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imparting lasting change on police culture

 I found a report by the feds on the George Floyde incident. it and a few other things I've read mentioned historically making lasting changes in police departments has been a challange.

in most cases I'm pro union. in the case of police I think it's a juxtaposition that with out forethought creates the problem mentioned. 

human history shows that most people don't want to harm others. I think that's the majority of what keeps us safe 

it also shows that power with out accountability is a bad combo for anyone subjected to it and negative consiqense or fear there of is effective at culling negative to harmful behavior. 

Which if I understand correctly was the entire basis for law but law enforcement seems to be with out. in MN an officer fired has a 50 percent chance of Geting their job back through union arbitration

there's also what's known as the blue line of silence. which some sources say officers deny.. but.. uh.. see title of phenomenon and re-evaluate denial. of course some say it's just a river in Egypt as well ( that works better out loud)

I would bet that arbitration or the anticipation ends up having a larger impact than one might initially consider. the department has to have someone on the clock to be the other side of the argument and or carry out these negotiations. from a management perspective this probably makes firing with the realization it's probably not going to stick and will cost the department more while it unsticks means it's utilized less than it otherwise would be. 

in lew of this being a viable solution how real is the fear of consiqense for actions up to an including playing Extra judicial executioner? 

there's also the fact that complaints about police are for what ever non us siprit of checks and balance... handled by the police. 

it's no surprise to me with little understanding of police / as an outsider that those with more report issues in imparting changes. from a socieo technical systems view any hope is not present. 

I think we could side step all the issues by fedral trials for treason. if convicted ship the body back to the union. if Arbitration is successful the reminder of negative consiqense will only be reinforced by the decomposing body in the passanger seat.

of course many states recoup the cost of squad cars by reselling to the public. mythbusteds already tried to get the smell of decomposing pig out of a car once and wasn't very sucessfull.. so there is that aspect to consider.

note I didn't suggest killing cops, I suggested something along the lines of if they violate the rights of others, and or the rights of others and the law, that a fedral authority tries them for treason and only then would an execution happen.

there are much better options from a humanitarian point of view. it seems that how the spred works they are unlikely to happen.

I'd think that even if treason would be a rough fit with current legal playfield... post 9/11 terrorism laws might work no? if I read correctly we can fly US citizen s off us soil and the rules no longer apply.

all I want to see is the powers that be held accountable for when they violate the laws they are charge to enforce. I'd like to see quite a bit of law reformed as well. but currently I'm more likely to be dead tomorrow than live long enough to see that. this was realized before typing above.

Right now it would seem we have only a baseless unenforced oath and Human Nature producing the result of police aren't slaughtering. Or what I mean is what I mentioned above most people don't want to hurt other people. The thing is psychology is also shown that there are specific mental illnesses that are basically brain damage oh, they're probably caused by abuse more than kinetic but it's not very profitable to teach that and they create the type of Personality that not only may enjoy hurting people but it's also drawn to positions of power over others. What I'm talking about is NPD aspd and to some extent BPD. If there is a large component of nurture involved in this I would expect the amount of people with them it's already skyrocketing and I'm not alone in thinking then. With little more than an oath I would expect police brutality does as wel

By virtue of  the position already attracts  above average amount of people with these issues  and the pool to drive from  having a higher percentage of people with those issues  it's unlikely to go the other way or remain constant. To the officers that try to live up to the image the public is force-fed I thank you. They definitely exist and from my experience it's a bell curve but the blue line of Silence and to some extent dominance training which if I understand correctly is about keeping officers safe ends up getting in the way.

Which is why I kind of doubt any law requiring one officer to argue with another is enough to impart any change on events similar to what happened to mr. Floyd

that training is also why I highly doubt police can effectively play family mediator in any situation because unless you are just wanting in the door for an arrest After Case building with the help of abuse law over riding constitution. then training to forcefully establish dominance isn't helping anybody resolve what FBI stats and Family Court Lawyers will tell you is 99% loud arguments. Which really should be a problem of incompatible tasks forced upon the same set of people. Look what I found recently is true this is further complicated by the fact that there's likely Federal money for arresting men in these cases which again going back to incentive and or consequence create a messed up situation.

But maybe that all just disappears because from what I've noticed people with BPD aspd or NPD somehow lose the ability to think that deep into  argument or issues. There's some debate on the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath, ugly one of the two if there is a separation probably retains that ability more than the other two conditions. But the point is that this damage is normalized which long ago started to be we might just become okay with you broke any arbitrary law so you get any arbitrary punishment and you have no rights.

