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Monday, November 23, 2020

disturbing trend. adult and maturity as defined by many

 is nothing but income. you can be a danger to all those around you, throughly mental Ill but do quite well financially.

I'd argue that anyone who defines income as maturity and adulthood is that danger and or mentaly ill. though I admit the test may produce false positives

there's also a ton of people I used to know who have since become parents. some insist shortly after doing so that all the sudden they know what a Bratt they were because parenting is hard, you wouldn't know until/unless you become one.

I think the more likely thing going on here is as a child or teen some punishment was diserved but a lot was more from mom or dad having a bad day and taking it out on their children. this creates cognative disonence. which is a state our brains do not prefer to be in. aka the what did I deserve vs what was insane or abusive (sevarity dependent and or assumed). the worse off they were there the more likely they were thrust into the world and worked min wage bearly making ends meet and not having time to think through or seek help in doing so.

the shard of ego remaining all the sudden has a child and the npd carateristics of things like not handling critisim or likely to want to accept mistakes were their fault.. 

manafests in disonence collapsed rather Than resolved and primes the cycle for repeat

if public oppinion continues to drift this way I fear it leads to quite a few things but a biggie is abuse of children and or total normalization of blaming children for things they did not and or could not decide 

psych made accessible for citizen average or as my mom would call it "the layman" (if this word traditionally required a PhD as a differentiation she would herself be included( only holding a masters) . not sure but that just occurred to me it might lol)

tends to put the onus on genetics which is great for selling a service, terrible in regards to preventing cycles of violence and personality disorders. 

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