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Dry heaving

 I think about how much they continue to destroy for no other reason that police won't enforce which seemed to double afyetbthey realized they might have screwed up. Predatory is kinda a understatement.

I think about my rabbits gone, time I could I left spend with them. Human friends gone not just gone but needlessly taken and continuing to be destroyed or used to control and force labor. 

The gove recognizes that moving peo I le around via coercion threats etc.. hard to escape from and crime.

with what happened to my friends and reliable roommates since 2007 (Bonnie and Clyde rabbit) and Marburg hemorahic the cnp predo pale making often illegal moves in malice and to either control me or them needlessly and through threats. 

It's like total assault on desire to live, purpose, accomplishment, the past present and future.

3 years mall nutrition and isolation. Forced labor on a problem they caused in 2001 my doc told me to get away from in 2018. The 6 moths at hotels I did get better

I also lost Bonnie. Paul threatened to throw Clyde in the clothes washer shortly after . Reverse chrono order pick bellow

Clyde asleep on a hotel bed. A pet friendly predator sent saturated hotel. 

I didn't mean to fall asleep with him at this hotel. This is how I found him in the morning. I loved Bonnie every bit as much. I got Clyde a bit younger the she was and actually emcees were impressed by both "ive never seen rabbits this chill"

I had read up on their psych and spend a decade trying to learn their individual personalities (Rabsonality? Bunsonalities?)
The day she died pale and malice decides she goes alone to the vet. They didn't need the vet much over the years.that said I had read and whirnessed esp Bonnie was more calm less prone to hyper ventilate than Bonnie and Clyde when amscarry to rabbit things happened.  Paul when I was moving out of previous apt tried to pin the issues of wounds and eye iritation on them. They ended up borded for 2 weeks or so. He was at like 2 vet appointments. But pale and malice had to even decide what cage belonged to each friend. Important things a np would know like, if you change the lock while they have bacterial infections after telling me they will get their medicine and pale then tells me they seemed fine so I stopped. I never once had strep with out hearing Marlene explain if you don't finish the course you breed super bugs. Nope so little hope of the tiny window of ..this was so fucked on so many levels I need to give it its own post. Or a rime machine and put a blinder on in ²k4 so I miss seeing Paul was delirious from no blood pressure. The decidedly unignorable tip was the tip of the cordless phone antenq projecting from his hand over his shoulder and bobs as of hes trying to turn the channel I had been let off work 3 hrs early. Thats also how long it took my mom to make the waiting room at north memorial. 

Point was the pic bellow she had been frozen almost a week. Clyde needed closure. This is the level I care and love 

They made me powerless almost to even see my furry friends let alone protect them or have fun with them to just hang out.  We hung out here about 3 hrs till the vet closed. 

I was also going to mention Clyde was just pure unflappable if I was around. Both would run to me if scared even outside with out a leash. But amazing was  March 2019 last day at a hotel my dad steands us 3 hrs past check out by using mgpd to present 4 officers at my hotel door to get the rental key back

Funny psychology or mental health would deal with trust and who to trust at some point. But the police have so little concern or apparent knowledge of if the scenario there been told is wrong what they do to mental health.. sick

So that was a negative 11 f day and Paul had also threatened if hotel adds pet charge im going to empty apt with nothing.  Clyde listened really well. Clyde was infant a little bunny. Clyde was at least 12 years old and soaked in his own urin from 3 pointless hrs in travel cage past check out no car to go to empty forced lease with turned out a car Paul did not have fixed as he stated. Gives me one key won't answer phone. 

Can't leave wet friend in running car cause key in ignion car running .. no spare no remote. 

Eventually Clyde was under my jacket no leash or harness, as we went through the parking lot to the pet store by dicks/gander mts former place in rapefull grove.

I just held him walking around the store. He maneuvered forward to check out the parakeet display even. He's been in my freezer a year while Paul and marlene have even threatened Bonnie's ashes. 

