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delusional doctors real profits real infestations

 the delusion here is of any adherence to medical ethics in certain individuals with phds. not saying it's all of them. with lack of real or even perceived consequences for acting unethical ly a certian percentage of people will do so. add rx kickbacks aka financial incentive to do so and that percentage increases. you fill in the percents I'm just discussing long known truths of the human condition.

I was given a diagnosis for delusions of mold and bugs. despite having not a mark on me no complaints. Dr wanted the story so I told him. about 16mo of bleeding ended 1 week into staying at a hotel. 3mo into lock change 0 notice eviction from house I had moved into 8mo prior.. is when I'm forced Infront of said doc. 

I told him I have an email wirh the mold Pro and docs from the extermination on my gamil on my phone 

phone was maybe 100yards away in personal effects locker taken as sop.

patients arnt allowed phones on the ward. 

you sir shouldn't be allowed a medical liscense. 

we as citizens shouldn't allow this, it's an end run on probable cause and seperation of powers. also for what all intents and purposes is a jailer also becomes a jailer who may get a bonus for drugging the citizen detained. 

Keep in mind all it takes is hearsay. There's no appeal process and there's no requirements to even view evidence

There's something called Matchbox syndrome it goes by a few other names these days I was aware of that going in there. It's why I explicitly decided to communicate relevant experts testimony existed basically if you tell them you have samples you're nuts. mb9i syndrome got its name because before Ziploc bags were readily available or invented at all people would put what they thought was infesting them in a matchbox to bring it in to a Dr. 

about 3mo into hotels I'm abducted at officer point. note not the best pic to see my eyes but note the lack of blood. that stopped the 1st week at the hotel. joint pain took much longer to disappear. yeah I'm a bit concerned. physical force was threatened if I didn't go to the ambulance instead of return to hotel where I was anticipating going after having left to get snacks. note I wasn't pulled over/nothing to do with driving. also not much legal about what was done. 


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