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Keith Ellison, Police in MN and lies

 I can't say the ag lies. 

I don't know him and it's possible he has no idea what's going on. that said it doesn't exclude the possibility he does. it doesn't excuse having basic laws and the illusion programed from a young age police are here to help and protect you and not discriminate while doing so. 

I would bet most of the public isn't aware that Violence Against Women Law provides financial incentive to arrest men in certian circum stances. Another thing most people likely aren't aware of is that the police have no obligation to protect an individual . Minnesota especially if there is no one watching them either. Or if there is it's inter-department from what I can find. 50% of police get there jobs back even if terminated and the taxpayer picks up the dime for arbitration to get an abusive officers job back. 

Even with a counting we would not allow this sort of system. Generally accepted principles of accounting specifies the core tenants as independent audit and review. The ACLU has some tips on their website about interacting with police in Minnesota. Somewhere in there it says the sad truth is some people have been seriously injured or killed despite every effort to make sure an officer is at ease

I think we forgotten

 this is a power we are supposed to vest in them and they need to be accountable for it.

Though I doubt we'll ever remember it. Are the Democrats covering that are the Republicans covering it how about the corporate news that somewhere down the corporate chain usually pays both sides? Goodbye freedom.

Maple Grove Police have demonstrated willingness to sensor and not take police reports

or update reports with info like: recorded confessions previous reports including one of DV which was actually accuser trying to murder the accused and the this was like 14 months into police stand between me and a life time of personal property  worked for, given by anyone ever. after the house owner said she was my landlord and the coiole(my parents) often demanded not just requested services I've preformed since 2004 professionally to the fine of 6.3 thousand dollars over 8months. but instead of any justice one moment in Geting threatened to be pushed down the stairs, threatened they will lie to crisis center or mental ward to have me drugged for real mold really making me sick. later it changed to anger. then my mom's frying to push me over the railing to the basement not long after the threat to push me down the stairs.. iive converted it else where but there were repeated threats not just to throw me in mengsl ward but 2 on one in car leave me homeless in mpls and either way my mom often made it clear the rabbits I had since 2007 and all of my things were hers. 

Yet the maple Grove police arrested a woman who stole a bottle of wine from a restaurant in 2019. 

Keith Ellison blog says "in MN we prosecute folks who steal from folks" 

but as far as I can see the state can not prosecute anyone if the police are disallowing and censoring the contents of reports. 

Civil court as an alternative would really fit with his wording. civil court when you are relocated under threat of everything stolen and the lives of animals you love dearly.. then more labor forced under threat to the things police continue to help them destroy.. 3 years Mal nutrition and bounced around between about a 70 mile area my health is failing and the people doing this use their mistake as a bio weapon. ie the labor was on a moldy car Marlene was driving to children's nicu for several years made worse by the surprise snow blows theoufh it right as forced under threat lease starts. my dad all but directly admited it. wouldn't matter if he had police won't allow even concessions of falsified police reports as weapons on record 

I was reading about mpls city console and the what to do with the police issue they are facing

one citizen reported that the police don't seem to be helping people or doing their normal duties but they are killing people. 

I think if someone ran the stats what they would find is the only thing Geting on reports and or charged... the vast majority of where police are acting is likely crimes and arrests that procure fedral funding for the Department via things like VAWL Grants and or crimes that allow asset forfiture then resale. 

ie policing for profit 

why this is possibly worse than initial assumption

look way back in history, as humans were going from hunter gatherer to the first cities supported by hordicukture and agroculture. 

King Hammurabi realized probably along the lines of life is chaos if a person loses a finger at the hand of another so his or her buddies murder an entire family as revenge. 

the code he came up with was a saying some still know today even if not at front of their mind "an eye for an eye" 

it was the first attempt to codify justice and make punishment fit the crime. 

also this recognized intentionaly or otherwise that even non royals had some intrinsic value. 

I'm not a legal historian and untill I research a bit some of this is my take on it. 

the issue I see is we have police standing between even stopping the harm and or putting people on the street based on hear say. this is playing judge jurry and potential executioner 

when treated this in justly i don't think it takes rocket silence to see some might get violent. 

it's hard to eat right when anything can be stolen and or from the street and it's not just conjecture that this also starts to imparr the ability to make good decisions and or emotional inhebition. 

what makes police allowing or supporting life threatening actions as bad as directly taking lives is I'd argue a decent percent of people wronged like this may turn mass violemce/active shooter. 

reports made for cities by mental health pros underline most shooters are Not mentaly Ill.

