would be highly dependent on what organization. I know racism still happens I know sexism still happens I also know it goes both ways or that women and people of other races can be just as racist as men

Which is usually countered with well men have the power and the money

except look at the wealth divide in this nation doesn't matter if the top happened to be men. That's the same logic as some Jewish people own a few media companies and the media's seems against us so all Jews must be hell bent on world domination and enslaving us. Even if some are you will never convince me that the person is bad we're out to get me based on things like that or group all of them like the one this is insanity

as is what we're doing AZ is what we're doing to our species our nation our children and their minds

parents to their word to their children

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