On one hand I hope if mgpds officers responsible have kids , the hero mommies or daddy is balanced with rabbit killer abuse enforcer. On the other hand i belive abuse is cyclical and a lot of it is what we see at home growing up ..look at hen. County sherifs son.

Right before Bonnie died I was at 3 moths in hotels 

Note I'm not bleeding 

The ripped out walls a bit further down that was done by paid mold pro as was carpet removal.

While I was geting a diagnosis by a doc who didn't want to see extermination or mold pro records patients arnt allowed phones on the ward. Delusions if m I left and bugs about 10 min later an i omitted the whole sentence in an effort to creatively illustrate the missing region of his brain to enable this logic, ethics and med ethics violation.

Also as far as wall there's 6ft or so not pictured . Aka itl but absent from the framed/area visible due to lense and or missing the exposure button 

This is my scalp from 2018 at their house. after working in the basement. Can't tell you what that is fluorescing. this is because I'm not an expert. Pretty reasonably sound to suggest that something besides my hair is on my head. Otherwise one would expect a more uniform and single color fluorescent glow. 

the 10x10 room I'd say at max 12x 15? I often round 1.32  qo 150 when stating that, it's ball park abd reasonable either way and if you can reason other wise I'd love to hear it. if your reason is wrong cause im wrong and so there. save us both the time. 

1.32 was a figure pulled from the neighboring City and their Gov website . It was a city of Plymouth which is as far as I know of similar cost of living in socioeconomic status I could be wrong there if I am going to go ahead and point it out there's also a Section 8 if I understand correctly. The first one is a rented I was in North Dakota I don't believe your head Section 8. What I do remember is entering the apartments required actual written notice or a set number of days ahead of time I feel the same person record Wrights and almost every way including things like good faith. With the predatory because the landlord probably has more available times and always fight for Creative space in front of a judge in the tenant does otherwise most of the time they would not be renting. I did notice that if those landlord enters without notifying in Minnesota supposed to be like $200 or time or maybe 100 paid to the tenant but when someone can force you into a lease and keep everything you worked for for 16 years good luck having a camera setup to prove it or after 9 months of forced labor three years and malnutrition I just have to tweak a few settings to get that going maybe it's already going maybe one of them's going with you I need two of them going maybe I have a hundred of them when is this is freaking insane I have things like my Wi-Fi router back but no power jack for it no wall work adapter AC to DC plug to run it and none of the antennas on it the freaking antennas cost $9 and antenna and requires three of them Paul and Marlene made sure my credit was matched any money and any friendship I had was strange before they started and continue to try to kill

Your pee is kind of like say in Silence of the Lambs the girl is illegal Mexican immigrant down the well told to put the lotion on her skin Buffalo Bill steps out starts to court and then her absence wins and OST order so which is when he's done with his lotion fetish or just wants to take it up a notch you can be assured that the police will come and do the Dirty Work. I have four days notice Friday I believe a little afternoon for court date an hour and a half away by car and the two who filed or petitions you the car has been broken down for six days where I live I sign the lease under heavy duress I have a recording telling them that have made sure it's devoid of necessary things for life let alone the labor they force for nine months at the time they filed it I have 20 days to the out because the landlord here wasn't happy with the nine months of more cuz I still have plaid in the freezer can you over the desk I know how to cook very well send it to the budget for the nine months and then play with it ever every time they can holding my mail this is you shouldn't have to reference the sight of conditioning Terror conditioning failure breaking the association between healthy and don't feel pain let alone feel after decent. And it needs to at this point reference that I cannot stop them from coming to steal from me but police will stop me from being able to put confessions on a report or file a report. I highly doubt any of the statistics based on what I've seen in the last year to three years if they go on police reports Minnesota it's screwing with them right and left. There are a few officers that tried to create what was hot is what a oeace officer does
Started the straight about how I can't even process but that's the Bonnie and Clyde let alone more and let alone everything needed because they terrorized it did this most likely to my aunt and continue to as well of course I think gave them control or at least my mom I'm not sure on I'm a little bit I was able to catch in between the years of doing what I needed to what was agreed on. This is state ignores everything about abuse that is not new science or very contested. Someone even outside of a family relationship when there's a 40 year age difference especially when one's medical ones Union was a full-time organizer spent 25 years as a Stewart and vice president vs I've been to court less than five times one hand with fingers plural leftover. I have had business law which I paid attention to and did pretty well in. That doesn't make me a lawyer but what I'm pointing out is even outside of that I've tried to familiarize myself with law. And start to end up looking bait and switch only  no-bake the bait is most people try anyway  most people want purpose  most people want free at least comfortable . Which set it up so someone else can bring the switch keeps bringing the switch keeps bringing the switch pick you once you fall to the ground  and then say that you might have said something while you were getting the switch  and I'm not so sure even if that was mentioned that it would have become ex-parte for the claim. And even if it did not  it's a whole nother case the back out these police  and all I did  what get the shit kicked out of me  mostly metaphorical but there were three counts of assault one was the tempted murder   emotionally health-wise life expectancy lifetime income expectancy I don't know why I'm even trying

