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Friday, November 13, 2020

distruction and dedication

 As I've mentioned several times over I can't control Paul and Marlene. One would hope where they violate the law the police would so much as that's them to stop that but in my experience that hasn't been the case other than the second welfare check after they filed osp's a year-and-a-half into slave labor in multiple years into poisoning starvation forced labor & tell nutrition. But if I make it over with my life I'm still fairing better than Bonnie and Clyde rabbits.

And yes we know this is how you create personality disorders in people there might be some question of how much for how long but Minnesota police will enable things that probably wouldn't why in camps for prisoners at War

Meanwhile Family Court doesn't seem to take any account for history and assuming it is what they say and none gender bias it's still bad because it's still a hearsay or near that still somebody that you aren't even talking to can try to consume your time and strip your rights. Heaven forbid you get a mentally ill person who makes it to court because they know what they are even though nothing has happened to them but they are a predator. Mental illness does produce predators that's the NPD and aspd. It also produces people that will say anything over a minor slight to any Authority that could totally destroy a life whether it be real or not whether they tried to kill the person few seconds before. State is set up to destroy people to destroy family

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