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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

I hate you dad

 you should have died in 2004. You take away everything i worked for and attempt to rewrite my past present and future through criminal acts that endanger my life and security. All the while u and mom cover and gas light for each other

You wear me down kicking me. I run faster than a lot of people towards goals others think are valid. Others in the fields um interested in and good at.

Then u and mom reveal u compete with whike demanding I be your emotional crutch and ultimately poision me while I determine how u screwed up your house. So you get it fixed and ensure I still have your problem not my things and paul and markene demand i work min wage and nothing better afterb9 mo of killing me with their car

What u are taking is not yours to take

You give someone life you don't get to decide what hurts them or take it back

When your actions threaten my life and lime and abused toddler you stand there condsendingly saying we are the same person and you decide what hurts me I just don't undet stand. 

Fuck you fucking incest molester 

probably does not belong in my scalp huh? if only I could eat a decent meal, have a single accomplishment, have anyone, own anything, kill myself. even be free of Paul molestricks mistake finishing his house. nope instead custom electronics I designed and built rot with my body, things other people paid for rot. Clyde rotts in the freezer and I can't even have Bonnies ashes or their favorite toy. I'm guessing the abomination known as Marlene tossed all of cosnoses things and possibly the lock of Bonnies hair. never got one from Clyde. 

mom u say u love me u should cut your tkunge out glue a siccesors on the table and get brandy drunk till u pass out eyes into the siciors then get hit by a truck

and it would still be to kind for the bitch that goes between hallow mimmicing what sounds like inflection appropriate but had empty or shallow content if at all and telling me I deserve it because I'm a man. 

I say fuck you and you want to use me as a crutch to vent about your sex life between as dad but more fail prone telling me I fail at everything but refusing to see it work then throwing and taking it away so I can't finish. how many kids have u killed at children's? 

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