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I need to renew my amateur radio liscense and Minnesota human trafficing

 I don't have a space to even write or my printer

 I don't even have my desktop computer and the laptop battery is shot. which wouldn't be so bad except the power jack is lose as well. lay in bed and turn it on every time I move and power is lost

then between maple Grove police trying to like my parents label me abusive or violent and alternating with incompetent I might aa well kill myself

it's pretty easy to make someone look incompetent when you can with impunity to the law try to murder them, continue to poision them, threaten their pets, threaten them, take all of their things and steal fellony amounts two times since. 

esp when over 2 years physical location was st cloud, 3 hotels in maple Grove, two hotels in Rodgers, 14ish hotel rooms a hospital in maple Grove and a mental ward in Minneapolis 

when police enforce unpaid labor hazardous and human trafficing conditions trying to maintain sanity and succeeding at all should be lauded not constantly tested or grounds for further distruction of person 

Minnesota ag Keith Ellison says we prosecute folks who steal from people. 

in my experiance with Maple Grove police, "prostitute" would be a more accurate word choice. 

This attitude of act on hearsay from a position of assumed Trust I don't think police at least in Maple Grove are very likely to bust any parents arm their children or adult children I think the Turpin kids and captive adult offspring would have likely faced mental wards

Worse yet they might have given the kids the abuser label

Part of that forced labor was on their moldy car which was a dentist doctor advice
I owned a respirator a full face 3M mask. The first four months that was even allowed to be held from me well everything mine was and continues to be held and destroyed

modern American translation : you gota work don't mind police helping steal everything you work for. Sexual words on that sign are something along the lines of work sets you free. Sure does work without nutrition and if death is freedom it's not a lie. 

working from a hotel room in 2018 

my desk growing their mold. Desk is wishful thinking it's a folding table from Walmart clearance section

Don't worry if things stolen require you to work to buy them back again. Why aren't you working work will set you free. You know what sets you free quicker having diet of garbage working long hours. But you wouldn't want to get hit with the stick while they switch it up a bit just follow the carrot to a grave at forty

the last pic is probably the most telling before and after as it pertains to my competency 

before pale and malice and the current torture cell.

My call sign at the moment and hopefully in the future is kc0jsf. My real question for anyone reading this is not just How likely are the police to stop situations like what the Turpin parents did in California it's how we really outlawed slavery? The police aren't enforcing it and might leave you on the street. I told them but October 2019 my parents doing this literally claim to Own Me. This was after also informing them that a check in my name has been endorsed after being taken from my mail without my knowledge or permission and some various other things and the response was it's not illegal to say you own someone.

 Maple Grove PD enforcing incest enforcing forced labor creating risk to life and declaring themselves industry leaders

I have taken to calling it Rapeful or Raple Grove

What's even worse is the dad who claims where has two times said he owns me once that he bought me and later admitted this and I posted a screenshot well this father was 25 year VP SEIU Local 284. Union Yes massa. 

I guess

The first the first day out the apartment they picked out in 2019 as you can see six months at hotels I was looking pretty good. Clyde as always look wise Beyond his species and years. I got up there and found I had just a bed. I fell asleep on the floor after taking this photo. Paul had left me stranded at the hotel 3 hours after checkout. Just to give back the car that he had not in fact had fixed from the mold problem. I had protested giving him the keys to the rental because everything he had done indicated he would do something like that. When I protested a few minutes later maybe up to half an hour there's a knock on the door and Maple Grove police surround the door. Maybe a month ago police officer for Maple Grove while on the phone Power tripped when I started correcting her assisting that never happened. Because how dare I talked over someone from a position of power trying to rewrite history to avoid liability. Fuck you

I've since read police culture has a stigma against mental illness I'm not sure if they realize that demonstrations like that are often indicative of having mental illness

Should probably be telling that in an age of world Court are military personnel which could be viewed as the World Police requires psychological evaluations before service domestic enforcers have no such requirement

a apt I had in Fargo around 2012

the ultimate evidence to my competency should be not only was I right about the mold issue, they paid to have it fixed Nov 2018. I first theorized it in 2014 and the pro hired Jan 2018 identified the source as something Paul and Marlene decided in finishing their basement in 2001

Maple Grove Police in the state of Minnesota helping parents kill their adult offspring poor decisions made about the parents house when the person was a minor is all in a day's service some terms and conditions May apply CTW affiliation could be one of them

technically I'm arrestable for these texts. mn ofp law is straight from Salem 1690s and takes little in form of standard of evidence in accusation while placing burden of proof on the accused. prove you arnt a witch. meanwhile a year and a half before maple Grove police enforce "you don't live here anymore and can't file theft you gave them your things moving out". 

I doubt things like false reports used as weapons, mail fraud, check fraud, 3 incidence of Marlene or Paul assaulting!/battering me one attempt to murder and stated intent or my claim Marlene claimed to be my landlord when I moved back in have made police reports or remained on them. or the reality of the massive mold issue they had and paid to fix while Geting me locked in a psych ward for that matter. 

