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Monday, November 30, 2020

Make Someone Sick In MN Police help force labor and steal

 then lie to police while you act like savior and take them in.

declare yourself their landlord

Accept and request and frequently demand 6.3K USD of services they have preformed professionally in the past 

person you made sick correctly identifies the problem and it's from your decisions finishing your house 17 years earlier 

start slander and false police reports

threaten abusing the med system to have them medicated. do so as a nurse practitioner 

threaten physical harm

try to kill them 

keep everything including their pets when you 0 notice change lock 

get them labeled a head case specific ly for the problem very real AS YOU PAY TO FIX YOUR HOUSE

police help bar access despite even after rent subtracted fellony amount of services stolen 

while to this day desteoying something like 43k of their property not having paid the 6m3k services 

One of their pets dies after worst possible treatment 

do every thing you can to make it look like you killed them

say you own the person and you bought them 

force a lease in a city you picked 

make sure they only have your vehicle 

if you want to own people and force labor in MN....move to maple Grove 

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