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Buffalo Bill Makes You The Abuser MN

 Minnesota OFP and police refusing to enforce theft to assult is a bad combination.

on ofp requires action by a citizen to file but police often hold the knowledge of it. in my case I think an appropriate time to inform me would have been when I drove to maple Grove around October 2019 in moldy death trap car because police had indicated they would help me file mail and check fraud. also I had contacted the mn state bar hot line and the advice was communicate that my parents are unreliable witnesses. I had managed to record phone calls where they admit to using false police reports as weapons. that and the fact I had lived on my own out side their house had the police all the sudden saying if that's true we might be liable then refusing to help with the mail and theft. the meeting went 0 to pt barnums 3 ring quick. this is almost 16mo after police have been helping bar access to all my personal property and theough the death of both of my pets. pets that were pstd therapy animals but also friends. 

all of my property still being destroyed d and that has been threatened to coherse me into the lease in st cloud and again to force labor for 9 months on Paul and Marlenes moldy car. I still managed to earn 2000usf externally which was spent on things like air mocer/floor dryer, dehumidifier, cold fogger and 40/gal mold solution. if parents had given the amount agreed to before they trashed the car to cobtrol my time would have been able to complete that task. but if course on learning I was paid externally... 

I said from the start please transfer the title I'll drive a beater after selling or scraping this is not safe, it requires preqs idk if I can meet here. I can't do it from the empty apt ment you picked with out even kitchen stuff (having to drive a car I'm disassembling to get every meal. 

they not only made to do it but pushed faster faster threatening all my things disappeared. that's rough estimate 20k things bought with cash earned externally since 2004 and 23k credit. it's probably low because I wasn't considering stuff like the 2k liscense for Adobe CS4. they keep me so malnourished spun round isolated and in deep dispare unable to move in any direction it's hard to figure much of anything. 

of course when they did talk there was always a new plan, always I just have to do this this and that and they would do everything agreed on.. or get me enough of my stuff back to stop he burning money and time.. but it was always I do more on top of more and more risk. 2k they have stolen fellony amounts since and police won't allow confessions on a report 

but then came the kicker. they stole a fellony amount and my id out of car in apt lot and then in a court an hr and a half from this forced lease. knowing the lease was up and I had to be out in 20 days I'm served with a summonce for dv restraining orders in a court an hr and a half away. not only that but they knew the car had been broken down for 6 days at time they filed. 

this was as covid hit the only reason I'm not homeless is mn put an eviction ban in place. 


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