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Monday, November 23, 2020

maple Grove police allow destruction of evidence

 this is more an issue with the system as far as I can see it. I get the impression family court does end runs on criminal justice standards but how it plays with possible behavior from the police seems not to have been considered

I got 4 days notice 6 days after the car broke down that I had a summonce to an ofp hearing an hr and a half by car. a year and a half of forced relocation while maple Grove police kept me from a residence I moved into 8 mo before that period. my mom had declared herself my landlord and in those 8 mo 6.3k of services at market rate were rendered. that's just in skilled services I've preformed in the past for oay/professionally.  the room I rented at max should have been 150 a month.

mn it's suposed to be illegal for a landlord to hold tenants pwrsonal property let alone continue destroying it to this day

but the ofp claims dated back to when I moved in(Jan 2018) Aug 2018 I left for an agreed two weeks max at a hotel because I had sensitive / concentration requiring work and my mom couldn't seem to stop attacking me if I left that room. she had a surgery and I figured that would not aid her recovery. instead they changed the lock a week and a half or so in.

ever since I've heard things like "you don't live here any more you cant file theft you gave them your things moving out"

And then about four times in between they have cleaned out the contents of a car either from the hotel lot or stolen select things from me than the forced lease apartment lot. Right before filing for the ofp they stole a felony amount including my driver's license if I had needed that to get into court I would not have been able to I'm not sure because the not being able to drive their thing. A broke down car which thing which Marlene and Paul were aware of at the time they filed in Hennepin kind of took precedence. Or the mathmatic way would be the most significant issue.

But the point is having all the sudden been cut off even with nothing else after that from where I was for 8 months that blocks access to it allows destruction of everything mine let alone doctor's records other official records and even really any personal witnesses that could help me because proceeding that I lived in St Cloud. We had a cat named Cosmo since 2001 when I was in like 8th grade. He got sick in 2017 I'm going out to meet because I had a massive concussion worked my butt off and forgot their house had a massive mold problem. I managed to transfer that visiting Cosmos in 2017 but 8 months bleeding in hell trying to figure out what the hell hit me end up losing that lease that I was in and as I moved back to my parents it's confirmed their house has a mold problem. I was working my butt off on third-party contracts and repair jobs that my dad had agreed to finance the repair operation and I stuck my nose out on the line with third-party agreement this did not lend itself to a lot of time to socialize. Then I end up 65 miles away in Maple Grove then eight months into that which involve P disappearing every time I turned around car battery disconnected my stuff thrown away other people's stuff thrown away out in the rain out in the snow in The Moldy basement carpet will they denied the mold . None of this was conducive to having any sort of social network or personal Witnesses. The move the physical distance change is enough alone but then 8 months in there were six months of three hotels in Maple Grove I'm short bookings two hotels in Rogers because of exaggerated or false contact or falsified report entirely I end up also visiting 1 hospital and 1 inpatient mental ward despite a previously clean mental health record likely illegally executed. That's in six months and then I get threats to me and my remaining animal unless I sign this lease they pick back in St Cloud it's still a mostly empty apartment without the basics to this day and 9 months of for labor on the car they made sure was moldy would not transfer the title to will they hold on to what my best estimate right now is about 20 grand things paid for in cash 23 Grand things paid for in my credit and Destroy them the point is though that not really conducive to being able to defend myself on short notice but for that entire. There would be times that Paul and Marlene would tell me we're not keeping anything from you come down and get it I show up no one answers the phone eventually I learned sit on the street don't even step foot on their property but 10 to 15 minutes later the Maple Grove Police are there and order me to leave public property 4 year and a half before the ofp s

This is absolute sickness but generalized I know the standards of evidence aren't the same except for the fact that if the police are going to do this then that is not nowhere near enough notice to allow someone even well-off to prepare. This is the police handing them the keys 2 destroy anything necessary well they get to set the claims so they know if I have the proof or not or if they took what I need to fight their claims they've also commanded my time under threat to destroy all of my property and threats to what was it first to living rabbits that were my pets since 2007

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