Minnesota is making Law predatory it should not be this esoteric in nature or enforcement. 

If I recall correctly the Salem Witch Trials were mainly possible because they had a court where Burton was on the accused and there were no standards of evidence. Maybe the union plays a role with my dad's position but what's really sad There is they're eliminating his family but telling him and or feeding him the power that he thinks they're good for him because he gets what he wants when he wants and that's a direct quote but that doesn't always consider human needs of another person and she's probably twice as bad I just know where this lies based from or the history of it or think I do anyway I found quite a few PDFs she usually uses him as a mouthpiece anyway but no matter what the court says about it not being gender bias anymore will tell age bias it is first come first serve I can't believe that if I talk to her more anything would be better even if she was cutting me into small chunks with an act well I said I might slap you if you don't stop again I'm not totally convinced she couldn't do that in the torch if I have been able to attend there's no reason for me to suspect that after seeing the police do what they do and I understand the difference between civil or family court and criminal court and I don't think the police do are there blowing Allina smokes because they know exactly what they're doing officer Hanson loves to tell me that destruction of something worth $1,000 I'm going to this day's listing of the jobs I had to pay for it when previously were asking things like why don't you work why haven't you worked or blah blah P telling me things like they give you enough but he doesn't want to hear what I work for or any counter to the story let's let's just every part of law enforcement whoever calls first you own another person in the woods Maple Grove Police it's not illegal to say you own someone either. And if they're not obligated to investigate then I guess they can't believe no crime has happened except they're awfully Off Lease Tok up sometimes about wanting to know if my dad thinks I have a weapon. Send my dad various times will say I can't refuse a 32 year-old man you're a man John grow up this is wild stealing things well forging my signature will talking to previous employers to associate two friends telling them I'm crazy when he shouldn't even have the contact info. This parents aren't responsible for the well-being of their adult children in Minnesota this needs to be reworked because the cops will still take whatever comes out first and I have a feeling it's not really ignorant . But it's a convenient excuse to believe that. The cultural assumption is parents want to do that nothing science has shown that something in your brain inhibits your ability to do that or changes significantly. Likely a significant inhibitor is perceived punishment just like in any other system that humans have created that our founding fathers kind of understood with checks and balances. Independentaudits reviews receive consequences oversight am I speaking fucking Latin? I mean if there's no police there free where you race to the courthouse to file our petitions what if there's a shotgun me in line to make sure they're first that would actually assumed that I could eat let alone get to the courthouse but I guess if personal property has inclusion and even the felony theft laws but no enforcement and no acknowledgement that may be in a situation like this it with notice to vacate from the people who took it all 8 months before resale value but no let's enable poisoning someone and make them the abuser because it's like if you don't get it by now I can't help you


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