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frozen poisioned mind fucked

 6mo in hotels 3 cities etc.. me actually looking for a place to live spending savings bonds for food and gas

trying to get a complex server set up for pay from a business in st cloud. trying to do it sans down time.

meanwhile my dad is extending bookings like 1 week at a time and the place would fi. 

about a week and a half into what was suposed to be 2 weeks max then return to the house where my mom claimed she was my landlord and over 8mo 6.3k in it services rendered but not paid invoiced 2x now.

While I was at their house my mom would throw out stuff other people paid for or that was mine or throw it in the basement outside in the rain and snow that's not the worst of it though. She would lie to my face she doesn't touch anything she doesn't know where anything is. Then about I'd say two weeks before the false report of DV which I ever recorded call admitting and then my mom even says but I hope I still don't have to as in I repeat it to her what she said to me when she was trying to push me over the railing in too close for me to go right or left so when I walked us away from the risk to life she screams you bastard I brought you into this world I can take you out of it. But that's not the only call I have that's an admission but that's well not a direct admission basically a threat on top of it. She threatened to push me down those stairs about 2 weeks before that event happened I have a different time with my dad on the phone discussing calling General they falsify police reports as weapons. What I really wonder is that the state can press charges anyway with the theory being sometimes the victim is coerced are they really going to do it because it's two on one to begin with which one it comes to allegations of physical violence probably makes a difference I am not Superman but then there's also outside of the context of the domestic violence report the in general admission but I don't want to go to court I want my life back I want my sanity I want my help to maintain my health the ability to mourn the pets I had lost to make the agreement good for the people who tried to help me for the work I did to complete those but got stolen this is fucking sickness I can't even be word of their toxic mold let alone cook a meal because I'm in an empty torture cell. But on top of that

Between the hotel time and March 4 * all of the contents of the car that for a while was my only accessible storage other than a hotel allowed taken and it all just gets grouped in by Maple Grove Police with the stuff I left when I quote-unquote moved out despite me saying that is not the case that is not what happened there was no notice given when I moved in well see above or see any other post here but then April 2020. Jim Steele of felony amount from me

9 months of labor on their moldy car likely because Paul made snow blow through the car. In other words I have text messages and recorded calls that all but directly indicate it including you asshole it's my car check whatever camera you want when I told him I can probably have the hotel check the surveillance cameras actually it might have been you idiot

But it was actually as early as April 2020 that created tension with the landlord at the Liz ice and under duress that will only place they ever picked out for me despite living in apartments since 2007

But again that start with the hit from every direction. We're not keeping your stuff from you you just have to come get it

So then we don't answer the phone or rather they. Even if they do when I show up they don't answer and police show up

But then at first including when Clyde got sick I'm hearing every other day will bring this up tomorrow will bring this up tomorrow then they don't answer that day nor do they show up

Making the phone tag and the random hang ups where they will only address absolutely nothing but Kate 30 minutes of your time do not do anything or allow anything to even be confirmed that it was addressed

And I'm sorry no get over it is not okay or why can't you care for yourself is not okay why don't the people saying that let me have all their things and a contract with the police that no matter what they claim I did the police are going to send them away from even public property well all of their things are under my control lock key and destruction well I opened their mail sign their name hold their mail and if they start over again somewhere if I come steal from them then the police better play the same games IE we won't allow a report or allow things on it

There's also been threats that if I don't do the car faster for those nine months either the storage garage they picked and would not give me the address to until a month before this lease ended or all of my valuables still being held and destroyed like leave the stuff in the storage garage is still being destroyed because my stuff at their house went out into the third garage stall where most your loan would destroy it but after it had been inside their seriously moldy house. It went out in the garage stall when they paid to have their mold problem fixed for them. They're literally using it now as a way to continuously make me sick will starving me will making sure no matter what I do they will break the law even to make sure I have to do it again or don't get any moment of even nutrition from it let alone normalcy let alone help ability to mourn ability to move on

first day at the tourcher cell that only covid and mns eviction ban kept me in (lease ended end of March 2020 and notice was given before as per law.. though in 4 registered mail letters to vaycate even after covid eviction ban.. not once was the check out check off list included as the letter stated. psychotic sort of Tom foolery that really makes me wish I had never chosen to be born. wait I didn't. no one does. I did work my ass off and want to get back to that but for all I know I have 30 days to be out I don't have the budget to do that my credit will not support signing anymore it used to Plaid still in the freezer I have not been able to do anything for me or my commitments I've basically been held hostage for close to three years now

The first day of the lease I went down to find a flat tire on The Moldy car. My dad is so psychotic in the way he gaslights for two weeks she told me I was clearly stuck at the apartment because I don't know how to change a tire of course later he never said that I doodled it cuz it's long ago I learned even if something seems easy sometimes there's a gotcha. I probably heard my Uncle Mike and or my dad talked about modern car frame before but that saved my ass knowing what is Jack point was via that Google query. Only to find the owners manual wasn't in the glove box. So well he's telling me that he never said that months later he makes a huge deal of here's the owner's manual like accented beyond belief as he's saying it they attempt to destabilize to terrorize they will try to tell me what happened at conversations only me and another person were present for when it's neither of them. At best even if you assume that they went out of their way to contact that third person they are then hearing a recollection of the conversation but they won't even say that's what happened there's a video up a while back when I was at their house my mom is adamantly insisting on what I said to the vet and what the vet said to me to my knowledge they never even talked

