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Maple Grove Profiter Department Police Give Brain Damage and Death risk to hostage

 luckily if you have money or leadership in a fraternal org these privateers enjoy helping you pilfer, traffic and plunder. they probably turn a blind eye before duri g and after swabing your human properties poop deck. 

The city of maple grove Minnesota is where this hard core everything uncivil will be labeled otherwise self proclaimed industry leader resides. trafficing industry? slave driving? catching? which was Hanson doing with the cow again? 

police have your back and hennepin counties got theres 

Minnesota has such a robustly corrupt government there is literally nothing in place to stop police who mess up and further the danger to someone's life 

All it took was hearsay reports for them to make personal judgements. My side wasn't really open for discussion but I can put fragments of what marlene and paul must have lied about together by fragments of what various ss agents asked or said.

It doesn't appear to take much. It seems we've established police that have a sop of go with the eassiest look and see if the collateral exposes a more lucrative and worry not about the life you destroy.

Just tell your selves the lie that the predator told you. 

Throwing some Jabs based on personal prejudice well you unequally enforce the law to endanger life. Make sure you do more physical blockading and ordering to leave from public property outside of rent current residence where the management or landlord self-declared is destroying a year of your salary ordering hazardous work as a condition to stopping but you don't care about the details if you care enough to tell me that they give me enough and it says death I'd have to agree but that not what you meant

What was real cute what is the female officer the last time I talked to Maple Grove. Insist on a different version of reality or rather insist on the left liable delusion text the tactic of the predator which didn't really need to emulate I don't believe. Well insisting on falsehood over the phone try to dominate the conversation and tell me that you're the officer so I can't talk while you insist on false a look yourself in the eye in the mirror? Can you do it without laughing or do you want to throw up cuz if you don't feel anything you should pick one of the two it's a joke only if the type of joke where you kill people . The type of joke where you participate in destroying the Minnesota economy. What type of joke where there's a police force conditioning children and killing people. The type of thing you can't do without an inherent belief but you are Holier or higher than thou or some heavy brain sudsing to think you're doing some just cause. When you do it to cover liability or when you try to pull the position of power to insist on a lie to someone you've ensured is basically human trafficked humiliated starving without purpose without company for years now what a f****** pathetic nothing you are I could have killed myself at 10 and still been more than you'll ever be at least morally speaking

If it's true half of all officers fired get their jobs back it would seem unlikely I'm going to get anyone fired but even if that did come to be which is unlikely you have a 50% chance so as far as I can see the odd but I don't know much here because well you keep me in human trafficking conditions from the power of the police is not enforcing felony-level laws when it endangers life and health so I meant I could be wrong but y'all are willing to fill a person so you don't get a write-up? Have you considered starting with yourselves

If you have kids are you going to tell him mommy and daddy kill bunny rabbits and ensure that parents like the turpins have all the incest abusive rage they can bear on their child no matter what the child does that'd be a more accurate picture of what you do whether intentionally or otherwise

Midway through Junior High no one was picking on me. By high school I got along with pretty much everyone can any of you say that or is this really the sick fairy tale where the police force is composed of people taking out what happened all k through 12 on the community? Between bringing boxes of drugs to 4th grade show and tell. 

But not only that can you save one of your parents would have been dead if not for your action in 11th grade? How much were you making them? I was already making $50 for the first hour 25 an hour after and working a normal for my age job

I kind of get the feeling that if I wasn't close to home with some of this officer boom-bop the predatory cop wouldn't have such an incessant need to tell me I've been given too much. Why don't you worry about how much you give the cow buddy and or if it enthusiastically consents

Or perhaps learn that if you had done your job and investigated you wouldn't have falsehoods to try to put someone down with and seem like a total retard while doing it


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