I dont want to see that world. worse yet, these people usualy do t consider them selves mentaly ill and perhaps posses the greatest capacity to damage others even with out a badge and hand gun.  it becomes a downright dangrous combo if given the two. also relevant to the report on George Floyde was it mentioned police culture stigmatized mental illness.

this no doubt is me reading a little into it; that said it's also a postion you don't take a psych eval to get. so people in a postion of power over others that might be mentaly ill but also look down on mental illness what could go wrong? short of extra judicial knees and inability to emote( sympathize or empathize) with the savarity of I can't breath.. there's the chance that trauma imparted by police risking lives with their actions may impart damage leading to mental illness in others. the apa( American Psychological Association) knows that trauma is often the root cause of addiction and or personality disorders. the first is probably the most damning though because as many of the things one could get addicted to carry criminal charges and or equal reason a warent might be sought to bust down one's door... shouldn't we be concerned if police are potentially creating or contributing to the crimes they then bust?

pretty sweet gig when u can manufacture your own demand. 

even bigger risk of there's any causal relation between rigid society unconcerned police and mass shooters or domestic terrorism. because if police play a role in creation its the same deal, every incident becomes a reason to raise the power of the force contributing to the problem. 

Civil Rights lawsuits hardly seem applicable for the dead to homeless, if police leave you with destroyed credit and or sick on the street.. clock is ticking as far as statue of limits and that should be a second but reality is few seem to care life is fragile. untill it's their own. 

if you arnt sold on how many officers might be mentaly ill and enforcement decisions are reflections, consider the words "an elevated sense if self worth" there is a point to what critics say about the dsm and its lack of objective criteria. that said, being in a postion of emense power with little to fear for just or otherwise actions and justifying violations of ethics the law and stated code with the fact you are in that postion..  I think it's hard to define that as other than elevated sense of self worth its hypocritical at best but at its worst..

but then there's the countless examples of police to departments in their entirety lieing to cover misconduct.

we were founded on really sound ideas like seperations of powers and checks and balances. as applied to police this usually means we don't want them playing judge jurry and executioner. yet in practice most of the time they do end up in that role.. there arnt protests and at worst paid leave is what happens 

no one is likely to check indivigual departments or officers when as it stands they handle their own complaints. 

compare the less life risking or saving field of accounting. generally accepted accounting principal wouldn't let that fly, a corner stone to legetimicy is considered independent audit and review. 

John Oliver did a piece on civil asset forfiture law that is pretty relevant here, it covered multiple states but even with out mentioning Minnesota itsbtelevant. the aclu doesn't give us a great score in that area. 

he found that some departments had used cash and cash from assets seized to buy things like a slushi machine. 

we call this the land of the free but we have police that can straight up kill you after robbing you, buy an office slushi machine with the stolen money and expect nothing to come of it, I don't think this is freedom in the right places or any actual protection for what we have given rights to suposibky ensure, when the feds are mentioning police are not just stepping over lines but notably hard to tame... we might have pretty big threat to national security just not in the traditional sense. 

in my case I'm writing this from the empty apt I call the tourcher cell. Police in maple Grove insist the theft of 6.3k of services and roughly 20k of cash paid for 23k of credit paid for business assets is a civil matter. mean while they stand between me and someone who proclaimed themselves to be my landlord. over the 8mo I rented the 10x10 room the 6.3k of services were rendered.. often demanded bit requested. same party also tried to push me over a railing. relevant point is the board that helps tenants in MN publishes a handbook intended for police departments and in it, oral leases, service for rent are both covered. also covered is the fact that landlords holding let alone destroying personal property is criminal theft.  I'm no layer. I'm currently being poisioned in sub human living conditions but falling back on business law at scsu years ago and realizing housing law is a superset of contract law , I checked market rate per Sq foot and was able to find the neighboring town of similar socieo economic statuses published average. 1.32/mo aka you could call it 150 a mo for the 10x10 room and rent a s was paid several times over. 

but more disturbing is in 2019 the maple Grove police who insist all my issues are civil... arrested a woman for running out of a restarunt with probably a less than 20 usd bottle of wine. even if it was a hundred dollar bottle, they tell me theft and distruction of close to 50k of my assets and or service is civil.. but a bottle of wine is a criminal offence? 

the mapke Grove website has mission statement published

one bullet point is enforcing the laws fairly and impartially.,define%20and%20accomplish%20service%20needs.

as I said above.. non enforced or audited oaths don't seem to be worth more than making people feel things are OK. aka they have about 0 value other than propoganda 

I'm likely to be homeless when the eviction ban lifts. homeless with destroyed credit and the thing I noticed is when I went to the police acting on advice from the mn bar hotline, something like "just tell them the other party is an unreliable witness" thr department seemed to double down on protecting itself through actions that an external observer could probably fairly call aiding and embedding criminal theft and attempted murder via poision. 

also every encounter after seemed to have a darker tone. I'm aware this metric is highly subjective but so are emergency medical holds (see forced by police detainment) where the stated criteria is paranoid. 

all of this can be attributed to violations of basic psych, we have created a beast of nearly unlimited power including that to take a life or multiple, and the likely hood of consiqense for doing so is extreamly low. 

