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gendered when it doesn't have to be

I've looked quite a bit over the years. the conclusion I came to is the majority of strong well laid out sci method followed studies showed that diamorphism in the brain is minimal. the vast majority of what we precived as inherent gender differences are likely entirely learned. 

which to me indicates that when it comes to many things labeling them as a gendered issue is at best ignorent somewhere Inbetween harmful to only adventagous for profit and encouraging narcastic traits but at worst teaching us who has valid claims based on something they could not have chosen. worse yet when articles like the one above make the seemingly benign appeal to jsut women relate because... pussy... I guess, it has the possible effect of painting a man who experiance that problem as the oddity.

when the children in these situations arnt considered and as even S. f. knew npd parents will take it out on their kids and or sexualize them while abusing in every way.. 

you start to really screw with what's normal to do to one demographic or children while painting the other or their experiance because of the issues as abnormal. 

abuse and codependency last I checked do not feature gender as the most significant t bit, digit or factor and reality is people and esp kids are more people then gender. 

the author goes further to indicate that women are raised that way.. so they fall into it

convential wisdom is we recreate our home life from childhood in adulthood. authoritarian parents with a mother as an alcoholic and especially as an only child is bad enough, what's worse is the realization they can in adulthood steal from me repeatedly and bring courts and police down on me while abusing. aka I don't have to violate law or ethics for punishment for not submitting to their abuse and arbitrary whim

but I get the pleasure of reading how these things arnt just couples only but how women are raised thst way. one could say that should make it extra abhorent if a couple is raising their male son that way.. 

but enter the pick one of 50 gender and 200 quasi gendered sexualities.. but God damn it pick one because just do u and accept people for who they are was too close to harmony and had to go.. aka the lefts reluctance to apply logic of if we are going to do 20 genders instead of no gender or down playing.. simply put to not offend trans we can't say theres harm a mother can do to a son or family under rule of a dysfunctional mother and or father as it comes to even forced roles interfering with precived ability to fit as gender later. by in large we get to hear all about what dad's can do to harm daughters though double standard central.

for the record if trans makes you happy good for you. it doesn't change my views on you. mlk had a pretty cool message about content of character. my issue is with how the organized parts of a movement for glbt people is often broadcasting as much hate as it claims it seeks to end. what it's not broadcasting it seems to condition into its members.

I realized as I graduated hs soenthing was weird. mgsh had a glbt and friends group and my friend had come out gay. I don't think safe space was the jargon when I went to two meetings to show support but the focuse was on how oppressed you are and why.

my neighbor at the moment is a couple years older and a lesbian so I figured I'd as her if she recalled when safe space became a thing and or if she caught it. she replied it was a couple years after she left hs. one entey does not a data set make but this does actually make my point. ie safe space isn't teaching rational conclusion it teaches persicution mean while the hand in hand with organized feminism hurts not just "cis" men with baseless double standards and hate but ends up with blowback on lesbians because little known fact 

three groups have elevated dv rates:

military, police, lesbians

but mentioning the last shatters the image of abuse /abuser but raisi g the question why is it above Gen pop hetro if no man is involved. which might be sad. my heart goes out to anyone suffering an abusive partner or warped parents of any variety of combos. that said I dont think the system is set to help people as much as create revenu steams for Corp psych and an abuse industry so maybe for now it's best this goes u. mentioned. I don't think we need more people losing everything to others who cry witch. I tend to think the one doing the worst to the other is more likely to also use fucked family law to their advantage. or nothing thst claims to help is set to do so. trying to say it might be a silver lining for them because the only thing worse than being in thst abusive place is courts and police picking a side before they meet you and not wanting evidence contrary once they do.

I think there's a pretty simple motive and it's all about money. healthy people of any sexuality gender or sex recognize other people as people first and capable of the same set of emotions and experiences even if they communicate them differently. But that spot you might not have people needing counselors or civil courts in Witch Hunt and we can't have that industry get rid of very get rid of very lucrative for the stakeholders not-for-profit organizations. 

Or another word ensuring abuse continues and people can't relate to each other has become a multi-million 2 billion dollar industry and to the government would probably also be seen as a good excuse to strip rights from people. The boogeyman always has been. More recently claims about how other countries and cultures treat they're poor women has possibly been used to manufacture consent for a war over oil. This doesn't really surprised me even if I can't say that I know it could be one hundred percent it seems the most likely thing. The father of modern PR has this concept called manufactured or engineered consent he was also known for pioneering the emotional vs. Logical sale or advertising I'm going to need gender feminist to hang on to their skulls for a moment as this might come as a surprise and skull fragments can be lethal but that person was also Sigmund Freud's nephew. 

In the context I tried to discuss discrediting Freud makes a lot of sense to oh, the nephew was basically using psychoanalysts theories applied to propaganda and advertising. A lot of that was looking at dysfunctional outcomes and figuring out ways to normalize the damage increase the probability of happens to the night and to exploited like one would exploit butthole or vulnerability in code running on a computer make it as devious or otherwise as you want but what's not debatable is the idea was you could at very least sell more people more things they didn't need if you could widen the hole in their soul or stars from their abuse

th bearnaise had perhaps a more applicable Siri as well oh, it was called controlled Counterpoint. Which you can ignore the counter you could just as easily create point and Counterpoint but the idea was muddy it It Up by polluting emotional argument with a logical argument on one or both sides of a issue. You can use that either good people fighting about things to easily solve for 50 years on the same issue, or use it to distract from something that seriously threatens Everybody by dividing the population over emotional logic mixed in. Kind of like BLM in my eyes. Because the issues that allow that to happen and the actuality of there are white people getting the shit kicked out of them by police and or killed. The reality is there's no checks and balances on police there's no audit from external agencies there's no external complaint process yes we somehow use disparity or not being equal numbers of police brutality as a justification for the black lives matter movement. Suggesting that parity is the problem whether intentional or otherwise is kind of fucked

Because end of the disparity in police brutality by race you can end of disparity more than one way. For instance you could raise the lower number.

Or from the divide-and-conquer approach you could play people's fears and divide a populist that otherwise might have had a problem with the entire number. Even brutal dictators generally fear the United mob from a trusting of each other population

I'll have to clean this up later


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