it shouldn't be rocket science that when you have age 6 to at least 16 iirc compulsory edu that stresses of for an by the people, owning things choices with money and officer friendly is here to help. covers how we have standards of justice.. 

when here say leads officer greed or no psych eval power trip and department that goes with it to create situations that endanger life. then they realize that the vast majority of people just go silent. 

well of for and by but none of the people se an issue with police playing judge jurry.. all the sudden who might be at fault? it's not OK or justifying it.. don't shoot the messanger but even marlin Manson seems to understand. he should hrs actually well educated and bright... but what I'm referring to is when asked what he would have done to prevent colimbine or said to the kids, it was "nothing just listen to them, that's what no one did" 

when it's adults assaulting stalking robbing and forcing labor and the police tell you they need to evaluate your mental state rather than allow a report? same concept a few knotches up on the warped scale. infact even mansons stage persona starts to look holy by contrast 
And a large part of that is even if you take a lot of class in college and or study the law on your own you will be in for a vest surprise when it comes to what police will and will not enforce. No one should be in a surprised situation when that's things that would both impair somebody's ability to get away from someone harming them and actions that create threat to life. All those centuries ago the government was supporting if you take a body part from someone they just to take one from you. Now in Minnesota I'd say maybe women have the expectation and only because the federal government property pays for those arrests. I know there's places it doesn't apply, my friend's dad choked her to the ground that's what you turned eighteen if I remember correctly before she graduated high school police weren't interested in helping. They gave her a line they gave me and your separated which is funny because my law professor was even stressing help people below the or age of majority own property but it doesn't matter how much I work doesn't matter what details I give or try to give to counteract solize police went with lies and now they keep running with them but they try to paint me violent as a cover despite 30 years that suggests nothing of the sort

but maybe you picked some of this up intuitively or figured it before. there are very to the most prominent sources out there that have predicted random mass violence as an outcome of policy's trending twoards what we have now. 

what I think goes less realized is that police may see themselves as an industry. the long and the short of it is doubt things social sci and med sci shows risk lives and increase violence is technically in the intrest of job security an, officer advancement and funding vis a vie public demand via fear. more so with the conditioning the police have established by trying to train citizens from kindergarten through 12th grade on how to interact (opposite that which lawyers will recommend) and the general image that you are protected by genuine officer friendly here to help. 

some as far as I can tell truly meet that discription.. it is far from the majority. 

the problem is in reality officers have no obligation to protect a single citizen. the problem is compounded when they all but lie directly about that and omit it from 12 years of interaction with future citizens from age 6 to 18. further more the schools at least when I was in them taught that we have appeals for everything and checks and balances, seperation of powers standards of evidence, none to little of thst is true in regards to police actions though other than the framers of the constitution thinking it was a good idea; things like open systems theory, orgizational theory and similar can predict the outcomes or draw backs of bit having them. more applied, accounting is only indirectly capable of risking a life (can't maintain food and shelter if you don't get paid) and no account is authorized to use force against a citizen. yet generally accepted procedure for those who watch the books mandates independent audits and reviews of any given corps books and procedures. yet we task non elected officials with the power to easily take a life and detain/jail them and also to police themselves/handle their own complaints. laws where departments benifit financially by asset seizure and sale then put financial incentive behind prioritizing crimes that don't directly endanger life  and or only protecting half the community. 

the issue in trying to get to is police have little to no one to stop them from doing everything in their power to hurt someone and even less to selectively not enforce in key areas thst may cause what we task them with preventing. because financing at the end of the day is going to equal how far and how many officers can advance and or expect raises and if that's a function of publics precived need for them and certian crimes thst allow them to steal and resell personal and or real property... 

it's a feedback loop where police likely start to cause crime and harm citizens rather than protect. not just cause crime but cause the mass violence that most then conclude begets further financing the police and limiting freedoms and rights of citizens 

work in progress in general but bellow this point  isn't yet worked in----- 

I have for a long time said /realized running gov like a biz is a bad idea. it may be the reality we face but it's extensions and particularly the enforcers viewing themselves that way are even worse. gov and police in theory both have pretty crucial roles to protect freedom, if not filled or if ran for strictly cost minimization in an environment where the wealth distribution is as it is in the US today I think the gov becomes an enabler of class warfare via cost buckets and non iil/coal states probably depending on attracting and keeping the 1 and 1รณ percent with most of the funds. cost buckets might not be intuitive but also add to how that works. had I not been an IT intern for a large land grant university I likely wouldn't be aware of them. the just of it is that what ever a unit of govs total budget is doesn't so much matter after money is allocated it isn't directly transferable vetw


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