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Thursday, November 19, 2020

manager your life when somone can take anything

 What's really bogus in my opinion is how Minnesota's ofp criteria all the way to attempted murder will be ignored by the police while they also refuse reports or adding confessions to reports and ignore that by enforcing a criminal 0 notice eviction and seizure of property by land lord then subsiqent theft to extract hazordus labor..

well there was an emergency medical hold and 2 deaths between 

the point I'm Geting at is

psych criteria for healthy is made impossible by multiple crimes the police participate in

several definitions of misdemeanor to fellony level crimes done in malice with intent to harm and trap are kept from the report 

the criteria for ofp have been checked at least 2x over  in my even conservative eval of what they continue to do to me

the criteria for severe emotional abuse and narasstic abuse...

lqctually trying to push someone over a railing

Yet police would rather they to paint me violent for aiding am arrest of a victim than even get out of the way or year 33 non violent, alive and not being poisioned 

There's probably a good cause to say they should have got the fuck out of my way. Or is Minnesota okay with rental situations where just because police say so and police who don't want details and will strip them from reports or disallow reports well if these police want to stand in front of you and everything you own in a rental unit well the landlord commands where you go under threat to your animals to your property

Can we get the firefighters to do this to the police how about the sheriff maybe they need to understand what they're doing. Other people maybe we can wait till the polar vortex hips again and we have a -30 day and have them escorted into the icebox tomb soon to be. Between the handgun the radio the taser even by normal theft laws we just broke easily over $1,000 so after the sheriff guide any officer renting away from all their stuff with your own notice saying no you don't live here anymore and you can't file theft how about we have someone Jack all that stuff just to create a felony amount then take their uniform on a -30 day

But then we should probably have a passing by doctor decide that there are unfit to care for themselves and a threat to self and others for being naked out in the cold

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