My mom will however talk like there's three people in her head or kerryon out loud conversations with herself in the silent room but she accuses me of being sick in the head first it was delusions of mold that it was anger than it was anything that she does that is I'm healthy to lethal and illegal to me

doesn't matter because murder Grove Minnesota has their back between detaining teenage girls for shopping while black and arresting a woman whose race wasn't listed but ran out of a restaurant with a bottle of wine and that was enough to arrest

It's funny I just read that police their culture has a stigma against mental illness. I wonder how many of them realize they are mentally ill? Mental illness doesn't always look like down syndrome. Characteristics of like narcissistic personality disorder would be an inflated sense of self or like thinking you're better or oh I don't know you're the Law and above reproach or is Officer Hanson said you won't find what I did in any law book it doesn't have to be. I would bet my life he is either ASPD or NPD that said I'm not going on a whole hell of a lot. But in general when you're acting with the amount of power that police have and you're willing to endanger a life for what would have been misconduct or maybe not but likely the worst you would face from what I've seen anyway is a reprimand police kill people and end up with paid leave half of all officers fired get their jobs back through arbitration. But my case kind of highlights a few things here because literally everything mine and active attempts to poison me still persist what police won't allow a report Rory is just kind of poster boy he'll pretty much taunt over what he's doing. I know they train police or I would strongly suspect they train police to look for changes in a story but he'll sit there lying about the first time but I met him well they literally kept me in human trafficking like conditions I'm pretty bad with names and general I believe he was going to put me in the mental hold I would love or rather ordered me out of the car under threat of force after about 20 minutes earlier saying I decided before I met you you're going in tonight.

He'll sit there telling me that nope I haven't worked for the police very long but I think the first time we encountered each other was like it's a different story every time. But then if I try to volunteer which from what I understand never volunteer anything to the police is actually the proper way to go about it but we have such a klusterfuk of misinformation by the government and what appears to be not all of the police but a significant portion of them that might not be malicious at first but if they fuck up they become part of what in danger is your life especially if another person is still trying to Because unless as I said I can ship money or overcome all of the effects of like 3 years of malnutrition just to have more stuff stolen anyway to set me back like it's ridiculous that I have to explain this these people would not let this happen to themselves they probably would have shot someone by now and what I mean by that is the officers that create the situation

But there's not only evidence that this type of forced condition is bad for how long you live or could take your life but it can cause brain damage and mental illness. I wouldn't expect every officer to know that but I would expect that it if we're doing anything that we push through what's essentially propaganda and conditioning children by a school liaison officers and dare programs

As in the stated message of what the police are for that we even try to indoctrinate children to believe if that isn't indoctrination well you hit the nail on the head with using psychology there yet everywhere else science in Psych and medical science seem to be ignored or even logic and stated core values like protecting life or protect and serve but I guess it's not really made entirely clear who. But that really should be seen as a hostile takeover if it's not the population or if for no reason whatsoever you can or even worse because of liability let one person kill another

The report done by the federal agency kind of Misses something points I get some things really good like separation of those who enter the reports and those who are in charge of long-term storing them and audit systems that sort of thing but that does nothing to ensure the reports are accurate when they're made that might not in the past have been cost effective but will either already at the point or close to where a I could do that as in body cameras you can't turn off but a computer is cutting out the in between Parts based on an algorithm or machine learning

And there needs to be some power your average citizen can contact either equal to the police or above them but independence from is the key. Maybe it's greed maybe it's the union Association between my dad maybe it's liability maybe it's some combination maybe it's things unknown to me. But it's the liability is a factor having an end to my stuff being destroyed or at least Essentials I need to function after being shoved around move place to place under threat extracting away from me in a situation like this who's more likely to sue? But I guess then they just count on the fact that there's a statue of limits on a time limit and from nothing or still being actively poisoned what are the odds?

One thing I internalized a long time ago there's always someone better than you there's something like 7.8 billion people on the planet right now. History also notes that even the Revolutionary advances in technology usually somewhere around the world from the team we associate with who or the individual with who came up with it somewhere else in the world somebody else got it before at the same time or like days to weeks after without contact.

But at the same time we have yet to make a system that uses energy as efficiently as we do. I mean humans or animal life plant life we don't know what all the genes do yet in our own genome or how they interact what we do know is throughout life that can flip on and off so the model being pushed that everything is genetic is shit. But perhaps more importantly if we lose the behaviors that encourage individualism critical thought and intelligence we don't know what the threat is going to be in a hundred years or what challenge Humanity needs to overcome what we can derive right now is it's very possible we breathe out the behaviors or the genome or the combo that would have taken us to the next level or prevented our Extinction

Or to put it more simply if anybody really thinks there's some component necessary social Darwinism going on here well if you can show me info I don't have that builds that case I might agree with you but I've looked and I don't Seahawks having anything near what nature can do yet.


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