I have it on good authority that protocal for keeping records is decent but there are some ways to modify them that may go unnoticed.

the way civil/family/uncivil court does an end run on  justice is these courts with Salem standards create an order that carries automatic criminal penalties for violation. they account for seemingly nothing in your ability to be able to make court. I had 4 days notice to defend claims dating back to the month I moved back in and in adtion to a fellony level theft my parents made right before filing(including my driversliscense/ID) they made one after but 4x Inbetween had totally cleaned out a car of its contents including needed documents. 
just so happened the car I had was broken down and or possibly sabotaged march 6th and I was served March 11th. 

they picked I'm 45min from maple Grove by car an hr and a half from the court they filed in. 

seems like police baring entry for that year and a half would be the gov keeping me from property and papers. I'm aware the definition of property in the constitution isn't how I'm using it. mn theft law explicitly includes personal property though so it's rather hypocritical and very much against Natural justice as well

I haven't had very much formal training in law but without the ability to really search for let alone hire a lawyer organizer case I'm trying to learn a foreign language. Part of my hesitation looking into it in the past was it seems too far from actual science. The more I see of how Minnesota implements law the more I wonder how far from "law says cycnide is a cure not a poision son" we are. 

Well I'm sure a judge could decide everything is ex parte if Minnesota arrests me for this my mom's a nurse practitioner or medical professional just posted on here at the admitting that circumstances they force are threat to life. I deserve it because I'm a man. Whether or not I'm arrested this is pretty much State enforced Terror trauma and complex post-traumatic stress disorder

What I find Beyond Reason did the fact that these ofp create one-sided bans or restrictions

The call log with my dad he's allowed to call me as much as he desires it's illegal to answer. Does this make sense to any rational person out there? In fact in the 14 days following the court date that I know of they were in my parking lot 7 times and called to welfare checks. For those unfamiliar that's police coming to and possibly opening your door to check if you are okay. They picked I live 45 minutes from their house have maintained and enforced through threat basically human trafficking and forced labor. They have no employment and few reasons to be in this city it's not in the direction of anything that they would have reason and literally a few days after telling a judge that they fear I am a threat of violence to them the driving 45 minutes out of there way to sit in my parking lot? This is insane. It also happens to be the law. If genocide we're made part of the law I guess we should follow it

they have her ashes and a lock of her fur. her ashes were usps addressed to me at their house opened by paul still held with fur or maybe Marlene er.. malice tossed that 

Maple Grove Police before the ofp and two subsequent are actually one right before 1 after felony-level theft have insisted that because my parents basically human traffic me Georgetown 45 minutes away or rather in spite of that fact my only option to get my stuff back is 3 hours round trip of driving to go to a court to prove it's mine even though I was locked out with zero notice and most of the ability to prove that is locked in that house. This seems an awful lot like work to get back what you already paid for once seems awful lot like ignore federal law

Also seems a lot like State Defined flaunting hypocrisy because in Minnesota as far as I can see for most intents and purposes property includes personal property in legal definitions

Also $6,300 of services were rendered often demanded. Services are performed professionally since 2004. That's not including the work I did on their moldy house. That is however felony theft of services but apparently nothing is anything in Minnesota unless the police want to charge you and arrest you for stealing a bottle of Three Buck Chuck in Arbor Lakes

Diet and exercise or rather forced malnutrition and lack of exposure to sunlight with or without grief and inability to mourn due to physical pain none of that is good for the immune system

about the worst thing after a major loss /loss of a loved one is to lack purpose. Paul and Marlene commit crimes to make sure I have no accomplishment hope or purpose after 3.
no ability to fulfill or meet commitments to others due to their acts does not make me rush to take them on either. 
here's advertising revenu from the vengeancetech. biz site. 

at minimum its a portfolio/could be a cv or place to keep one. it's brought to the world via a dsl connection from a server on the floor. Paul and Marlene have stolen or kept tools and parts both mine and paid for by others. aka the ability to make content that would generate traffic is severely limited and tools to make or enhance the site limited compared to what I worked to pay for. (Adobe master collection cs 4 comes to mind that's several thousand dollars in a few disks ) 
yet those things in mind Its still bringing in a few dollars on a internet connection I would have anyway. 

length quality and frequency of content is how Google decides where your relevant post or site apears when you search for any given term 

Paul and Marlene have also told me they will only accept me working min wage. between telling me and others I've never worked at all (blantent lie) and admiting they have seen me earn far above min wage with the things stolen. 

while living at their house/renting Paul a few times saw me holding something of mine like a radiator for pc water cooling comes up to me and insists its his. maybe an honest mistake but once you factor in later claiming he owns me and once telling me I need to buy back my stolen things from him. more like the tactic of a bully. 

the type of bully that was 25 year vp of seiu local 284 but wants his son to repeat the word slave whileb3 days hungey due to forced under threats labor


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