I consider my odds of being dead in 6mo higher than any turn around in this situation. I can think of a few extra judicial measures to impart consiqense to action myself. I'm considering publishing 2 of them. 

short of law and policy adding things like external audit and complain handling.. I think if we strip the value of less than lethal tools by making the equivalent of a suicide vest that only detonates to the signal of a tazer.. the signal the person experiance the tazzing is feeling as convulsions and at risk for cardiac arrest because of.. 

don't get me wrong it's brash but the moment the tazer results in one citizen becoming a blast radius I think regardless of policy chain or commands by higher ups, the willingness to subdew for just any reason will largely be gone. 

aka do I let this person who might have stole a pack of gum to a bottle of wine run or pull this tazer and risk we all blow up? 

there's a micro cobtrol on a single chip that's under $2 if purchased in bulk. it features 2 cores, wifi and Bluetooth. at the speed it and many others run, there is a boat load of time to make computed decisions before someone tazed is even likely to have dropped to the ground. 

one could implement a wireless link between devices as well. here's an ethical condrum, if the protocal was hacked and local gov had the access, do you stop a protest by triggering everyone's vest? protests like the George Floyde events would be a different level if every use of less than lethal might equal distributed human maryters and shrapnel at the officers who engaged. 

more complex in design but adding a few features there is a very cheap chip made by to that has been a gem to the hacker community in the past and could be added to the device described above. last I checked police use a digital trunked radio system and in mpls that's some where around 800mhz. the beauty is the neighboring signals are almost entirely 3g, 4g, 5g cellular and or atsc HD TV. ie the key down of a police radio and subsiqent transmission is easy for a cheap chip to differentiate from everything else in the adjecent spectrum. 

considerably adding to cost but easing build requirements ( considerable being 5 to 30 dollars) single board Linux pcs and a USB TV turner intended for European HD signals are know to be able to listen to trunked radio directly. though in some jurisdictions one will require two dongles o (at 25 each) to listen to conversations in their entirety. 

also know if u presume this intending just to be able to listen with out the censorship the online scanner apps provide... with out a ham liscense having such a rig in your car is illegal. Google ing scanner illegal in car should provide details. 

in the personal property stolen with the aid of Maple Grove police... 3 ham radios, I won't hold my breath but technic ly short of another ham coming to purchase my stolen property from Paul or Marlene, they shouldn't have them to begin with and loading them in the car to get rid of them would violate scanner law. 

of course if you are maple Grove pd.. trying to push a man over a railing then screaming I brought you into this world I can take you out... has nothing to do with intent or attempted murder.. everything is civil unless you can paint the victim violent. this wouldn't have anything to do with fedral grants due to vawl would it?

with or with out me it probably comes to this. I have no doubt this will help shoot the already at risk messanger. but if say or remain quiet is likely the same outcome and nothing comes of being meek. might as well talk.

another possibility wirh that controler is somethibg in many ways easier to pull off but to do so undetectable would be challanging. say you wanted proximity spontaneous disassembly of a vehicle. GPS is power hungry and requires a view of the sky, cell networks pose similar issues and their own. the biggest hurdle is something learning to weld or solder is referred to as dwell time. or in this context how long can it stay powered waiting to activate. a single 18650 could provide possibly a week of dwell after an attachment process of under a min wirh no need for sky view.. for ethical reasons that's all im going to say about this one for now. 

other Than if you are stupid enough to play with this on your own, do mind what happens to the state of pins as the controler powers up or if you live alone in a single family as u please, but anywhere else.. for the sake of those around you, don't be stupid. regardless of legality, and in the theme of the above.. your own life should always be yours to risk, making that decision for others is historicy not OK for Joe or Jill blow tinkering in their garage. further defend its suposed to be a power imparted to certian groups under very specific circumstances and criteria. if that went eroding you probably wouldn't be reading this though 

That said as of yet I want no part in risking helping others potentially violate that


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